K-POP Fantasia Trip to Korea!


NewProStar is organising a trip to Korea for all Korean Hallyu fans!

The trip begins on the 9 December to 13 December 2015, 4 days and three nights. Perfect winter time!

What will the trip provide? Exciting activities of course, especially for those who love K-pop!

The top 4 activities to look forward are..

First, there will be visits to 4 Korean artiste agencies and their artistes which includes High4, Halo, B.I.G and also a surprise group! It’s not easy getting access to entertainment companies, this is the chance! (Personally, I’d love to meet HIGH4 again, heheh.)

Then secondly, (personally I would love to visit this!) KPOP Hologram concert featuring PSY, G- Dragon, Big Bang, 2NE1! It’s like going to their concert!

Thirdly, of course they couldn’t miss out on the famous artistes cafes, Infinite cafe, Cube cafe , Rain Cafe, for example.

Lastly, there will be a trip to K-Star Forest which is a place where trees are planted for G-Dragon, Girl’s Generation, EXO and many more artists in support of their artists and also helps with making awareness of the environment today. This forest dedicates to the K-pop idols and the fans, but also helps the environment, best of both worlds!

Fear not, there are definitely more than four activities during this trip, there’ll also be free and easy time, and not forgetting shopping time! When in Seoul, shop till you drop! (Buy all the cosmetics and your favourite idol’s albums and merchandises!)

Here are the more detailed information! Do check out their Facebook page for more information regarding the trip.

Wish I can join but unfortunately I’m not able to. 😦

Perhaps, next time.

Till next time!


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