ASC Live Broadcast


This is my first week of 3 months of semester break. YAY!

I started my break doing something a live broadcast show for After School Club (ASC) on Arirang!

Backstory of how this happened. ASC tweeted that HIGH4 was going to be on the show, so I decided to applied for Hangout and got an email on Sunday that I was chosen as one of the candidates.

On Monday, after my last paper, I came home and got ready for a short and simple interview with ASC along with other candidates for Hangout to check audio and whatnot. That was interesting, I’ve never done anything like that before. I had a concern back then, it was raining everyday in KL and not only did it rain, there was also thunderstorm and lightning, consecutively, with the three combination, there’s no way I could on my laptop or wifi or anything, but thankfully, the live show was in the morning and the rain only started in the evenings.


Monday evening, I received an email saying that I am one of the contestants and were sent instructions to follow. It was so so so exciting! Meeting HIGH4 again, and I was so so so excited to meet the three MCs, Eric Nam, Kevin Woo from U-KISS and also Jimin of 15&. I love watching the three MCs together, they’re so funny. (Not gonna lie, I was more excited to meet the MCs but it was great meeting HIGH4 again, of course). The next day, Tuesday, I woke up super early to get ready for the show. We had two audio check before the live show started. It was Eric’s birthday on that day too! Unfortunately, we couldn’t wish him personally but it was still awesome. HIGH4 was so fun and entertaining on the show, their fancy dance moves and it was so so good meeting them again! ❤ So glad to be able to speak to the MCs even though it was super brief.

ASC staff really want the candidates to know that even though I received a email saying that I am one of the Hangout participants, they emphasised that they cannot guarantee a spot on the actual show itself because it is a live show and there are sometimes time limitation, which I totally understand. I think ASC is really good with interaction between fans and the idols. 😀


This was my set! I displayed all of HIGH4’s album that I have. Alex noticed! ❤

I was really really really nervous 20 minutes before the live broadcast, but got better after the show started. Then when it was my turn, I was nervous, excited, and spaced out a little. Hahaha. I still can’t bear listening to my own voice. Heheh.


Screenshot from YouTube with HIGH4 and ASC MCs. ❤

Thanks to ASC, I have this chance, thank you ASC!

Till next time!



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