Tokyo to Osaka

December 9, 2015. From Tokyo to Osaka!

I think this will be a rather short post as we travelled from Tokyo to Osaka, so we spent a lot of time in the airport. In the morning, we had breakfast and then packed out bags and rested, then checked out of the hotel and took the airport limousine to the airport which was a great idea! No hassle of luggage and crowd, which was great!

When we arrived at the airport, we saw this robot! Very intelligent looking, didn’t actually use it, haha.


Japan has the most interesting vending machines, a hot snack machine! 😀 It says ‘casual frozen foods’, if you’re stuck in the airport, you definitely won’t starve. Haha.


Then there’s the Disney vending machine too! ❤ This is mostly snacks and not actual products like toys. If you missed out on the Disney store, you still can buy some Disney food at the airport! Hahaha.

IMG_1900 IMG_1902

We bought Tokyo Banana that’s only available at the Tokyo Banana Skytree branch, it’s chocolate banana cream. It reminded me of a chocolate banana cake!


Of course, the packaging is exquisite! Dainty.


The flight there took about an hour or less, carried my Moong Moong on board! ❤


We arrived to Osaka and then we took the airport limousine to a train station then headed to our Airbnb! Again, very simple, but once we reached the station, we had a little trouble locating the lifts as we had big luggages with me, but glad that we managed to solve that. Phew! Carrying those luggage down the stairs would be much trouble!


Arrived at our Airbnb, we had such a lovely time here, beautiful place to stay! Strongly recommend! The host’s assistance, Momo were so nice as well, she really helped us a lot and made us feel welcomed. 😀


After we rested for a bit, we went straight to Dotonbori!


Bright lights! So much to see and explore but we were tired and grandma was feeling extremely sleeping that night so we went home after a while. Haha.


The only thing I didn’t get to do during this trip to Japan is eat the crabs there. 😦 I’ll make sure I do that first when I go to Osaka next!



The famous Glico Man!





Shops along Dotonbori.


I found a Kpop store on the street! I didn’t get anything as it’s expensive and the products doesn’t look like it’s official. But it’s cool that they have a store just for selling Kpop related things!


We found a hidden ramen shop in the corner where not much people were and decided to eat there. It was really yummy! Hidden gem on the busy street of Dotonbori! I loved the spicy one. ❤ I really really love their spring onions there, there’s something about it that makes me wanna keep eating it. Haha.


We also ordered a more classic ramen which was also yummy! The pork slices were so big that we couldn’t finish it! :O Super yummy. <3!


The gyoza was super super yummy too! If only I took a picture of the shop, oh man! I’ll definitely try to look for it next time. Hehe.


Then we went home and I couldn’t resist buying this because it was so cute! The tea itself didn’t taste too good at first but then I slowly started to enjoy it! 😀


Late night snacks! Haha, yummy!


Till next time!

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