Last Day in Osaka

13 December, 2015. It's my last day in Osaka! Since it's our last day in Osaka, we had to make good use of it. 😀 We started off the day with some ramen! We checked out from our Airbnb, left our bags with the hosts and went off for the day, our flight were at… Continue reading Last Day in Osaka


Nara and Kyoto

Hello! I'm back with the next Osaka adventure. 12 December, 2015. I began my morning with a trip to Kuromon Ichiba market. My mum and grandma went to this market a day before and my sister and I didn't go, so I wanted to go and check the market out, after all it's one of… Continue reading Nara and Kyoto

Kyoto Day 1

December 11, 2015. A visit to the stunning Kyoto city! We used a Kansai pass for the trips to Kyoto, which is super easy to travel around with, since we've been there for a few days and we got used to the train services way better. 😀 We were greeted by a Christmas tree decorated… Continue reading Kyoto Day 1

Osaka Adventures

Happy new year! I took a break from blogging as I was in Singapore for a short break. ❤ Continuing my Japan adventures! December 10, 2015. Wandering around Osaka. My mum and grandma went to Kuromon Ichiba Market while my sister and I slept in that morning, they came back with some food. Noodles! These… Continue reading Osaka Adventures