Hard work pays off

That one time we went back to school for pictures 

That quote is true. It may take some time but hard work definitely pays off. On my last post, I mentioned about my application for the honours degree and a couple of weeks back, I finally received the offer letter. I was so excited! Then there was some conflict regarding the supervisors which made me so stressed out for about two weeks but fortunately, it is all sorted now.

I’ve come to the realisation that I am quite critical of myself, always doubting myself, thinking I’m not good enough. This needs to stop, so I’m gonna give myself some credit for working hard to achieve the grades I needed to apply for the degree.

Hard work pays off and it surprises you. All applications have a chance of getting a scholarship, I was not expecting much from it. When I was reading my offer letter, it had no mention about the scholarship, so, I thought I didn’t get it. I wasn’t too sad about that, but then I found out later that the school had yet to discuss that, so I thought, maybe there still is a chance. Last week I found out that I got a full scholarship from the school to do this degree. I didn’t know how to react, heck, I didn’t fully understand what the letter said when I first read it. I did not expect it at all. I worked hard to get into the course but this scholarship feels like it’s a reward for the hard work.

Another about 12 days till the beginning of the semester. Time to work harder!



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