Tokyo Day 2

Hello! December 5, 2015.

Second day in Tokyo begins with a triangle onigiri, this one was particularly good in comparison to the others I had while I was there.

A guy nicely helped us out because we didn’t know how to read, he didn’t know much English as well, but somehow it worked. Haha.


First time we did was go to the hotel and drop out bags, because we were going to Hakone for a night the next day and didn’t want to carry all the luggage, so we took the two biggest bag and went to Best Western in Nishikasai.


Sister with the luggage, while looking at the vending machine. There were so many vending machines where our Airbnb was, along the street, there was about 10 I think.

After the trip to Best Western, we went to Tsukuji Fish Market. It was very interesting, a lot of locals and also tourists. We saw so many produce that we don’t have in Malaysia, my grandma particularly enjoyed the trip here. Haha.


First stop, ice-cream of course, haha. Look at the flavours! First on the board was whale. Whale, like the fish, whale. I wonder what that taste like, then the next different flavour I saw was whitebait. Another fish related ice-cream, anyways! Haha. But, I’ve heard that tofu ice-cream is very popular there!


Since the tofu ice-cream was popular, we had to try, we got the classic green tea, tofu and also white peach sherbet. I had the green tea, which was a little bitter, but still yummy! The tofu was really good, taste just like the toufoofah, I don’t know how to spell it, but yeah, the dessert we have here. The peach was nice too, but I think the tofu was the nicest. Yum!


Another section of the market.


Look at how big the crabs were! Omg.


Scallops! There were so many people at the place, I didn’t try it, mum and grandma had it, they said it was good, so it must’ve been good. Haha.


Mango filling mochi with strawberry on top! This was okay, I’m not really into mochi, so that’s why. The aesthetic looks amazing though.


They really look very pretty. 😀


Some of the produce found in the market, the carrots were massive!


My favourite! Strawberries! ❤

After the trip to the market, we asked around and went to this tempura place a few blocks away. We didn’t have any food at the market even though we know there were lots of food there because we don’t enjoy or eat sashimi, majority was sashimi there. This tempura place was good!


Assorted tempura with rice and vegetable and not forgetting the miso soup.


This is the same except for the soba, the soba was really good too. ❤


Ordered another side of vegetable tempura, so yummy!


This is the name of the restaurant!


As we walk along the street, we found a food souvenir place and there were ice-cream, and my mum cannot resist a green tea ice-cream, so she got one. We had a lot of ice-cream that day. Haha.

Next stop is to Icho Namiki Avenue!

IMG_9270 IMG_9271

Isn’t it so beautiful? ❤


We finally arrived after a long walk!


Gingko leaves!


I don’t think the pictures do the justice of how beautiful this place is, Japan is a beautiful beautiful place! ❤



With mummy! ❤

After the scenic view of the beautiful foliage, we head to Shibuya!


The infamous Shibuya!


Of course, we had to go to Hachiko’s statue! There was also a pug there, hahaha. It was so crowded, couldn’t get a nice photo there.


Very very crowded! As expected, the infamous Shibuya crossing!


Shibuya 109!

Then we went to Uniqlo and bought a ton of stuff, and walked over to Tower Records. Omg, there were so many things there, KPOP CDS! ❤


Daesung! ❤


Big Bang solo CDs! ❤


More Big Bang CDs! ❤

Then we went back to Tokyu Department Store and went to the 9th floor if I’m not wrong, where all the restaurants are and had dinner! We were recommended to try Italian food in Japan, and we did. I’m so glad we did, it was super delicious! ❤


Pizza and pastaaaaaaa. ❤


Until today, I’m still dreaming of this dinner. It was really so so good. This was seafood risotto! ❤


I usually don’t like creme brûlée, but this was different from the creme brûlée I’ve had, this was almost ice-cream like, very creamy and the consistency is thick too. ❤

After dinner, we went to the supermarket at the department store.


The strawberries are so beautifully packaged. They look like they’re displays. So perfect! ❤


So many variations of tomatoes, like whaaaat? 😀

After that, we went back and rest!


I got WINNER’s debut album! So beautifully produced. Oh my. ❤ It was heavy to carry around but so worth it! 🙂


Bought BTS’ album for a cousin and the GOT7 album is my sister’s. ❤


Ending tonight’s post with a picture of us walking on the infamous Shibuya crossing! Look! That’s Tokyu Department Store too, haha.

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Till next time!



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