May 2017

Hello, hello, hello.

I guess I shall just update by months for now.

It’s the end of May!

My desk at its messiest 

Checked off quite a bit of my to-do list; group assignment is over, which I am incredibly happy about! I pray there won’t be another group assignment, please.

Other things I completed in May, received ethics clearance for my research.

Lunch with classmates after our presentations! 

I’ve also completed the presentation which I’ve been dreading since day one of the semester. I was in a lot of pressure to do well because I was told that my performance was not only a reflection on my work but it is also a reflection on my supervisors because they are the ones who are guiding me. Therefore, I HAVE to make sure I do well for the sake of my supervisors and myself. Fortunately, I did well, according to my supervisors. Getting positive feedbacks makes me really happy and pleased. I shall keep doing whatever I am doing! I also got a few participants for my research, I’m so thankful!

My Barbie friend!

Other than my Monday to Friday (sometimes, if I have nothing much to do, I stay at home, otherwise, it’s the usual Mon -Fri), 10am – 5pm school life, I haven’t done much. Did some shopping here and there. I have literally no boundaries when it comes to shopping, it’s not like I need new clothes, but I still buy them..

Anyways, I also had a few catch-up sessions with friends. I don’t have much to do this week.. The most I’ve done is reading a few journals and revising my chapters. There’s a submission on Monday!


One of the four stray cats at the back of my house. She’s so pretty!

Hope June will be fun and fruitful since I’ll be starting my fieldwork this month!



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