Book Collection #3

I'm finally going to finish my book collection! I've decided to post the rest of the book collection in one post. Mostly non-fiction in this shelf, and also a collection of Seventeen Magazines. I really like 'Mummy, Come Home', 'For the Love of My Mother', and 'Chinese Cinderella'. Seventeen! Here we have Nicholas Sparks, classic… Continue reading Book Collection #3


Book Collection #2

Second installment of my book collection. 😀 This is my Sophie Kinsella, Lauren Conrad and one Aprilynne Pike collection. 🙂 4 books by Lauren Conrad and Life After Theft by Aprilynne Pike. I enjoyed reading Life After Theft and Lauren Conrad's LA Candy series. 😀 I've yet to read Infamous. Hehe. I love Sophie Kinsella's… Continue reading Book Collection #2

Book Collection #1

Hello there! I've been wanting to do a book collection and finally got to it. Here's my book shelve. There are books, magazines, and lots of miscellaneous things. I will go by the cubicle box of the shelves. ps. For those cubicle with no books in it, I'll just skip it. 🙂 Also, there are… Continue reading Book Collection #1

2014 Birthday haul

Hello there!Last year I did a birthday post, so I thought this year I would do a birthday haul. 🙂 So much of haul lately. Hehe.My birthday was about 2 weeks ago now, August 13 to be exact.I have a couple of things, mostly books.Both my parents gave me angpau/ red packets. I chose to… Continue reading 2014 Birthday haul

The catastrophic history of you and me review

Hello! Today’s book has a rather long title, ‘The Catastrophic History of You and Me’ by Jess Rothenberg. It didn’t take me too long to finish the 375-paged book. I liked it. The book is different. The book talks about a girl named Brie’s heartbreak with her love of her life, Jacob. Her heart split… Continue reading The catastrophic history of you and me review