Little quaint town: Hakone

December 6, 2015. From Tokyo to Hakone.

Hakone is famous for Mount Fuji and onsen or hot springs!

From Shinjuku, we took the RomanceCar to Hakone. I have no idea why it is called RomanceCar, it’s nothing relatively romantic and it’s also no an actual car, haha.


9am train! Took about an hour plus to get to Hakone.



Breakfast in the train, this onigiri isn’t as nice as the first one I tried. And the Evian water was only ¥300, which I thought was cheap because back home, it’s really expensive! It was nothing special. Meh.

Moving on, we got the Hakone Free Pass, which allowed us travel around by the various transport they have in Hakone, which was great! We took so many transport, I think we spent our time in the bus, trains, etc, more than actually visiting tourist attractions. Haha.



The inside of the train, the chairs weren’t the comfiest. Hmm.

Then we finally reached and we went around the town, everything is very cute, little shops and little restaurants. Loved it! Though the roads were a little tight because of all the turns, gotta remember that the place is built on the mountains. So, there was beautiful view everywhere!

IMG_7603 IMG_7604




Oh, there were also these cabbage flower plant around, not only in Hakone but around Japan, my grandma found them very interesting. Haha. I’ve seen them in Beijing too! So pretty.


Walking uphill!


I think this was Gora Station, feels like it’s one of those scenes we see on anime. Haha, maybe I got the feel from watching Studio Ghibli movies.


Then we went around to find food. Had lunch at this place!


The bowl is so pretty. ❤


Can’t remember if it’s chicken katsudon or pork katsudon, either one, it was so good, I didn’t want to share but I had to, haha. The tofu side dish was really really good too!


Then we have fried vegetable and also soba noodles, I definitely preferred the rice to this. Hahaha.


Then we took the cablecar, which was more of a tram, like the one in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak tram, yeah. I thought I was gonna get sick after lunch because we were going to take the cablecar (tram), then the ropeway (cablecar), then go on a cruise (ferry) and finally a bus to the hotel. Very adventurous! Haha.


I’m afraid of heights, so I was scared before taking the ride but it all went better than I expected it to be, though when we got off the cablecar/ tram as I call it, it was very steep.


We reached the top and found an ice-cream vending machine, we need this everywhere. Hahaha. Didn’t get any, since it was already so cold!


We had to take a detour before going on the Ropeway/ cablecar because part of line was on maintenance, so we only got to go on the cablecar for a little while. Which I was glad about at first but then when we actually got on it, it was actually a good experience and I wanted it to be longer, haha. We didn’t get a clear view of Mount Fuji because it was cloudy and gloomy that day.



In the ropeway/ cablecar!


Then we reached to the destination, where we missed the cruise (ferry). So we went around and got ice-cream. I got the mixture of green tea and vanilla, then I kinda wish I gotten the green tea one instead instead of a mix. Heheh.


Time for the cruise!


The journey was very scenic! Everything so beautiful, it would’ve been more beautiful if it was sunny with blue skies. 😀


IMG_7701 IMG_7711

Then we arrived at Hakonemachi-ko! Another section of the scenic town!

IMG_9744 IMG_9747

We then took a bus and went to our hotel! Finally, after a whole day of taking multiple transportations. Haha, very refreshing.


Here it is! Our room 😀 Traditional Japanese room with Tatami mats ❤ We stayed at Tsuki No Koigokoro! We had a very pleasant stay there. 😀



Welcome gifts, mochi and onsen boiled eggs! It was super yummy. 😀


Unlimited green tea ❤


Dinner! It was very pretty, very yummy too! Tempura, sashimi, grilled fish, little side dishes, plus a pot of rice! ❤


Before that we went to the onsen of course! Backstory, I wasn’t too excited to go to the onsen because we need to shower together naked, but then I went anyway and it was the best decision! So refreshing and relaxing! ❤ Must try! This hotel also have the public bath and also private, so it’s good.


Note: Don’t stay in there for too long, you’ll get dizzy like me, I stayed for 15 minutes I think and I became dizzy and came out immediately. Haha. Really, it’s so nice!

This was the shower area before we enter the bath.


Time to rest! The blanket was very comfy! Like marshmallow, and there was a particular way to make the bed, the staff taught us and it was very interesting.


We also got to wear a sleepwear/ loungewear Yukata!


We had to Google how to wear a Yukata because we weren’t too sure, haha.

Till next time!

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