Hakone to Tokyo

December 7, 2015. Hakone to Tokyo.

I started my day with a trip to the onsen! I had to make use of it while I was there, heheh. Look! We can see the outside, which I didn’t know until the next morning because it was dark last night! It must be very pretty if it’s snowing! ❤


Wearing their yukata, I should’ve chosen a lighter colour. Heheh.


While my sister looks pretty and I look older, haha. I’m so proud of the ribbon I tied for her, I didn’t know what to do with the long band, so a ribbon it is. Haha.


Then of course, we had breakfast! My mum really enjoyed this because she loves the fish! Haha.


I also found out what this means! The emoji, now I know it’s saying there’s an onsen here. Haha, it doesn’t mean steamboat or barbecue, hahaha. It’s a hot spring!


Can’t get over how beautiful the place is! ❤


We took the RomanceCar back to Shinjuku, Tokyo and we finally saw Mount Fuji! It’s clearer than when we saw it yesterday. Haha.

IMG_9939 IMG_9945


We headed to Best Western and then left for our next adventure! To Skytree we go! We didn’t actually go up, but it was so interesting to see it, it’s sooooo tall!


Then we went to the Moomin Cafe! ❤ My one and only mission I had in mind ever since we decided to go Japan. I wanted to get a plushie as well. 😀

IMG_9989 IMG_9990

Everything is so cute! Look! The characters welcomes us to the cafe!


It’s so big and cute! ❤


The latte and food were all Moomin related! Look at the spoon. 😀


These were the Christmas desserts, it’s not only cute but also really quite yummy! The first picture is pancakes with ice-cream, whipped cream and also syrup, the second one is fried ice-cream and apple pie, with a little marshmallow chocolate house! So cute!



Another Momin character, it’s so cute, at first I thought it was a kangaroo then my mum and sister said it’s more of a rat than a kangaroo, haha.


On the way out from the cafe, we finally found a place and the right angle to take a full length shot with the Skytree!


After the snack, we went to the mall and got Ippudo ramen! It was yummy! The first one is the original one, and the second one is the spicy one.



Then we took a bus and went to Asakusa! Skytree from a far.


We passed by a supermarket and I finally bought strawberries after so many days! Strawberries were one of the MUST EAT in Japan and I’m so glad I bought it from the supermarket because out of so many strawberries I’ve eaten there, the first one was the best! So sweet and juicy! They even have a special plastic bag that’s made for the strawberry box. I found that very interesting. Haha, both the strawberries costs about ¥1760. So worth it!


Walked a bit and we reached Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street!


So bright and clean! Everywhere in Japan is clean, haha.


Sensō-ji Temple! So beautiful ❤


IMG_0130 IMG_0139

As we were exploring the area, we found this hidden dango place, my sister loves dango, as for myself, not so much. Haha.


As we continue walking, we found another place to stop and eat. This time, it’s ice-cream and taiyaki, the fish bread, there were a number of flavours to choose from. Mum just had to get to green tea flavoured one because, green tea, no other reason. Haha.

This is chestnut ice-cream! Interesting flavour but I still prefer the green tea flavour. 😀


Mum’s fish bread, haha.


After all the snacks, we took the train and went to Tokyo Tower! I wanted to go to Tokyo Tower because TOP filmed Secret Message there, haha, that’s one reason second because it’s really pretty!

So beautifully lighted up. ❤


I would wanna see it in the day too, but time restrain, next time I shall go again. Heheh.


Ticket to go on the observatory deck!


The view was amazing!

IMG_0199 IMG_0212

Spot the Rainbow Bridge!


Fearless sister went and stood on the glass floor, so scary!


Also, I saw so so so many Kiko Mizuhara advertisements there, she’s so pretty! On television and also print ads.


We headed back to the hotel after enjoying the Tokyo Tower view and went to the nearby Sukiya to have dinner!

This is mince chicken and rice, not the best meal we’ve had in Tokyo, however, it’s a good try.


This is udon with vegetable and chicken ball.


After dinner, we went to the drugstore nearby and look what I found, more Kiko! Haha, she really look so pretty in the advertisement.


This is my dream come true, haha, huge sweet strawberries! ❤ The best strawberries I’ve had.


I also bought my Moomin that day! I now call it Moong Moong, heheh.


That’s all for today. 🙂

Till next time!

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