3 Lessons

Credits to REALHIGH4 Twitter page.
Credits to REALHIGH4 Twitter page.

Group photo with HIGH4! Spot me! Behind Youngjun, wearing white. 😀 

Hi! Hope you guys are having a good day! Right, I’m back with a reflection post. Since I have gone to two HIGH4 showcases at Summit Subang USJ and Hartamas Shopping Centre and also the press conference, I learnt 3 things from these 3 days.

I have to say this weekend has been one of the most eventful weekends I’ve had in my entire life. Besides the HIGH4 events, on Saturday night, I attended an event called, Relay For Life, to support those who are battling cancer, survived cancer and also pay respect to those who lost the battle to cancer. I didn’t stay long, but twas was a good experience.

So, moving on to the first lesson I learnt during the 3 days is when you know how to speak the language of the group, in this case, Korean, it will be so much better because there will be more conversations during the album signing. There were a few girls who spoke fluent Korean and they had actual conversations with HIGH4! Alex spoke English, which is really good for those who don’t speak Korean. During the first album signing, I started off with speaking Korean to Youngjun, conversation as below:-

Me: 안녕하세요! [Hello]
Youngjun: 안녕하세요. (shyly) [Hello]
Me: 이거 (referring to the album) 너무 좋아요! [This (referring to the album) really like!]
Youngjun: 고마워. [Thanks]
Then next was Myunghan!

Me: 안녕하세요! [Hello!]
Myunghan: 안녕하세요! (energetically) [Hello!]
Me: You’re so cute. (By this time, I went blanked out and all the Korean words I know have gone to the back of my mind.)
Myunghan: Thanks! *high 5*

Sunggu’s turn!
Me: Hi!
Sunggu: *smiles* ‘speaks in Korean’, which I roughly translates to, “Are you Malaysian,” I assume that’s what he asked, this is possibly because he heard I spoke Korean to Youngjun and Myunghan. Then I said, “Yes, I’m Malaysia, do I look Korean?” He then, gave me a high5.

Alex turn! Easiest cause he speaks English!
Alex: Thanks for coming today!
Me: Welcome! Come back for a full concert next time, like a big concert!
Alex: We surely will! *high5*

So, speaking the language does make a difference! I’m still learning Korean, it’s not easy but I try, by watching so many K-drama and Korean variety shows, I’m able to learn from there. (Y)

Second lesson! Don’t be shy during shows like this, just do it, answer questions, scream, give lots of reactions to the group! Giving reactions to the members in my opinion is really important, not only they’ll notice you, but also they’ll remember you (certain cases).

During the Summit Subang USJ showcase, I really gave all out to them while HIGH4 were performing, Myunghan kept coming to this side, which is really good fanservice! He kept smiling this side, and even pointed to our direction. Speaking of which, Myunghan’s fan service is really the best! Youngjun also gave lots of eye contact during the Summit showcase! Then when I went for the second album signing in Hartamas, I told Youngjun that I actually went to yesterday’s show (Summit’s show), he says he remembers me, see! Important! I was actually quite surprised that he remembers, Alex also said he remembers, I think the seating also plays a part here as I sat right in front, but giving good reaction also is important! Scream, shout, wave your hands, don’t just film the entire showcase, enjoy it!

Lastly! Going early to the location, whether it is to line up for the best seats or to check out the location, think of where you want to sit. Even though I know Summit’s layout, I still went early, possibly too early to check out the place. I went about three hours earlier, to eat and all that jazz. For the Hartamas show, I didn’t go early as it was a last minute program and when I got there, HIGH4 arrived shortly after I arrive, but they still had to do their hair and makeup, so I wasn’t late. The MC, Lynn actually recognises me from the Summit show and possibly the press conference, I’m not sure, but she definitely recognise me. Haha. Side tracked, as fans, going early to queue is a good idea especially if the seats are not seated. I didn’t get seats for the Hartamas show, so I had to decide which side I want to stand to get the best view, and so I decided to stand at the console area which also the way they go up the stage from. I got a lot of high5s from them on that day! Bonus!

These lessons can be applied to any other showcases or concerts in the future!

Till next time!



1 thought on “3 Lessons”

  1. wow! i never knew of them until i saw all your post haha. they’re really good looking and i totally agree with you, enjoying the concert versus filming the whole concert is key! You sound like you had loads of fun and man! I always imagine if I can get any words (eng or my baby korean words) outta my mouth if i see a kpop star haha. mannn! lucky yoU!

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