Tokyo to Osaka

December 9, 2015. From Tokyo to Osaka!

I think this will be a rather short post as we travelled from Tokyo to Osaka, so we spent a lot of time in the airport. In the morning, we had breakfast and then packed out bags and rested, then checked out of the hotel and took the airport limousine to the airport which was a great idea! No hassle of luggage and crowd, which was great!

When we arrived at the airport, we saw this robot! Very intelligent looking, didn’t actually use it, haha.


Japan has the most interesting vending machines, a hot snack machine! 😀 It says ‘casual frozen foods’, if you’re stuck in the airport, you definitely won’t starve. Haha.


Then there’s the Disney vending machine too! ❤ This is mostly snacks and not actual products like toys. If you missed out on the Disney store, you still can buy some Disney food at the airport! Hahaha.

IMG_1900 IMG_1902

We bought Tokyo Banana that’s only available at the Tokyo Banana Skytree branch, it’s chocolate banana cream. It reminded me of a chocolate banana cake!


Of course, the packaging is exquisite! Dainty.


The flight there took about an hour or less, carried my Moong Moong on board! ❤


We arrived to Osaka and then we took the airport limousine to a train station then headed to our Airbnb! Again, very simple, but once we reached the station, we had a little trouble locating the lifts as we had big luggages with me, but glad that we managed to solve that. Phew! Carrying those luggage down the stairs would be much trouble!


Arrived at our Airbnb, we had such a lovely time here, beautiful place to stay! Strongly recommend! The host’s assistance, Momo were so nice as well, she really helped us a lot and made us feel welcomed. 😀


After we rested for a bit, we went straight to Dotonbori!


Bright lights! So much to see and explore but we were tired and grandma was feeling extremely sleeping that night so we went home after a while. Haha.


The only thing I didn’t get to do during this trip to Japan is eat the crabs there. 😦 I’ll make sure I do that first when I go to Osaka next!



The famous Glico Man!





Shops along Dotonbori.


I found a Kpop store on the street! I didn’t get anything as it’s expensive and the products doesn’t look like it’s official. But it’s cool that they have a store just for selling Kpop related things!


We found a hidden ramen shop in the corner where not much people were and decided to eat there. It was really yummy! Hidden gem on the busy street of Dotonbori! I loved the spicy one. ❤ I really really love their spring onions there, there’s something about it that makes me wanna keep eating it. Haha.


We also ordered a more classic ramen which was also yummy! The pork slices were so big that we couldn’t finish it! :O Super yummy. <3!


The gyoza was super super yummy too! If only I took a picture of the shop, oh man! I’ll definitely try to look for it next time. Hehe.


Then we went home and I couldn’t resist buying this because it was so cute! The tea itself didn’t taste too good at first but then I slowly started to enjoy it! 😀


Late night snacks! Haha, yummy!


Till next time!

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Little Quaint Town: Hakone
Hakone to Tokyo
Tokyo Disneyland



Tokyo Disneyland


December 8, 2015. Where dreams come true, Disneyland!

I’ve always been a Disney fan, so, going to Disneyland is really a dream come true! Except it was really really really cold that day, from the morning till the night, super cold! I would say it’s the coldest day we experienced while we were in Japan, plus, we were also mostly outdoors. It was also dark and gloomy, only a slight sight of the sun when it was about to set, if some pictures look brighter than others, that means I’ve edited the brightness. Heheh.

This was the queue to the entrance before the opening time, so many people!


First thing we did was queue up to meet Minnie Mouse and take a photo with her! It took about an hour plus. Super cold while waiting in line!


IMG_0332 IMG_0336

While waiting, other characters came out and have photo sessions, the people were so eager and pushy, we didn’t have a chance to take a photo with all since we weren’t as pushy as them, we only saw the characters. So in the end, we only took photos with two characters, Minnie and Mister Geppetto, Pinocchio’s father! We managed to see Marie, Pluto, Goofy, Chip and Dale, and Max who is Goofy’s son.

IMG_0364 IMG_0374

Minnie! ❤ So poised!


After taking that photo, we walked towards the massive Christmas tree, everything was Christmas decorated! So festive and pretty!


There were of course a lot of people! 😀


The next thing we did was watch One Man’s Dream II, which is a show where the characters dance and sing, quite well done. 😀


So colourful!


Then we found a churros stall, strawberry churros to be exact, churros with strawberry flavoured sugar (?), it wasn’t the best, it was quite tough.


Then we headed to Toontown! Where all Mickey and Minnie and Goofy’s houses were, we managed to visit Minnie’s house as the line is way shorter than Mickey’s house. Couldn’t take any nice photos since we were just glancing through at the things. However, it was very cute, pinks and the kitchen is the cutest! ❤

IMG_0612 IMG_0624

The cabbage flower was spotted in Minnie’s backyard! Guess she must like that flower, haha.


Me and my Minnie sweater in front of Minnie’s house!


Then we had some food at Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe. We had shrimp burger with fries and tea, it was actually quite good! The bun was so soft, yum!

IMG_0724 IMG_0733

We then noticed that people were sitting on the floor, initially there were only one or two people sitting on the floor then more and more people started doing that and then we found out that they were picking a spot for the parade. No one told us in advance that they do that, so we were rather surprised. They even brought mats and blankets, those people must come to Disneyland often!


The parade started! Yay! I can’t post all the photos here as it is already so filled with photos, haha, but almost all the characters took part in the parade!


IMG_0967 IMG_0983

IMG_1002 IMG_1015

IMG_1050 IMG_1098

IMG_1131 IMG_1148


After the parade, we walked to Cinderella’s Castle! Here’s my disbelief face that I’m actually in Disneyland, in front of the castle! 😀


And here’s another more poised photo of me. Haha. These photos are edited to be brighter because it was really too dark!


We also went and see what’s in the castle, this is the view from the castle. The sun was about to set.


IMG_1253 IMG_1267

IMG_1278 IMG_1316

Here’s Peter Pan and Wendy, they were so cute! Peter Pan is so cute! ❤


Opposite them was Eugene/ Flynn from Tangled!


The next show we went to was Mickey’s Philhar Magic! It’s a 4D show, though it was in Japanese, so we only make sense of the entire show by its visual, it was still fun!


Then we went to Grandma Sara’s Kitchen and have another meal, there were a Christmas special set, so we had that, it was really yummy!


The cake was super yummy! ❤


Almost wanted to take the cup home, hahaha!


We finally get to see a bit of sun!


Magical castle ❤


Then we went to the Monster Inc ride! It was so much fun! Loved the ride!


Monster Inc headquarters!


Honey popcorn were available where Pooh’s ride were, there wasn’t enough time for us to go on the ride unfortunately. The popcorn was yummy!


We went for rides where the queue isn’t too long, It’s a Small World. I was so excited to go on this ride but I was rather bored throughout the ride.. I also noticed the other people who went on the ride before us looked very bored and spaced out while they were going out of the boat. Hahaha.



Next ride! Teacups! This was enjoyable! My mum was more excited that I was, hahaha.



There were also not much of a line at the merry go round, so we went on that too! Hehe, we went on all the not scary ride because I can’t deal with the roller coasters and all that scary stuff!


We also went on the Snow White ride, the witch was scary on this one.. Heheh.


We had a little snack before waiting for the next parade. I really wanted to try this, Mickey waffles! So yummy and so cute! ❤


The lights parade begins with Princess Aurora, I think that’s Princess Aurora, haha. The lights were all very bright and pretty. ❤


I was standing with some Japanese girls and they were so enthusiastic, both Mickey and Minnie waved at our direction and they were starstruck, haha, so cute! ❤


IMG_1516 IMG_1592


After that, it was the fireworks! Very very nicely done, as expected of Disney’s production, very beautiful and the song was accompanied nicely as well. ❤


There was also the castle performance but I don’t have a proper photo of that because I recorded 18 mins worth of it, very interesting and refreshing, seeing the castle tell stories! ❤

Then we headed back to the hotel, take away some food from this restaurant and rest and ate strawberries! ❤ What a magical magical day!


However, we missed a few sections of Disneyland where we didn’t visit, Adventureland, Westernland, and also Critter Country! I definitely have to make another visit to Disneyland again and also DisneySea! I also didn’t get to go to the stores in Disneyland because I was too tired by the end of the night.

Ending this post with another shot of fireworks and the magical castle! ❤


Till next time!

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Little Quaint Town: Hakone
Hakone to Tokyo


Hakone to Tokyo

December 7, 2015. Hakone to Tokyo.

I started my day with a trip to the onsen! I had to make use of it while I was there, heheh. Look! We can see the outside, which I didn’t know until the next morning because it was dark last night! It must be very pretty if it’s snowing! ❤


Wearing their yukata, I should’ve chosen a lighter colour. Heheh.


While my sister looks pretty and I look older, haha. I’m so proud of the ribbon I tied for her, I didn’t know what to do with the long band, so a ribbon it is. Haha.


Then of course, we had breakfast! My mum really enjoyed this because she loves the fish! Haha.


I also found out what this means! The emoji, now I know it’s saying there’s an onsen here. Haha, it doesn’t mean steamboat or barbecue, hahaha. It’s a hot spring!


Can’t get over how beautiful the place is! ❤


We took the RomanceCar back to Shinjuku, Tokyo and we finally saw Mount Fuji! It’s clearer than when we saw it yesterday. Haha.

IMG_9939 IMG_9945


We headed to Best Western and then left for our next adventure! To Skytree we go! We didn’t actually go up, but it was so interesting to see it, it’s sooooo tall!


Then we went to the Moomin Cafe! ❤ My one and only mission I had in mind ever since we decided to go Japan. I wanted to get a plushie as well. 😀

IMG_9989 IMG_9990

Everything is so cute! Look! The characters welcomes us to the cafe!


It’s so big and cute! ❤


The latte and food were all Moomin related! Look at the spoon. 😀


These were the Christmas desserts, it’s not only cute but also really quite yummy! The first picture is pancakes with ice-cream, whipped cream and also syrup, the second one is fried ice-cream and apple pie, with a little marshmallow chocolate house! So cute!



Another Momin character, it’s so cute, at first I thought it was a kangaroo then my mum and sister said it’s more of a rat than a kangaroo, haha.


On the way out from the cafe, we finally found a place and the right angle to take a full length shot with the Skytree!


After the snack, we went to the mall and got Ippudo ramen! It was yummy! The first one is the original one, and the second one is the spicy one.



Then we took a bus and went to Asakusa! Skytree from a far.


We passed by a supermarket and I finally bought strawberries after so many days! Strawberries were one of the MUST EAT in Japan and I’m so glad I bought it from the supermarket because out of so many strawberries I’ve eaten there, the first one was the best! So sweet and juicy! They even have a special plastic bag that’s made for the strawberry box. I found that very interesting. Haha, both the strawberries costs about ¥1760. So worth it!


Walked a bit and we reached Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street!


So bright and clean! Everywhere in Japan is clean, haha.


Sensō-ji Temple! So beautiful ❤


IMG_0130 IMG_0139

As we were exploring the area, we found this hidden dango place, my sister loves dango, as for myself, not so much. Haha.


As we continue walking, we found another place to stop and eat. This time, it’s ice-cream and taiyaki, the fish bread, there were a number of flavours to choose from. Mum just had to get to green tea flavoured one because, green tea, no other reason. Haha.

This is chestnut ice-cream! Interesting flavour but I still prefer the green tea flavour. 😀


Mum’s fish bread, haha.


After all the snacks, we took the train and went to Tokyo Tower! I wanted to go to Tokyo Tower because TOP filmed Secret Message there, haha, that’s one reason second because it’s really pretty!

So beautifully lighted up. ❤


I would wanna see it in the day too, but time restrain, next time I shall go again. Heheh.


Ticket to go on the observatory deck!


The view was amazing!

IMG_0199 IMG_0212

Spot the Rainbow Bridge!


Fearless sister went and stood on the glass floor, so scary!


Also, I saw so so so many Kiko Mizuhara advertisements there, she’s so pretty! On television and also print ads.


We headed back to the hotel after enjoying the Tokyo Tower view and went to the nearby Sukiya to have dinner!

This is mince chicken and rice, not the best meal we’ve had in Tokyo, however, it’s a good try.


This is udon with vegetable and chicken ball.


After dinner, we went to the drugstore nearby and look what I found, more Kiko! Haha, she really look so pretty in the advertisement.


This is my dream come true, haha, huge sweet strawberries! ❤ The best strawberries I’ve had.


I also bought my Moomin that day! I now call it Moong Moong, heheh.


That’s all for today. 🙂

Till next time!

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Little Quaint Town: Hakone


Little quaint town: Hakone

December 6, 2015. From Tokyo to Hakone.

Hakone is famous for Mount Fuji and onsen or hot springs!

From Shinjuku, we took the RomanceCar to Hakone. I have no idea why it is called RomanceCar, it’s nothing relatively romantic and it’s also no an actual car, haha.


9am train! Took about an hour plus to get to Hakone.



Breakfast in the train, this onigiri isn’t as nice as the first one I tried. And the Evian water was only ¥300, which I thought was cheap because back home, it’s really expensive! It was nothing special. Meh.

Moving on, we got the Hakone Free Pass, which allowed us travel around by the various transport they have in Hakone, which was great! We took so many transport, I think we spent our time in the bus, trains, etc, more than actually visiting tourist attractions. Haha.



The inside of the train, the chairs weren’t the comfiest. Hmm.

Then we finally reached and we went around the town, everything is very cute, little shops and little restaurants. Loved it! Though the roads were a little tight because of all the turns, gotta remember that the place is built on the mountains. So, there was beautiful view everywhere!

IMG_7603 IMG_7604




Oh, there were also these cabbage flower plant around, not only in Hakone but around Japan, my grandma found them very interesting. Haha. I’ve seen them in Beijing too! So pretty.


Walking uphill!


I think this was Gora Station, feels like it’s one of those scenes we see on anime. Haha, maybe I got the feel from watching Studio Ghibli movies.


Then we went around to find food. Had lunch at this place!


The bowl is so pretty. ❤


Can’t remember if it’s chicken katsudon or pork katsudon, either one, it was so good, I didn’t want to share but I had to, haha. The tofu side dish was really really good too!


Then we have fried vegetable and also soba noodles, I definitely preferred the rice to this. Hahaha.


Then we took the cablecar, which was more of a tram, like the one in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak tram, yeah. I thought I was gonna get sick after lunch because we were going to take the cablecar (tram), then the ropeway (cablecar), then go on a cruise (ferry) and finally a bus to the hotel. Very adventurous! Haha.


I’m afraid of heights, so I was scared before taking the ride but it all went better than I expected it to be, though when we got off the cablecar/ tram as I call it, it was very steep.


We reached the top and found an ice-cream vending machine, we need this everywhere. Hahaha. Didn’t get any, since it was already so cold!


We had to take a detour before going on the Ropeway/ cablecar because part of line was on maintenance, so we only got to go on the cablecar for a little while. Which I was glad about at first but then when we actually got on it, it was actually a good experience and I wanted it to be longer, haha. We didn’t get a clear view of Mount Fuji because it was cloudy and gloomy that day.



In the ropeway/ cablecar!


Then we reached to the destination, where we missed the cruise (ferry). So we went around and got ice-cream. I got the mixture of green tea and vanilla, then I kinda wish I gotten the green tea one instead instead of a mix. Heheh.


Time for the cruise!


The journey was very scenic! Everything so beautiful, it would’ve been more beautiful if it was sunny with blue skies. 😀


IMG_7701 IMG_7711

Then we arrived at Hakonemachi-ko! Another section of the scenic town!

IMG_9744 IMG_9747

We then took a bus and went to our hotel! Finally, after a whole day of taking multiple transportations. Haha, very refreshing.


Here it is! Our room 😀 Traditional Japanese room with Tatami mats ❤ We stayed at Tsuki No Koigokoro! We had a very pleasant stay there. 😀



Welcome gifts, mochi and onsen boiled eggs! It was super yummy. 😀


Unlimited green tea ❤


Dinner! It was very pretty, very yummy too! Tempura, sashimi, grilled fish, little side dishes, plus a pot of rice! ❤


Before that we went to the onsen of course! Backstory, I wasn’t too excited to go to the onsen because we need to shower together naked, but then I went anyway and it was the best decision! So refreshing and relaxing! ❤ Must try! This hotel also have the public bath and also private, so it’s good.


Note: Don’t stay in there for too long, you’ll get dizzy like me, I stayed for 15 minutes I think and I became dizzy and came out immediately. Haha. Really, it’s so nice!

This was the shower area before we enter the bath.


Time to rest! The blanket was very comfy! Like marshmallow, and there was a particular way to make the bed, the staff taught us and it was very interesting.


We also got to wear a sleepwear/ loungewear Yukata!


We had to Google how to wear a Yukata because we weren’t too sure, haha.

Till next time!

Tokyo Day 1
Tokyo Day 2 


Tokyo Day 2

Hello! December 5, 2015.

Second day in Tokyo begins with a triangle onigiri, this one was particularly good in comparison to the others I had while I was there.

A guy nicely helped us out because we didn’t know how to read, he didn’t know much English as well, but somehow it worked. Haha.


First time we did was go to the hotel and drop out bags, because we were going to Hakone for a night the next day and didn’t want to carry all the luggage, so we took the two biggest bag and went to Best Western in Nishikasai.


Sister with the luggage, while looking at the vending machine. There were so many vending machines where our Airbnb was, along the street, there was about 10 I think.

After the trip to Best Western, we went to Tsukuji Fish Market. It was very interesting, a lot of locals and also tourists. We saw so many produce that we don’t have in Malaysia, my grandma particularly enjoyed the trip here. Haha.


First stop, ice-cream of course, haha. Look at the flavours! First on the board was whale. Whale, like the fish, whale. I wonder what that taste like, then the next different flavour I saw was whitebait. Another fish related ice-cream, anyways! Haha. But, I’ve heard that tofu ice-cream is very popular there!


Since the tofu ice-cream was popular, we had to try, we got the classic green tea, tofu and also white peach sherbet. I had the green tea, which was a little bitter, but still yummy! The tofu was really good, taste just like the toufoofah, I don’t know how to spell it, but yeah, the dessert we have here. The peach was nice too, but I think the tofu was the nicest. Yum!


Another section of the market.


Look at how big the crabs were! Omg.


Scallops! There were so many people at the place, I didn’t try it, mum and grandma had it, they said it was good, so it must’ve been good. Haha.


Mango filling mochi with strawberry on top! This was okay, I’m not really into mochi, so that’s why. The aesthetic looks amazing though.


They really look very pretty. 😀


Some of the produce found in the market, the carrots were massive!


My favourite! Strawberries! ❤

After the trip to the market, we asked around and went to this tempura place a few blocks away. We didn’t have any food at the market even though we know there were lots of food there because we don’t enjoy or eat sashimi, majority was sashimi there. This tempura place was good!


Assorted tempura with rice and vegetable and not forgetting the miso soup.


This is the same except for the soba, the soba was really good too. ❤


Ordered another side of vegetable tempura, so yummy!


This is the name of the restaurant!


As we walk along the street, we found a food souvenir place and there were ice-cream, and my mum cannot resist a green tea ice-cream, so she got one. We had a lot of ice-cream that day. Haha.

Next stop is to Icho Namiki Avenue!

IMG_9270 IMG_9271

Isn’t it so beautiful? ❤


We finally arrived after a long walk!


Gingko leaves!


I don’t think the pictures do the justice of how beautiful this place is, Japan is a beautiful beautiful place! ❤



With mummy! ❤

After the scenic view of the beautiful foliage, we head to Shibuya!


The infamous Shibuya!


Of course, we had to go to Hachiko’s statue! There was also a pug there, hahaha. It was so crowded, couldn’t get a nice photo there.


Very very crowded! As expected, the infamous Shibuya crossing!


Shibuya 109!

Then we went to Uniqlo and bought a ton of stuff, and walked over to Tower Records. Omg, there were so many things there, KPOP CDS! ❤


Daesung! ❤


Big Bang solo CDs! ❤


More Big Bang CDs! ❤

Then we went back to Tokyu Department Store and went to the 9th floor if I’m not wrong, where all the restaurants are and had dinner! We were recommended to try Italian food in Japan, and we did. I’m so glad we did, it was super delicious! ❤


Pizza and pastaaaaaaa. ❤


Until today, I’m still dreaming of this dinner. It was really so so good. This was seafood risotto! ❤


I usually don’t like creme brûlée, but this was different from the creme brûlée I’ve had, this was almost ice-cream like, very creamy and the consistency is thick too. ❤

After dinner, we went to the supermarket at the department store.


The strawberries are so beautifully packaged. They look like they’re displays. So perfect! ❤


So many variations of tomatoes, like whaaaat? 😀

After that, we went back and rest!


I got WINNER’s debut album! So beautifully produced. Oh my. ❤ It was heavy to carry around but so worth it! 🙂


Bought BTS’ album for a cousin and the GOT7 album is my sister’s. ❤


Ending tonight’s post with a picture of us walking on the infamous Shibuya crossing! Look! That’s Tokyu Department Store too, haha.

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Till next time!


Tokyo Day 1

First post of my Japan trip! December 4, 2015.

We arrived at Haneda Airport on the 4th of December, took a night flight, so we arrived in the morning, took the train and went to our Airbnb place, which I didn’t take any photos of. Heheh. The Airbnb place was okay, nothing too special.


Of course I had to include this. HAHAHA. Big Bang is everywhere! ❤

Pause. Backstory of airport drama, we transited in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and the transit time was so short, we had to run to the gate which was very far from where the plane stopped! Luckily we managed to catch the flight! Phew! Okay, back on track, as I said, we took the train, initially it was empty and we were quite glad, then as we go further, it became so crowded, I was a little shocked at how many people there are but after a few days, we adapted to it and took the trains when it’s not peak hours but its still busy though. As expected, Tokyo, the busy city!



When we reached our Airbnb place, my grandma and sister rested while my mother and I went out and walked around the area, we stayed in Okubo area. First stop was 7-11. Haha. ICE-CREAM!


Initially I thought they were selling ice in a cup, but it’s actually iced coffee, haha.


The variation of ice-cream is just ❤




This is the standard 7-11 ice-cream which taste so good! The cone is even better, super yummy! Plus, it’s also affordable!

Then we all rested enough and started out first day! First proper meal in Tokyo (besides the ice-cream I had). Haha.



They tasted alright, nothing too special. I was feeling a little dizzy at that time, so I didn’t eat much. Moving on, we went to Shinjuku to collect our train ticket to Hakone, which we went on the 6th December.


IMG_8871 IMG_8886

Got this as a appreciation gift after I did a survey, super cute handkerchief. After we got out tickets, we headed to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to check out the view! There’s two blocks, we went to both blocks to view.


Pretty flowers outside the building!


The building itself!


Can’t believe I’m in Japan?!




I’m not sure which park this is but the foliage is so pretty!

IMG_8944 IMG_8948

After we visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, we went to Meiji Shrine and also Yoyogi Park. On the way there, we saw some beautiful gingko trees!

IMG_9003 IMG_9007

So beautiful! ❤

IMG_9040 IMG_9048



The water place outside the shrine. To cleanse your mind and body.


There’s a way to do it, which is written on the board, so don’t do it wrong!




It’s so traditional, very calming.


There was at least 2 wedding ceremonies when I was there. It was very interesting!

After Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park, we took a very long walk to a train station, then we went to Harajuku!


The station is so pretty!


The famous street! So many people, so many things to see but we were getting so exhausted to see everything.


Of course, we had to stop and eat some crepes! This is a rather famous store, it was so so so so yummy! ❤ Marion Crepes!


Very appetising displays!




One was chocolate banana and the other was cheesecake strawberry, both was so so yummy!

After that we took the train and headed back to Okubo and had our dinner at CoCo Curry, which was also so yummy! Delicious! ❤


Omg, just look at it! The portion is so big too! Deep fried goodness.

Till the next post! I didn’t expect this post to be so long, haha. I guess we did a lot on the first day!

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Japan Food Haul

Hello hello hello!

Here’s the second and final haul from Japan, this time, it’s fooooooood.

Firstly, I just wanna say that the photos are not the best quality because the setting was off and I didn’t realise, the lighting is also not consistent 😦

Ps. this is not all for myself, haha. Just saying!

DSC_0005 DSC_0041

When in Japan, of course green tea products are a must! Candy, Pocky, snacks, I don’t even know what the top left item is.. Haha, and of course green tea itself. ❤ These are bought from a tax-free shop in Kyoto! We bought so much snacks that we needed to put it in a coin locker before we explore Kyoto.. Haha. This is half of what we bought, most of it were souvenirs.


Chips! This are mostly, if not all chosen by my sister, she loves chips! I’m excited to try as well! I can’t tell what flavours they are because it’s all in Japanese.. But I’m sure it’ll all be super yummy! Oh, on the top left, that’s a vegetable chips, which I think my mum got. Haha. Again, these are from the tax-free shop in Kyoto.


Next is snacks! This also makes good souvenirs, because they are individually packed, so you can give to lots of your friends! These were bought from the market in Osaka.


Rice seasonings! Omg, I love these. Just sprinkle some on some rice and tada! Super yummy! Again, I’m not sure about the flavours.. Haha, except for the one which has a few chicken on the package, I think that’s chicken flavoured? Haha. I bought these from all the places I visited!


Omg, Jagabee! My sister, mother and myself loveeeee Jagabee! So we got a dozen back, with different flavours. Haha, this is also a good option as a souvenir. I’m not sure if the chips are baked or fried, but it’s so yummy! These are from the same tax-free shop in Kyoto. Haha, told you we got a lot of stuff from there.


This is a random buy, okonomiyaki snack!  I haven’t tried it yet, but I love okonomiyaki, so I hope it’s yummy! The two cup noodles are milk seafood flavoured, haha, I’ve tried it there and it’s surprisingly yummy, so we got two home. Haha. The okonomiyaki snack was from Namba, Osaka and the cup noodles were from Family Mart which can be found everywhere.


This is another one of my favourites! Omg, tastes so good! The strawberry taste so authentic, as though they’re real strawberries! It’s also says that it’s heart shaped, but in real life, it doesn’t really look like the heart shape, haha. There’s filling inside of the pocky too! Omg, perfect! Another buy from the tax-free shop in Kyoto.


Candies! The left one is just different fruit flavoured chewy candy, which is from the tax-free shop again. The other one is Peach Cough Drops, which was another random buy, just wanted to try it. Haha, it’s from Daiso!


This is a curry cracker! It’s such a addictive snack. We tried it in the shop and it was so so so spicy, but when I got home and had one, it’s not as spicy anymore.. Strange. Bought this from one of the stores in Kyoto!


Not forgetting KitKats! My sister is much more of a fan compared to me, I do like the Green Tea KitKats. The others are KitKat Hazelnut bottom left, Roasted Tea KitKat next to the Green Tea KitKat, bottom right is Kobe Pudding KitKat and lastly, Rum Raisin KitKat next to the Roasted Tea KitKat. These are bought at different places, depending on the availability of the KitKats.


Japanese chocolates! Melty kiss is really really yummy! Plus they’re individually packaged, so it’s easy to keep! The M&Ms are caramel apple flavoured! How interesting. Can’t wait to try that too. These too are from the tax-free shop in Kyoto.


This Oreo chocolate is really really good! It’s strawberry bits, chocolate and also Oreo bits in one slab of chocolate, so yummy! This too were from the tax-free shop in Kyoto.


And of course, when in Tokyo, Tokyo Banana is a must! Finally, this is not from the tax-free shop, it’s from the Tokyo Banana store in Skytree.


The packaging is absolutely top class, everything is packaged so nicely and prettily! ❤


These are the cookies! Personally, I prefer the cookies compared to the Tokyo Banana, the cookies are sooooo yummy! ❤

Now that I’ve finished this haul, majority of the snacks are chosen by my sister! Hahaha.

Next post will be the first post of my trip to Japan!

Till next time!