Kyoto Day 1

December 11, 2015. A visit to the stunning Kyoto city!

We used a Kansai pass for the trips to Kyoto, which is super easy to travel around with, since we’ve been there for a few days and we got used to the train services way better. 😀

We were greeted by a Christmas tree decorated with Disney characters! Super cute! ❤ This was at the Kyoto tourist information counter. 😀


On the way from Shinjuku station, I spotted Kiko! She’s everywhere in Japan! So pretty!


I also had been eyeing on this drink only because there were super cute Minnie and Mickey Mouse on it, I had to get it! I took the bottles back to KL. Heheh. As for the drink, it was nice, nothing too great. The bottle is great though. ❤

IMG_2678 IMG_2679

We went to a fast food restaurant for our brunch! First Kitchen, so healthy right? Hahahah. The salad was actually very nice, the prawns were crunchy and fresh. Yums! We were walking along the Nishiki Market and found this place.IMG_2682 IMG_2684

Found this along the Teramachi Street, so much to see!


There were a lot of taxfree shops in Kyoto, so we bought a lot of souvenirs and snacks from the taxfree shops, we even had to leave them at the locker at the train station.. Best place to get snacks or souvenirs back home! But keep in mind, they’ll pack it in a bag where you can’t open until you leave Japan, so if you want to eat the snack right there, then pay separately. Also, found Kiko once again! Hahaha.






Nishiki Market, so much of food!



More pretty flowers!



Omg, this green tea warabi mochi was the best! Seriously. No kidding!


Can’t go without having a green tea ice-cream right?! I took a bite of the mochi and was like, “OMG, what is this yummy thing?!” I want it now! 😦


After that we left the market and went to the first temple, Ginkaku-ji temple, also known as the Silver Pavilion. Kyoto is so beautiful, everywhere is so serene and pretty!


I can take a picture at whatever place and it’ll look nice! I loved walking around here. Very peaceful. ❤


Though it was gloomy but still beautiful!


Lots of little streams everywhere, super clear streams. I loved looking at it, haha.


IMG_2757 IMG_2778

This street leads us to the temple. Kyoto has lots of little streets and alleys!



Potato snack. 😀


We found the same shop that sells the green tea warabi mochi and decided to get some back! Super yummy! The shop is called Sa Wa Wa!


We reached the entrance of the temple!


This particular place reminded me of the Harry Potter maze from the 4th movie!


Entrance ticket to the temple! Very different from the usual entrance ticket.


From here, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking~

IMG_2833 IMG_2835

IMG_2845 IMG_2857

IMG_2882 IMG_2887

IMG_2891 IMG_2903

IMG_2909 IMG_2914

This looks like stairway to a magical forest!


SO BEAUTIFUL. I was in awe the entire time! ❤


IMG_2961 IMG_2986

After the visit to the absolute stunning temple, we went to have a snack at a little store, my sister’s favourite dango. I can’t keep track of how much of dango she had eaten. Haha!


Again, I kept on using the stickers on Snapchat. 😀



Next place we went is to the Kiyomizu Dera temple. By this time, we were already tired from all the walking, there were lots of uphill which was tiring. The street to the temple was crowded but it definitely had the old village feel to it, does that make sense?



We finally reached where the entrance of the temple, but we didn’t go any higher because we were super tired, we’ll definitely go again next time! To the very top! Also, we finally see the blue skies! ❤ Stunning.


The sunset was so beautiful!

IMG_3089 IMG_3096


On the way down, we bought a green tea creme puff! Yummyyyyyy! When in Japan, try everything green tea. ❤


I loved this street! I’m pretty sure is it the Ninenzaka Street. So much of photo opportunity! Too bad it was getting dark, I felt this street was something I would have seen from one of the Studio Ghibli films. ❤

IMG_3138 IMG_3140

See! So beautiful! ❤


After that, we went to Gion and had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Gyoza, love love love gyoza! ❤




Sweet and sour pork.


Fried rice!


After dinner, we went back to Osaka with out heavy load of haul from the taxfree shop! We mostly took a bus everywhere in Kyoto, using the Kansai pass. 😀 This is how they packed it for us, we put the entire thing in the luggage as it is, just in case if the custom checks but they didn’t.


Night snack! ❤ Loved this so much.


That’s all for today! Super loved the day in Kyoto, so serene, calm, scenic and peaceful. ❤ Nature.

Till next time!

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