Padini weekend haul

Hello! I’m back with a overdue haul which I am suppose to post two weeks ago. Hehe.

Here are the things I got during the 3/4-day sale at Padini during the long weekend break.

This shopping trip is very impromptu, my mummy just wanted to see if there are shorts, no shorts for her that day, but we did manage to get other things!




First item! A top that has an interesting panel along the sides of it with mesh material. Thought the detail was rather cool.



Another top, long sleeved. It’s pretty simple with lace detail at the bottom. Simple and nice.



A staple piece in the wardrobe, a white sweater. I love this!



Yet another long sleeved top. A window paned checkered, pretty simple.



Got another one in white, it was a good deal!



Silky material long pants. Would pair it with a plain top with a statement necklace and red heels.



Dressy dress, this was pretty cheap, I am pretty sure it was under 40 ringgit.


Little jewel that makes it look like a necklace.


This has to be my favourite item that I got that day. A vibrant orangey black crop jacket. SUPER DEAL. There are also available in black and white, wish I gotten both! It’s only 59 ringgit! Normal price is 139. Such a nice jacket.



Random purchase, in fact, it’s the first thing I picked out cause it was only 21 ringgit. Haha, it looks bright orange in picture but it’s actually a bright coral colour.


Red shorts! I love red shorts, can’t remember the price but it was a good buy.



Plain black shorts, nothing special.



Another window paned checkered pattern, in shorts form. It’s the exact same pair with the black shorts except for the design. No one has too much shorts right? 😉



This skirt! I can clearly remember it was 39 ringgit right after we paid. I didn’t see the normal price tag before purchasing and thought it had a 50% off. Oh well, and it came with a belt too.


Good deals from that day!

I can’t remember all the prices but mostly are 39 ringgit. I think the most expensive was the jacket which I thought was an amazing deal.

ps. I only have 2 more weeks of classes to go and I’ll be done with my first semester!  Time really flies! I also had a good week of classes, some were rather fun! 😀

Have a good weekend!

Till next time!



Time for a haul!


I meant to post this haul yesterday but suddenly my day got busy. I spent 6 hours watching the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). Congrats to all winners!

Onto the haul, I got most of the items from last weekend. The Black Friday weekend. A lot of stores was on sale. Most of my loot was from Padini, they had a three day sale, 50 percent off storewide plus some 70 percent off.

Sunnies from Tizio, which is a sister brand to Padini which also had the 50 percent off. RM49.90.




Bejewelled necklace from Vincci, RM129. Vincci has a wide range of necklace, some I really liked!




Dress, RM139 from P&Co. I have been eyeing on this dress for a while now. Hehe. It’s made out of thick material, I don’t know the name of the cloth but it’s quite comfy.



I love the colour combinations.


I quickly took this jumper when I saw a size 6 because there wasn’t much sizes left when we went there. RM99.


I like the prints and the little embellishments.


A flowy midi skirt, RM119 from P&Co. (Excuse the paper clips, I was trying so hard to keep the skirt in place for the photo but it’s just too heavy to tape, so I had to improvise with paper clips. Haha.)


I love this skirt, I like how poofy it is and the prints are really cool.


It has pockets too!


Another accessory from Vincci. Headband, RM29.



Shorts! The shorts on the left was from Cotton On and the right shorts was from PDI.


I got this shorts from their online store when they had a sale back in August I think. It was priced at RM59 but I can’t remember how much it was on sale.


These PDI shorts have the same length but in the photo, I didn’t adjust it properly. Haha. These were RM49. I didn’t even realise that the prints are different on both sides until my mum told me when we got back.


Another item from Cotton On. This jumpsuit was priced RM89, but again, I don’t remember the price it was on sale.


Like I said, I bought this online, so I didn’t try it on. When I finally got it, it was much better than I expected, it fitted nicely and it’s comfortable. I really like the cutting of it.


Time for shoes! These were buy 1, free 1 from Payless Shoes.

I needed to get new shoes. I saw these and thought it was perfect!


The chain detail is really nice and I love the print of the flats.


Buy 1, free 1. So this is the other pair. Simple sandals with a bit of a wedge for the little height.


This is really easy to walk in with not much of a heel. I can’t remember the price of these.


That’s all that I’ve got!

A lot of money was spent on shopping and food that weekend!

No more shopping till next year. Heh.



After contemplating for a long while, I finally got the CHO 2 caps.

I always see Song Ji Hyo wearing them on Running Man. I really liked them and went online to see where I can get them. I found them on ULOVELIFE.

Then I researched about it and found out that she collaborated with NBA. Honestly, I don’t watch basketball and I have zero interest but the caps are so nice.

Review! I bought three from the collection from ULOVELIFE. When you buy 3, you get 10% off. So of course I got three. Hehe.

The staff were really helpful. Shoutout to Yuki! Would definitely buy from there again.

I got the NETS, CHO 2, and 88. I don’t know the exact name for the caps. Click on the link to see them.

It took about a week plus to arrive because I wasn’t home when it first delivered.



It came in a box. Gotta say the box’s design is pretty nice.



All the caps are individual wrapped. Which is good.






And all the caps have the plastic thingy to keep it in shape.


I ended up removing all the stickers.

CHO 2.








The quality is really good. I don’t know what else to include in this review besides than everything is really good.

Right, the price. Just click the link above to go to the website to check it out.

Everything was paid by myself, not being sponsored in any way.


2014 Birthday haul

Hello there!

Last year I did a birthday post, so I thought this year I would do a birthday haul. 🙂 So much of haul lately. Hehe.


My birthday was about 2 weeks ago now, August 13 to be exact.

I have a couple of things, mostly books.

Both my parents gave me angpau/ red packets. I chose to buy books and kept the rest of the money.


Initially I wanted to get Gayle Forman’s ‘Where She Went’, the sequel to ‘If I Stay’. I enjoyed that book, review here. However, the bookstore has no stock when I went there, so I got some other Gayle Forman books. “Just One Day’ and ‘Just One Year’. I also got another one of Rainbow Rowell’s book, ‘Landline’. Yay!

One of my mum’s friend bought me a book too, ‘The Longest Ride’ by Nicholas Sparks. Another one more of Nicholas Sparks book to put in my collection. Wohooo.


Another one of my mum’s friend bought me a perfume. I loved the packaging, though the cover doesn’t really clip to the bottle, so it drops. But the ombré is really nice. Smells really sweet too. I am not sure of the name or the brand of it, it says Closer, I think it’s from Laurelle.


Lastly, Samantha, got me some cute accessories. A necklace and a ring. I loved it.

Thanks all for the nice gifts and all the birthday wishes to all who wished me. 🙂


Sales Haul

Hello, hello. It’s great seeing you here!

Remember when I said I’ve another haul coming up? It’s time for that!

Okay, I put up a haul post at the beginning of the month. I may seem like I’m shopping a lot, which I am. However, I don’t do this on a monthly basis. It’s just that there is a LOT of sales going on and I’ve been going out quite a lot, accompanying my aunt.

I’ve so much clothes now, my grandma told me not to wear them until next Chinese New Year, which I think will be around February 2015. I’m seriously considering it. (Maybe not the shoes, the clothes, I’ll try)

I love writing hauls. I also love reading other people’s haul’s post or videos on YouTube. I enjoy looking at what people buy. I am definitely not here to show off what I bought, I just want to share with people who are like me who likes reading haul posts. ❤

Also, I did not buy all of these stuff in a day. Just throwing it out there.

After a long intro, lets get started. 😀 (*most of the clothes are not ironed yet, so it’s definitely crumpled*)


Shoes! These are Bronte flats by Rubi. As I said, Cotton On was having a sale, not a regular sale, a very good deal type of sale. This was only RM15. I was really in need of a new pair of flats as mine are really worn out. I actually have the exact same one in red which I bought a year ago. Glad I found this pair. 😀


Another feature of the super comfy pants, or studio pants as they are called. First I bought these for RM30. These pants had been on my previous haul, here.


And then, since they are so very comfortable, I decided to get another one in a different colour and design. This was on another trip to Cotton On. Love them!


Excuse this blurry photo, I didn’t really check when I took the pictures. This is also from Cotton On, a simple stripe top, RM30.


This beautiful dress was only RM30, also from Cotton On. You know what I like best about this dress? The detailing at the back. So cute and the print of the dress is rather interesting too. I am planning to wear this for next year’s Chinese New Year. Hehe.


Look! ❤


This super cute smart looking bulldog tshirt is only RM15.


This is the best deal. Guess how much this blouse is?


Look at the cool studs on it. It’s only RM6. Whaaaaaat?! I have an exactly same one in black which I bought quite a long time ago, but this for only RM6, have to buy!


H&M was also having sales! Excuse the tape on the sleeves. Hehe. This polka dot mesh sleeve top is RM29, which I thought was quite a good deal.


My sister spotted this long kimono. I’ve seen this on Seventeen magazine somewhere and it is discounted to RM39 from RM79.90 if I am not wrong. Pretty nice. (Just to add, I have a younger sister, this means, we can share clothessss! Especially outerwear like these, we can share, mix and match <3)


Lastly! Another pair of flats. This is free, there was a on going promotion in Tiamo. My mum and sister both got one pair and I get to choose this for free from the black label. It’s retail price is RM69. I wanted a nude coloured flats, which can match everything. Plus I already have the striking blue flats from Cotton On. This pair of flats are really comfy!

End of the haul. I may seem crazy for getting so much stuff. I definitely don’t need to shop for a while now, that is if I try to keep the clothes till next year’s Chinese New Year. Haha.

Thanks for dropping by! x

Collective Haul

Hello dearies!

Time for a collective haul, yay! (note, these things are bought over several shopping trips)

Excuse the crumpled clothes. Hehe, haven’t ironed it yet.


Let’s start with pants. From left to right:- Floral and checkered pants are from Brands Outlet [I can’t really recall, if I’m not wrong, it’s RM39.90] and the pink/black studio pants are from Cotton On [$10, I bought it off Cotton On’s Singapore website]. Even though it looks very casual, it can look pretty presentable with a blazer and a pair of heels. I should try it out, if not then I’ll probably wear it to sleep. Haha. Doesn’t the floral pants and checkered pants looks so pretty! The quality is so comfy! Can’t wait to wear them.


These two shirts are from Brands Outlet as well. It was RM79.90 for two, so I got these two designs. 🙂


The light blue with pink detailing has little flower prints on it, so cute! And the orange is just some pattern that I can’t describe it. Hehe.


This flow-y breezy mint blouse was from Mirra Mew from Fahrenheit 88 for RM23.90 I think. I can’t remember but it definitely didn’t exceed RM25.


This quite oversized blouse was from Message. I didn’t intend to buy anything from there but I thought it would go well with the green midi dress I bought on the same day; which is at the bottom. It is a more wide blouse, I didn’t think of what I would wear with it besides that midi dress. Haha. This was a little more pricy, it was RM109.90.


Here’s a close up of the pattern of the blouse. 🙂


Time for skirts! The first two skirts are from ASOS and that is the green midi skirt I was talking about. The leopard skirt is supposed to be midi but it’s not real midi when I wear it, because I’m not that tall. Oh well, I’ll wear it anyway. I am really into midi skirts at the moment, as I said in my previous post. 🙂

I love the colourful galaxy pattern skirt, it is so colourful and fun! However, I can’t really fit in it. Hahaha.

The colorful galaxy skirt was £8.50, the leopard skirt was £12 and the green midi skirt was RM69.90 from AEON.


From the same Cotton On shipment, I got two kimonos! A florally one with pockets and a draped black and white one. The floral one came bigger than I thought it would be. I’ll make it work anyways. 🙂


Lastly, from the Cotton On shipment too, I got 3 pair of socks, a yellow, pink and a mint green one which is not in the photo for $10. I have yet to wear them, aren’t they the cutest socks ever with the frills and cutest colours!

There is my haul! It has been such a long time since I posted a haul.

Till next time. 😉


Singapore Mini Haul

Hello there!

Hope all is well, I came back from the beautiful Singapore a couple of days ago. Went there to visit my family and a short holiday. 🙂

Of course, as always I had lots of fun. Who doesn’t have fun on a holiday, plus with family!

I did a little shopping, not as much as I thought I would, spent a lot of time with cousins this trip. 🙂


Dresses! The first three dresses are from H&M. Buy one, free one. I could not resist!

The other three dresses are from Cotton On, ordered it online before even reaching Singapore. 😉 My cousin and I have the same polka dotted dress now! 😀


My sister and I went a little overboard with the notebooks! It’s almost like an unlimited supply of notebooks. We cannot resist the pretty notebooks! Also, it was on sale. 😉


A t-shirt from Puma. Pretty pink and black. 🙂


I bought a CLIO eyeliner a couple of weeks back and when I saw this in Watsons, I immediately wanted it. Now, I don’t know when I’m going to use it. I totally fell for the mini packaging! Miniature products are another weakness of mine. Oh well.

When I opened it, the pink/red (Bloody Angel) eyeliner is already broken and when I tried to fix it, I accidentally destroyed it. Odd thing is, I don’t feel anything. Hmm.


The colours are very pretty, not practical for everyday, but its pretty!

Less shopping this trip.

We went to Gardens by the Bay! So beautiful, all the flowers. ❤ I should do a post on that as well.