Osaka Adventures

Happy new year! I took a break from blogging as I was in Singapore for a short break. ❀ Continuing my Japan adventures!

December 10, 2015. Wandering around Osaka.

My mum and grandma went to Kuromon Ichiba Market while my sister and I slept in that morning, they came back with some food. Noodles!


These drinks were so yummy, there were more jelly compared to the actual drink. Plus, they were affordable too!


We walked to Osaka Castle from our Airbnb, it’s really close to the castle! Another day without much sun. 😦

IMG_2024 IMG_2026

The walk to the castle was nice, good weather and pretty trees!

IMG_2047 IMG_2048

We arrived at the entrance! I’m not too sure which entrance this was, there are a few entrance to the castle if I’m not wrong.


With my sister! ❀


We stopped for food right outside the entrance of the castle, since we didn’t eat a lot for breakfast, we wanted to get some more food. πŸ˜€


Ice-cream, we had to get the ice-cream!


My sister and her dango! She loves them!


Udon and we also got some side dishes, boiled fish paste and other boiled yummy goodness that I’ve no idea what they are.. Haha.


The castle is so pretty! It’s elevated from the ground, so the view from the top is really nice!

IMG_2125 IMG_2144

Using the Snapchat stickers as much as I can. Hahaha.


Entrance ticket!Β IMG_2155

A few shots of the view from the top, it’s not very high but the view is still very pretty, colourful trees across the place.

IMG_2167 IMG_2172


After visiting the castle with my grandma. Notice how I took off my outer jacket, my sister and I walked up the stairs to the top of the castle instead of opting for the elevator because the queue was so long, by the time we went all the way up, it was a full on exercise, haha.


After the castle, we headed off to find a train station as we wanted to go to the Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium.


On the way to the aquarium, we saw the cabbage flowers selling forΒ Β₯100! So cheap! Too bad we can’t bring it back home.


We stopped for lunch at a Korean restaurant nearby the aquarium, it was so yummy! ❀ The bibimbap was not the greatest but the samyupsal was so yummy!

IMG_2306 IMG_2308


We reached the aquarium! It was beginning to rain at that time. 😦 I was the most excited to go to the aquarium, haha.


I didn’t take a lot of photos, some of the photos I took came out blur. 😦


They are so CUTE! ❀


A capybara! Isn’t is so cute?!


Penguins! SO CUTE! Toddling around. ❀


Colourful fishes!


Rare whale shark! It’s hugeeeeee!


These fishes are so funny, they don’t swim, they look as though someone put a string on them and hang them there.


Sister with the swimming seal! The aquarium works in a good way, we can see the seals at the beginning, in my previous picture where they were sleeping, from there it looks like they don’t have much space to go around but I was wrong, the tank goes all the way down, so the seal have lots and lots of space to swim around and play. As we walk to the next exhibits, we see the same thing because we are walking in between the tanks. Does that make sense? I hope it does.. Haha.


Hello stingray!

IMG_2452 IMG_2456

The crabs were so big! Look at my hand compared to the crabs!


Delicate jellyfishes!


IMG_2550 IMG_2551


If I’m not wrong, this area connects to the same place where all the seals are, the place is really really big!


This is another breed of penguins!


This leopard printed stingray has to be the chicest stingray there is. We got to touch the stingray and also the shark, the stingray was slimy and slippery while the shark felt like it’s sandpaper. Complete opposite!


At the exit, we found Nemo!




We then we back to the city, stopped at Umeda station and we walked around and came across this okonomiyaki restaurant, so we decided to eat here. We had to wait for quite some time as the shop was really small and it was full, one of the couple had finished eating but didn’t leave until everyone else left.. Maybe it’s their culture there? No clue, but if we see someone waiting for seats in KL, as we finish eating, we will give our seats to others as we know others are waiting. Oh well, personally I thought that was inconsiderate. Moving on to the actual food that we had, I don’t have the prettiest photo of them but the food was so so so so so GOOD. One of the best meals I’ve had in Japan.


This is grilled xiao long bao, which was interesting. There was soup inside the little bao! Very yummy!


This omelette was super yummy too. It has cherry tomatoes, Gouda cheese and rice cakes in it. Very different from the usual omelette.


The main dish! Okonomiyaki, super delicious! ❀ The flavours were rich. There was also a box of bonito flakes for you to add and also other condiments. Very generous.


These are basically gyoza but in a different shape? I’m sure there is a name for it but I don’t know the exact name, nonetheless, this was super yummy too!


After we had that delicious meal, we walked around HEP5, the building that has the ferris wheel build in it. πŸ˜€ It was dark, so I couldn’t get any photos of the building itself. Anyways, we went to a Disney store! Bought my sister a Dumbo plushie. It’s super cute!


Before we headed back to the Airbnb, we had pancakes. πŸ˜€ The pancakes there are very different from what we have here, theirs are super fluffy! We had green tea pancakes and also the Christmas special. ❀


The Christmas special was too much because of the whipped cream and chocolate, I prefer the green tea pancakes. πŸ˜€


Back at the Airbnb!


Some fruits my mother bought at the market. πŸ˜€ STRAWBERRIES. ❀


That’s all for today!

Have a good year ahead ❀

Till next time!

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