Just happy

It’s been way too long since the last post, so long that a semester has gone by, so quickly.

I now only have another semester to go until I finish my degree course! It’s too much to even think about life after that.. Anyways, this post is just for me to reflect on the semester.

Firstly, I changed my classes at least twice this semester, from authorship to writing and finally settling to feminism which I thought would be simple because the assignment briefs said, ‘Reflective Practices’, but it’s not the kind of reflective practices I thought it would be and I hope I don’t fail that class. Pretty proud of myself to stuck by that class, again, really hope I don’t fail. Then I took three other classes from my major and one from my elective, which was actually pretty good, two of my classes were taught by the same lecturer which was fun and the lecturer was really nice and helpful.I also changed my minor to avoid a certain class, from screen studies which I really enjoyed the first year units to journalism which is my major for my diploma. I now have an elective of my choice to complete for next semester, I’m thinking of taking the easy way out since I already have three third-year unit next semester, guess that’ll be pretty heavy.


I also drank a ton of coffee and hot chocolates because two of my lectures were at 4PM, not the best timing but it was fine since the lectures weren’t crazy boring.


I also wore these a lot, got so much compliments on them, and I also like to feel tall. Haha. They’re from H&M by the way. 😉

Moving on to the fun stuff that I did throughout the semester, non-academic related. EXO concert thanks to my sister though I am not crazy about them, seeing Lee Kwang Soo from a far (he actually thanked me, this would be a super long story if I start, long story short, I wrote ‘Asia Prince’ in Korean and not much banners were there and he saw it and said ‘Kamsahamida’, this also happened when I moved to the ground floor), and I met Sandara Park of 2NE1. I was very very close to not going for Sandara Park’s event because it was the week where mostly all the assignments are due, but I managed my assignments and my sister convinced me to go since it’s not everyday you get invited for events like these.


EXO concert!


Asia Prince, Lee Kwang Soo at the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge launch in KLCC, I was at the third floor or so, then moved to the ground floor.


Meeting Sandara Park for Moonshot!

I then went from this light brown/blonde colour to a deep red which I am loving! So glad to have dark hair again! My semester break started on the 27th May, I have to clarify this because everyone says, ‘Wow, you have a two months break! That’s really long’, yes I do have a two months break but it’s only because I don’t have official exams which started this week, exception for in class tests during the semester. Other than that, I was and possibly still is obsessed with Lee Hi’s album and Produce 101 songs, literally only listened to these two the entire three to four months.


My hair colour and my hair in general was getting crazy out of hand.


I also got my bangs back!


So happy with the change!


I got super obsessed with this Japanese restaurant, it’s super delicious!


Wore these a lot too, cause they are crazy comfy. ❤


I had the most wonderful semester, had really good lecturers this semester, particularly the one that gave a lot of extensions but I didn’t need them, though it gave me time to change my essays which the lecturer did not encourage. Made new friends that I wished I had met sooner and I was generally really happy. Hope next semester would be as good! I also need to ALWAYS proofread before submitting my assignments, which I don’t do often.



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