Tokyo Day 1

First post of my Japan trip! December 4, 2015.

We arrived at Haneda Airport on the 4th of December, took a night flight, so we arrived in the morning, took the train and went to our Airbnb place, which I didn’t take any photos of. Heheh. The Airbnb place was okay, nothing too special.


Of course I had to include this. HAHAHA. Big Bang is everywhere! ❤

Pause. Backstory of airport drama, we transited in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and the transit time was so short, we had to run to the gate which was very far from where the plane stopped! Luckily we managed to catch the flight! Phew! Okay, back on track, as I said, we took the train, initially it was empty and we were quite glad, then as we go further, it became so crowded, I was a little shocked at how many people there are but after a few days, we adapted to it and took the trains when it’s not peak hours but its still busy though. As expected, Tokyo, the busy city!



When we reached our Airbnb place, my grandma and sister rested while my mother and I went out and walked around the area, we stayed in Okubo area. First stop was 7-11. Haha. ICE-CREAM!


Initially I thought they were selling ice in a cup, but it’s actually iced coffee, haha.


The variation of ice-cream is just ❤




This is the standard 7-11 ice-cream which taste so good! The cone is even better, super yummy! Plus, it’s also affordable!

Then we all rested enough and started out first day! First proper meal in Tokyo (besides the ice-cream I had). Haha.



They tasted alright, nothing too special. I was feeling a little dizzy at that time, so I didn’t eat much. Moving on, we went to Shinjuku to collect our train ticket to Hakone, which we went on the 6th December.


IMG_8871 IMG_8886

Got this as a appreciation gift after I did a survey, super cute handkerchief. After we got out tickets, we headed to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to check out the view! There’s two blocks, we went to both blocks to view.


Pretty flowers outside the building!


The building itself!


Can’t believe I’m in Japan?!




I’m not sure which park this is but the foliage is so pretty!

IMG_8944 IMG_8948

After we visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, we went to Meiji Shrine and also Yoyogi Park. On the way there, we saw some beautiful gingko trees!

IMG_9003 IMG_9007

So beautiful! ❤

IMG_9040 IMG_9048



The water place outside the shrine. To cleanse your mind and body.


There’s a way to do it, which is written on the board, so don’t do it wrong!




It’s so traditional, very calming.


There was at least 2 wedding ceremonies when I was there. It was very interesting!

After Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park, we took a very long walk to a train station, then we went to Harajuku!


The station is so pretty!


The famous street! So many people, so many things to see but we were getting so exhausted to see everything.


Of course, we had to stop and eat some crepes! This is a rather famous store, it was so so so so yummy! ❤ Marion Crepes!


Very appetising displays!




One was chocolate banana and the other was cheesecake strawberry, both was so so yummy!

After that we took the train and headed back to Okubo and had our dinner at CoCo Curry, which was also so yummy! Delicious! ❤


Omg, just look at it! The portion is so big too! Deep fried goodness.

Till the next post! I didn’t expect this post to be so long, haha. I guess we did a lot on the first day!

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