Accessories untangled

Does you accessory always tangle with other accessory like this? No matter how you try to put it apart. Because, mine does!

messy accessories

This is how I used to put my accessories. I couldn’t be bother to organise them because in the end it’ll all get tangled together.

accessories storage

I went to Daiso and got little storage bag or little zip lock bags as I like to call them.

The idea was to put each accessory in their individual zip lock bags. It worked! It definitely does not tangle as it used to and it’s so organised now. Though, I can’t fit my statement necklace in the little zip lock bag, I just put it on top of the box.

Cheap, easy and organised. I was so happy to see everything in it’s place. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even head accessories.

Is your makeup in a mess too? I just cleaned up mine! Click here to see it. 🙂 

Till next post! 🙂 


Organised make up storage

Hello there. Today, I’ll be talking about lipstick/ makeup storage. Mainly on lipsticks. I used to put them all in a box with other makeups, it was neat until I had to search the whole box with other makeup in it. So I decided to get medicine/ pill boxes to sort them out!

lipstick storage

It used to be like this, (in the first picture), when everything got out of hand when I wanted to just get my bronzer for example.

You can also get the lipstick holders online but I didn’t want to and the pill box was super affordable. Though not all the lipstick fit, but it worked out in the end. 🙂 I got the pill box from Daiso. It is also available at pharmacies or markets.

The pill box that I got can be separated from it’s holder. So I removed everything and snipped off the cover of the box, cause we don’t need that.

As for the holder thing (in the bottom left photo), I used it to organise the blush, bronzers, and eyeshadows.

Tadaaa. I don’t have a huge makeup collection. I do have other ones that I don’t use as often, so I don’t put it in this box. A lot of it was given to me by my cousin, aunt and even my former company where I interned. I’m so grateful to have all these to play with.

I feel like I have more than I need. Really. Haha. 

Till next time. 🙂