2016 in months

This post is dedicated, to sum up, my 2016.


View from cycling

Spent my first couple of days of January in Singapore with my family and relatives, it was rather productive thinking back, we went cycling, morning exercises, it was quite an outdoorsy trip, we even visited the zoo! This picture was one of the views we saw while cycling!

Jumpshots with cousins and sister

I also exercised more throughout the entire 2016 which I am very happy about, it’s nothing extreme but glad I am moving around here and there a little. Other than going to Singapore, I did not do very much in January, it was still my summer break! Oh, I did dye my hair to a ridiculously light colour, of course at that time I loved it, as of now, maybe not..


The usual four!

It was Chinese New Year. It was also the time due to an incident, which made me reflect and I realised the importance of exercising, family and health, so that was something I will always keep with me. Chinese New Year was fine, as I grow older, I tend to lose the excitement of the festivities.


February also marked my last month of my summer break, which means I started my first semester of my final year. The semester officially starts on the 29 February, however, I have no classes on Mondays which was such a blessing! So I only had classes from Tuesday to Fridays, and even so, on Tuesday and Thursday, I only had one lecture and on Wednesdays, I had on lecture and one tutorial, while, on Friday it was a little packed but it worked out fine, had one lecture and three tutorials!


I enjoyed using the Snapchat filters so much!

I officially started my third semester, honestly, I was quite afraid initially because I had two classes with the same lecturer, I’ve never been taught be that lecturer before, I kept thinking, what if the lecturer is not a good lecturer, and I’ll have to attend the classes, four times a week.. My friend had taken a class with this lecturer and she said the lecturer is cool, I was still kinda meh, but fortunately it turned out, the lecturer is the best lecturer I had so far. I asked a million questions and the lecturer gladly helped. Phew! Because I had to swap my units, I took a class I never thought I would take, it was a gender studies class, I didn’t want to take up any gender studies unit because I didn’t think I would like it. It was quite challenging actually! I’ve never taken any gender units previously, so jumping to a third-year gender unit was probably not a good idea, though I am rather happy with my grade!

Kwang Soo!

Apart from my academic life, my sister’s hard work joining the EXO contest paid off as she won two tickets to the concert! I attended the concert with her and it was very cool! I didn’t know all the songs, heheh. We were really quite close to the members since it was in the rock zone. I also met Lee Kwang Soo again, he came to KL for the new Samsung S7 Edge roadshow, as usual, so handsome and humble.


10-seconds of fame
Meeting Sandara Park, she’s so beautiful!

In April, my sister and I had our 10-seconds of fame, haha. We also met Sandara Park, formerly a member of 2NE1 when she came here to promote for Moonshot! That was fun! April was pretty standard, school, assignments, had some good food, did a little shopping, that kinda stuff.


Lighter hair which I dyed back in January
Darker hair, which I absolutely loved. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

Not much happened in the fifth month of 2016, it was the end of the semester. I decided to have bangs again and also dyed my hair to a darker colour. Mostly it was just completing assignments and submitting assignments, other than that, there were nothing special.


To make up for the lack of events in May, here’s an excerpt from a conversation I had with a friend. A little story behind it, I was telling her we had gotten an extension for an assignment, like me, she took two classes with the same lecturer, so she got confused. Hahaha.


The sunset was beautiful


Since it was the beginning of another semester break, I just enjoyed my holiday and watched a whole lot of films, a lot of the films I watched starred Audrey Hepburn. I love her, so iconic! Also, visited Singapore (once again), and also visited Ipoh and Kuala Sepetang! Kuala Sepetang was quite pretty, I don’t particularly like to be on waters, boats, that kinda stuff, so I was scared at first, then I got used to it cause we spent many hours on the boat waiting for dolphins, which fortunately we managed to see!


With cousins and sister in Singapore
Mummy cat and baby cat
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

The trip to Singapore overlaps to July, we went on the 30th of June until the 4th of July. Another point to note is we started feeding the stray cats behind our house, unfortunately by the time I am writing this, the kitten has died. July was also the month we visited Siem Reap! (Yes, I am aware I am super super behind on my blog post about that trip..) It was a eye opening trip!

Such a joy to receive this basket

That month, I won a basket of Royce chocolates through a contest held by Buro24/7, so I am extremely grateful! I started my final semester of my degree course on the 25th of July.

First day of the semester with Sabilla! My bangs were cut slightly too short..

Once again, I was rather concerned about two classes, one was a class completely out of my comfort zone, it was related to international studies, but thankfully, I didn’t have to touch too much on international studies, instead, I got to utilise my journalism skills, which could use a bit of polishing.. Haha. The other class I was afraid of was because of the lecturer, the lecturer is known to have high standards and boring classes, honestly, during break time for that lectures, my friends and I have walked out of the lecture multiple times, sometimes for McDonalds and others was for I can’t even remember now. At the end of the entire semester, my highest grade was from this class, either I must’ve done really well or the lecturer was nice that semester?



I kept changing my timetable and I finally decided on one which I thought would be a challenge, I allocated all my tutorials on Fridays, back-to-back that is. 9am – 10am, 10am – 11am, 11am – 12pm, and finally 2pm – 3pm. Initially, it was tiresome to go to another class right after another, it was also a challenge to swap focus, for instance, I would be in the 9am – 10am class discussing an issue related to class with my classmates, and then I would have to go attend the 10am stardom class, I would still be pondering about the 9am class on the discussions we had, then only I would actually stay focused in the stardom class, right when I am 100% focused on the stardom class, because one hour is relatively short to discuss the many elements of a film, I would then go to my next class, sexuality class, which requires me to read before hand, I tried my very best to read before I attend! Fridays can be tiring, but it was somewhat rewarding. I also managed to have a mid-week break with Wednesdays off, so glad I had Wednesdays off! That gave me plenty of time to complete assignments! This also meant on I only had one lecture Tuesdays and Thursdays and two on Mondays. I love how flexible the timetable can be.

My sister bought me a mini Moomin (the right one) to add to my collection!
Goodies from the event!

This was also my birthday month, I turned 22. I didn’t have a big celebration, just had some cake with my family. I also attended Buro24/7 x Sulwhasoo event with Sarah, my sister and my sister’s friend, Aliah!


Stardom assignment, research on Audrey Hepburn
Skipped second half of a boring lecture for McDonalds with Afi and Sabilla

September was another one of those months where there wasn’t much events. By this time of the year, I had already spoken to a couple of lecturers about the options to continuing studying, there’s honours degree which adds on to the currently degree I am pursuing, or the masters degree. I pretty much wanted to do the masters because the honours degree had a higher entry requirement, I thought I wouldn’t be able to achieve that, then after more discussions with my lecturer, I decided to aim for the entry requirement for the honours degree. I was constantly worried I would not be able to attain the required grade, I kept wishing for December 5 to arrive quickly because that was the date the grades would be released.

Mini bouquet for mum’s birthday

It was also my mother’s birthday, we went flowers to her! ❤


Sabilla, Afi and myself
With Afi and our sixty cents drink
Group mates for international studies unit, final assignment!

October is the month where it was time to give 100% effort to all the assignments, it was also the month where I realised I have made such good friends from the international studies class, so glad we got along!

Last minute BBQ event

Also, Afi and I decided to take part in as many events as we can in school because it was our last semester and we wanted to cherish it. We took a LOT of photos, we even purposely went back to school just to take photos, and then we went shopping. Haha. It was also the end of my final semester.

We went almost every week

Fell in love with Fishbowl, it’s so good!


There was two new little kittens, so we started feeding them as well!


Afi, the ice-cream queen. Haha.
Fun times!

I decided to spend more time with Afi before she leaves, so we went for ice-creams and shopping! And of course took more pictures, heheh.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Nami Island

Mid-November, I went to Seoul, Korea with my family. I can’t say I have an entirely good trip unfortunately, but it was still fun!

I bought a big Moomin back home, so in love with it!

I took it down mid-flight to hug it then when we were gonna approach for landing, the stewardess asked if I wanted to store it on the overhead cabin and I was like, “Okay..” Haha, turns out she likes Moomin too!


Pavilion Christmas decoration
Swarovski carousel 
Teriyaki chicken and rice
Happy grandma!
Hoji cha and green tea
Udon and salmon

Beginning of December, I went to Pavilion with my grandma and spent some time with her, that was nice. Christmas decorations were up, it was so festive.

I was in such a giving mood, glad to see them happy when they received it

My final results also came out, I am so so happy with my results, all my hard word has paid off. This means I managed to achieve my main goal, to be able to apply for the honours degree. I then started on my proposal for the application. I gave some thank you gifts to the lecturer that guided me throughout this entire year and also the staff who I have bothered way too much!

Rups, Sarah, and I 


I finally met up with my two crazy friends from my diploma class after a year or two I think!


Simple and delicious!


I also started to have greek yogurt with honey and strawberries again!

In conclusion, 2016 was quite good actually, did some travelling, completed my degree course, made more friends, spent time with family, it was memorable. ❤ I have many things to be thankful for.

Four days into 2017, I cannot wait to get news regarding my application for the honours degree, I wish and hope all goes well. May 2017 be healthful, wishful, joyful, insightful, wonderful and effortful.



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