Nara and Kyoto

Hello! I’m back with the next Osaka adventure.

12 December, 2015.

I began my morning with a trip to Kuromon Ichiba market. My mum and grandma went to this market a day before and my sister and I didn’t go, so I wanted to go and check the market out, after all it’s one of the tourist attraction. I went there mainly for fruits! Strawberries in particular! Hehe.


Pineberries or white strawberries. I get why it’s called wineberry, when I ate it, there was a pineapple taste! So strange but interesting at the same time, if I had to compare with the regular strawberry, I would say I prefer the regular strawberry better. ❤ But the pineberry was an interesting try.


Japanese fruit products, so beautifully packaged and so fresh!


The most expensive strawberries I found! ¥15000 which converts to about RM525! But the strawberries looks so yummy, so big! Not to mention individually packaged as well.




Literally my dream come true, STRAWBERRIES. ❤




There was so much to see, I enjoyed market trips because I got to see the different things we don’t have in Malaysia.


Crab! I didn’t get to have any this trip, I’ll make sure to get it the next time I go! The first thing on my list. 😀


Bought these strawberries. I had a strawberry galore party before I left Osaka. SO YUMMY. I can’t get them in Malaysia! I did see one in the supermarket that had the same packaging as this one but it was priced at RM58 and it was not as big as this.. 😦


Morning coffee. ❤


After the market trip, we went back and then took a train to Nara!


This is the Higashimuki Shopping Street which we walked along after visiting Nara Park. We found a giant Daiso store here and went crazy. Haha, bought a lot of stuff! The Daiso is equals to ¥100 which converts to RM3.50, which is way cheaper to buy there than the Daiso in Malaysia, RM5.30 now with the GST. Daiso is ❤


I was super excited to see the deers! ❤


Hello there! The deers there are so chill, they just sit around.

IMG_3269 IMG_3276

Autumn foliage in the beginning of winter! ❤


I tied my hair like Minnie Mouse on that day, heheh. #OnlyinJapan But look at the deer! ❤


Of course I had to take a selca with the deer!


They are all so cute!


With dearest mummy!


After visiting the deer park, we went to the shopping street and then left Nara and went to Kyoto! Another day in beautiful Kyoto. ❤


We visited the Fushimi Inari Shine. Super beautiful! Even the train station is built using the red colour scheme.


The gate to the shrine. There were lots of street food there, so no worries if you’re hungry!


IMG_3386 IMG_3387

Takoyaki! I can’t eat them because of the octopus in it, I am allergic to squid so high possibility that I’m allergic to octopus too. 😦


Looks so yummy!


Pork kebab thing, this was yummy!


I found a rare spot that doesn’t have anyone!


The infamous thousands of vermilion torii gates! It’s hard to take a nice picture because there were lots of tourists. We didn’t walk all the way as we were tired from all the walking we did for the past few days. Next time we’ll be more prepared. >.<


Pretty autumn foliage!


As we were going down, there were a group of people making lots of noise and chasing people, so we walked aside, it turned out to be some Japanese artists, we have no idea who that was, but they sure are famous!


People all crowding to get a glimpse of the artists. There were about 3 of them, they passed by us, they definitely had the artist look. Haha.


We walked on trains very often in Kyoto, it feels very old school. Haha.


Kyoto is filled with beautiful streams and rivers, very serene and calming to look at.


We went back to Teramachi Street and bought a crepe!


This was yummy but not as yummy as the one we had in Harajuku!


After that, we went around looking for Ichiran Ramen, one of the recommendations we got, we asked a group of Japanese ladies and they were kind enough to walk us there as they were going the same direction, and we arrived! Vending machine to select the meal.


It was an individual seating set up, but the partition can be unlocked and open it so we can see each other. Haha.


Omg, this was SUPER yummy! One of the best ramen I’ve had in Japan! We can choose the spiciness, the noodles consistency, and whether you want green or white onion, and other things you get to choose, kind of a custom made bowl of ramen. Super yummy, we ended up ordering extra noodles. The broth were super yummy too!


The green tea tofu, this might not suit everyone’s taste. Personally I didn’t try but my mum said it’s kind of bitter.


I think of this ramen all the time! [CC: Christy and Nadya! We were talking about this ramen the entire time we were in Singapore!]


After that, we went to Arashiyama to see the bamboos!


Some exhibition at the Hanky Arashiyama Station.


Unfortunately, I felt sick because of the amount of crowd, it was super crowded. Therefore I didn’t take any photos of the bamboos, I would wanna go again in the day, the night view nice but I think the day view would be much prettier. The walk from the train station to the bamboo area was pretty long, we should’ve checked for bus route.


We then took the train back to Osaka after visiting Arashiyama and had lots of strawberries after a long day of walking. I then had a good night sleep!


Till next time!

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