Just education

It’s 7pm and I am losing focus trying to write my final essay for this semester. So I decided to blog! The topic I’ll be discussing is about education. Right, education, is it that important? Is education everything? (Ps. I’ve no idea where I am heading with this post, hehe.)

Well, to me, a student who did not do well during high school at all, I barely pass my chemistry, physics and additional mathematics during SPM. I don’t even get a pass during monthly exams, so for me to pass was good enough for me, I didn’t hope for an A, I just wanted to pass. And I did. So then after that, it’s time for tertiary education. As I didn’t do so well for my SPM, I didn’t have much choice I have to say. I set my mind of doing mass communications even before I got my results, I didn’t even look at other courses. So I went to Taylor’s University and got myself enrolled into their Diploma in Communication course, luckily I met the requirements and then I went on to study for two and a half years in Taylor’s, and I had a lot of fun, met some really good friends! For once, I didn’t do badly in school, I was and still is happy with my results. My point is, one doesn’t need to get all A’s in school to go to a good university. I’ve often heard relatives say the typical, “Study hard for your future”, “How many A’s did you get?”, “Oh, what are you going to study in uni?”, those kind of questions. Yes, I get education is important, but I think there are also other things that are as important, family, passion, hobbies.

Passion is very important for me. I spent two and a half years majoring in journalism, which I somewhat enjoyed. I thought it’s fun, it was even better when I started interning with Seventeen magazine. I thought to myself, yes, this is what I want to do in the future. I personally feel sometimes when I tell people I am doing (mass communication/ social sciences), people tend to be like, “Oh.” Also, I’ve heard other students from different faculty say that, “Oh, mass comm? That’s easy”, “Everyday you go party one right?”, okay, let’s set this straight, no, it’s not easy, it’s as hard as any other courses, I don’t go party every night, I don’t even go party during normal nights. What is easy in life? Well, this industry is definitely not the conventional industry where all the parents want their kids to join. The myth of how every parent wants their kid to be an engineer, doctor, lawyer, and etc. My parents didn’t object, so that’s good. Doing what you like is important! You don’t have to be a doctor to be successful, be whatever you want.

Never in my dreams I thought I would be studying in Monash University, because it has always been one of the uni where it is super difficult to get accepted, and I, someone who is not the best at studying managed to get a spot (which I still sometimes feel, wow, I’m studying here.) Right! I also get comments like, “Wow, you so smart” when I tell them I’m studying in Monash. Err, no, I worked hard. I just want to say, it doesn’t matter that you’ve failed once, or twice, or how ever many times you’ve failed, or you didn’t get good results for SPM, like me, do what you enjoy and you’ll excel. Choose what you want to do not choose what society/ family/ peer pressure wants you to do. We all know, there is this one family member who will be like, “You should do science, good for your future”. You do you, I do me.

Till next time!


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