Japan Food Haul

Hello hello hello!

Here’s the second and final haul from Japan, this time, it’s fooooooood.

Firstly, I just wanna say that the photos are not the best quality because the setting was off and I didn’t realise, the lighting is also not consistent 😦

Ps. this is not all for myself, haha. Just saying!

DSC_0005 DSC_0041

When in Japan, of course green tea products are a must! Candy, Pocky, snacks, I don’t even know what the top left item is.. Haha, and of course green tea itself. ❤ These are bought from a tax-free shop in Kyoto! We bought so much snacks that we needed to put it in a coin locker before we explore Kyoto.. Haha. This is half of what we bought, most of it were souvenirs.


Chips! This are mostly, if not all chosen by my sister, she loves chips! I’m excited to try as well! I can’t tell what flavours they are because it’s all in Japanese.. But I’m sure it’ll all be super yummy! Oh, on the top left, that’s a vegetable chips, which I think my mum got. Haha. Again, these are from the tax-free shop in Kyoto.


Next is snacks! This also makes good souvenirs, because they are individually packed, so you can give to lots of your friends! These were bought from the market in Osaka.


Rice seasonings! Omg, I love these. Just sprinkle some on some rice and tada! Super yummy! Again, I’m not sure about the flavours.. Haha, except for the one which has a few chicken on the package, I think that’s chicken flavoured? Haha. I bought these from all the places I visited!


Omg, Jagabee! My sister, mother and myself loveeeee Jagabee! So we got a dozen back, with different flavours. Haha, this is also a good option as a souvenir. I’m not sure if the chips are baked or fried, but it’s so yummy! These are from the same tax-free shop in Kyoto. Haha, told you we got a lot of stuff from there.


This is a random buy, okonomiyaki snack!  I haven’t tried it yet, but I love okonomiyaki, so I hope it’s yummy! The two cup noodles are milk seafood flavoured, haha, I’ve tried it there and it’s surprisingly yummy, so we got two home. Haha. The okonomiyaki snack was from Namba, Osaka and the cup noodles were from Family Mart which can be found everywhere.


This is another one of my favourites! Omg, tastes so good! The strawberry taste so authentic, as though they’re real strawberries! It’s also says that it’s heart shaped, but in real life, it doesn’t really look like the heart shape, haha. There’s filling inside of the pocky too! Omg, perfect! Another buy from the tax-free shop in Kyoto.


Candies! The left one is just different fruit flavoured chewy candy, which is from the tax-free shop again. The other one is Peach Cough Drops, which was another random buy, just wanted to try it. Haha, it’s from Daiso!


This is a curry cracker! It’s such a addictive snack. We tried it in the shop and it was so so so spicy, but when I got home and had one, it’s not as spicy anymore.. Strange. Bought this from one of the stores in Kyoto!


Not forgetting KitKats! My sister is much more of a fan compared to me, I do like the Green Tea KitKats. The others are KitKat Hazelnut bottom left, Roasted Tea KitKat next to the Green Tea KitKat, bottom right is Kobe Pudding KitKat and lastly, Rum Raisin KitKat next to the Roasted Tea KitKat. These are bought at different places, depending on the availability of the KitKats.


Japanese chocolates! Melty kiss is really really yummy! Plus they’re individually packaged, so it’s easy to keep! The M&Ms are caramel apple flavoured! How interesting. Can’t wait to try that too. These too are from the tax-free shop in Kyoto.


This Oreo chocolate is really really good! It’s strawberry bits, chocolate and also Oreo bits in one slab of chocolate, so yummy! This too were from the tax-free shop in Kyoto.


And of course, when in Tokyo, Tokyo Banana is a must! Finally, this is not from the tax-free shop, it’s from the Tokyo Banana store in Skytree.


The packaging is absolutely top class, everything is packaged so nicely and prettily! ❤


These are the cookies! Personally, I prefer the cookies compared to the Tokyo Banana, the cookies are sooooo yummy! ❤

Now that I’ve finished this haul, majority of the snacks are chosen by my sister! Hahaha.

Next post will be the first post of my trip to Japan!

Till next time!


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