Padini weekend haul

Hello! I'm back with a overdue haul which I am suppose to post two weeks ago. Hehe. Here are the things I got during the 3/4-day sale at Padini during the long weekend break. This shopping trip is very impromptu, my mummy just wanted to see if there are shorts, no shorts for her that… Continue reading Padini weekend haul


Time for a haul!

Helloooooo. I meant to post this haul yesterday but suddenly my day got busy. I spent 6 hours watching the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). Congrats to all winners! Onto the haul, I got most of the items from last weekend. The Black Friday weekend. A lot of stores was on sale. Most of my… Continue reading Time for a haul!

2014 Birthday haul

Hello there!Last year I did a birthday post, so I thought this year I would do a birthday haul. 🙂 So much of haul lately. Hehe.My birthday was about 2 weeks ago now, August 13 to be exact.I have a couple of things, mostly books.Both my parents gave me angpau/ red packets. I chose to… Continue reading 2014 Birthday haul

Sales Haul

Hello, hello. It's great seeing you here! Remember when I said I've another haul coming up? It's time for that! Okay, I put up a haul post at the beginning of the month. I may seem like I'm shopping a lot, which I am. However, I don't do this on a monthly basis. It's just… Continue reading Sales Haul

Collective Haul

Hello dearies! Time for a collective haul, yay! (note, these things are bought over several shopping trips) Excuse the crumpled clothes. Hehe, haven't ironed it yet. Let's start with pants. From left to right:- Floral and checkered pants are from Brands Outlet [I can't really recall, if I'm not wrong, it's RM39.90] and the pink/black… Continue reading Collective Haul

Singapore Mini Haul

Hello there! Hope all is well, I came back from the beautiful Singapore a couple of days ago. Went there to visit my family and a short holiday. 🙂 Of course, as always I had lots of fun. Who doesn't have fun on a holiday, plus with family! I did a little shopping, not as… Continue reading Singapore Mini Haul