Tokyo Disneyland


December 8, 2015. Where dreams come true, Disneyland!

I’ve always been a Disney fan, so, going to Disneyland is really a dream come true! Except it was really really really cold that day, from the morning till the night, super cold! I would say it’s the coldest day we experienced while we were in Japan, plus, we were also mostly outdoors. It was also dark and gloomy, only a slight sight of the sun when it was about to set, if some pictures look brighter than others, that means I’ve edited the brightness. Heheh.

This was the queue to the entrance before the opening time, so many people!


First thing we did was queue up to meet Minnie Mouse and take a photo with her! It took about an hour plus. Super cold while waiting in line!


IMG_0332 IMG_0336

While waiting, other characters came out and have photo sessions, the people were so eager and pushy, we didn’t have a chance to take a photo with all since we weren’t as pushy as them, we only saw the characters. So in the end, we only took photos with two characters, Minnie and Mister Geppetto, Pinocchio’s father! We managed to see Marie, Pluto, Goofy, Chip and Dale, and Max who is Goofy’s son.

IMG_0364 IMG_0374

Minnie! ❤ So poised!


After taking that photo, we walked towards the massive Christmas tree, everything was Christmas decorated! So festive and pretty!


There were of course a lot of people! 😀


The next thing we did was watch One Man’s Dream II, which is a show where the characters dance and sing, quite well done. 😀


So colourful!


Then we found a churros stall, strawberry churros to be exact, churros with strawberry flavoured sugar (?), it wasn’t the best, it was quite tough.


Then we headed to Toontown! Where all Mickey and Minnie and Goofy’s houses were, we managed to visit Minnie’s house as the line is way shorter than Mickey’s house. Couldn’t take any nice photos since we were just glancing through at the things. However, it was very cute, pinks and the kitchen is the cutest! ❤

IMG_0612 IMG_0624

The cabbage flower was spotted in Minnie’s backyard! Guess she must like that flower, haha.


Me and my Minnie sweater in front of Minnie’s house!


Then we had some food at Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe. We had shrimp burger with fries and tea, it was actually quite good! The bun was so soft, yum!

IMG_0724 IMG_0733

We then noticed that people were sitting on the floor, initially there were only one or two people sitting on the floor then more and more people started doing that and then we found out that they were picking a spot for the parade. No one told us in advance that they do that, so we were rather surprised. They even brought mats and blankets, those people must come to Disneyland often!


The parade started! Yay! I can’t post all the photos here as it is already so filled with photos, haha, but almost all the characters took part in the parade!


IMG_0967 IMG_0983

IMG_1002 IMG_1015

IMG_1050 IMG_1098

IMG_1131 IMG_1148


After the parade, we walked to Cinderella’s Castle! Here’s my disbelief face that I’m actually in Disneyland, in front of the castle! 😀


And here’s another more poised photo of me. Haha. These photos are edited to be brighter because it was really too dark!


We also went and see what’s in the castle, this is the view from the castle. The sun was about to set.


IMG_1253 IMG_1267

IMG_1278 IMG_1316

Here’s Peter Pan and Wendy, they were so cute! Peter Pan is so cute! ❤


Opposite them was Eugene/ Flynn from Tangled!


The next show we went to was Mickey’s Philhar Magic! It’s a 4D show, though it was in Japanese, so we only make sense of the entire show by its visual, it was still fun!


Then we went to Grandma Sara’s Kitchen and have another meal, there were a Christmas special set, so we had that, it was really yummy!


The cake was super yummy! ❤


Almost wanted to take the cup home, hahaha!


We finally get to see a bit of sun!


Magical castle ❤


Then we went to the Monster Inc ride! It was so much fun! Loved the ride!


Monster Inc headquarters!


Honey popcorn were available where Pooh’s ride were, there wasn’t enough time for us to go on the ride unfortunately. The popcorn was yummy!


We went for rides where the queue isn’t too long, It’s a Small World. I was so excited to go on this ride but I was rather bored throughout the ride.. I also noticed the other people who went on the ride before us looked very bored and spaced out while they were going out of the boat. Hahaha.



Next ride! Teacups! This was enjoyable! My mum was more excited that I was, hahaha.



There were also not much of a line at the merry go round, so we went on that too! Hehe, we went on all the not scary ride because I can’t deal with the roller coasters and all that scary stuff!


We also went on the Snow White ride, the witch was scary on this one.. Heheh.


We had a little snack before waiting for the next parade. I really wanted to try this, Mickey waffles! So yummy and so cute! ❤


The lights parade begins with Princess Aurora, I think that’s Princess Aurora, haha. The lights were all very bright and pretty. ❤


I was standing with some Japanese girls and they were so enthusiastic, both Mickey and Minnie waved at our direction and they were starstruck, haha, so cute! ❤


IMG_1516 IMG_1592


After that, it was the fireworks! Very very nicely done, as expected of Disney’s production, very beautiful and the song was accompanied nicely as well. ❤


There was also the castle performance but I don’t have a proper photo of that because I recorded 18 mins worth of it, very interesting and refreshing, seeing the castle tell stories! ❤

Then we headed back to the hotel, take away some food from this restaurant and rest and ate strawberries! ❤ What a magical magical day!


However, we missed a few sections of Disneyland where we didn’t visit, Adventureland, Westernland, and also Critter Country! I definitely have to make another visit to Disneyland again and also DisneySea! I also didn’t get to go to the stores in Disneyland because I was too tired by the end of the night.

Ending this post with another shot of fireworks and the magical castle! ❤


Till next time!

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