Food Adventures in Siem Reap

I’ve been thinking of how I want to organise the Siem Reap posts, do I write it day by day as I wrote about my Japan trip or should I change it up and try something new? I noticed there is a good amount of food pictures, I decided to start off with all the food we had while we were in Siem Reap!


$1 watermelon shake, the weather was really hot and humid so the drink was definitely refreshing.


On the first night, we walked around Pub Street and decided to have dinner at one of the restaurant(?) on the roadside. I ordered this kebab and it was so burnt, I scraped off the burnt part just cause burnt bits are not good. One thing about eating outdoors were the bugs. There were bugs everywhere, flying in the food and it was unpleasant but I got used to it after three days. I’ll say, “Look at this little friend, what are you doing here?” Haha.


Also had stir fry noodles and also fried rice which I don’t have a picture of.


This is similar to the Vietnamese spring rolls. This dinner was decent, nothing too great or special, but we have good food over the next few days!

We had Khmer cuisine for lunch at Chaney Tree because the hotel recommended. The food there was good, I can’t exactly name every dish, but I will try to.


Mixed vegetables.


This is a salad with pomelo and lotus roots.


I really liked this dish, green curry prawns! Their green curry is a little different from the Thai green curry that I am used to, but it was still delicious!


This is pork ribs, didn’t really enjoy this as I am not a big fan of pork ribs or pork in general.

Next up is breakfast buffet in the hotel, I didn’t take many pictures of the selection of food, but it’s the usual fried rice, stir fry vermicelli noodles, one of the morning, they had Phad Thai which was so good! Of course, there was fruits, salad, bread, coffee, etc.


This simple noodles chicken noodle soup was so delicious!


This is the condiment to the chicken noodle soup, looks really simple but it was so flavourful, the lime and chilli gave a nice kick to the soup!

This meal is what we had after we visited Angkor Wat. This is one of the restaurants our driver recommended. I didn’t take down the name unfortunately, we had a good meal here!


This is a clear soup with a hint of sourness and it has the vegetable that has a very strong taste, which I don’t mind when it’s in the soup but it was raw in the Vietnamese spring roll and the taste was too overpowering, to me.


Fried egg with bitter gourd.


When we ordered this, it said Thai fishcakes, so we were expecting it to be Thai fishcakes, but it’s more of a breaded fishcake? But it was quite yummy! It’s thin and crispy with surprisingly good flavours!


We were told to try Amok, it’s one of the most popular Khmer dishes. It was so so so delicious! It has that same vegetable in it, it’s fish, almost like a curry but it’s not, but it’s super delicious!

We were so exhausted from exploring around Angkor Wat, so we decided to have dinner right in the hotel, and it’s a pretty good deal, for barbeque. We got to choose what we want and it was airconditioned, heheh. All the plates were $5, so it’s pretty reasonable, we shared so we could try everything!


Chicken wings with some vegetable.


Barbequed prawns, I ordered this (we did share), hehe, I love love love prawns!


Next up is pork chop with some vegetables as well.


Pork ribs which were really good according to those who ate it, I can’t comment on this because again, I am not a big fan of pork.


I think this was red snapper, we ordered two of these. This was so yummy as well! The fish was so fresh. ❤ I really enjoyed this dinner as it was in the hotel so we don’t have to walk far at all. Actually, there was a taco vendor right outside the hotel, so, I had taco later that night, it was only $2, it was also delicious! I was extremely full that night.. So worth it!

This next meal was our lunch after we visited Tonle Sap. Our driver brought us to yet another yummy restaurant, there was a queue as well, so you know it’s good.


This is vegetable Amok! We also ordered fish Amok which I don’t have a picture of, the vegetable Amok is delicious but I still prefer the fish Amok, I really want some right now.


We also had tom yam which was nice because it wasn’t too spicy. I love tom yam, Khmer cuisine can be quite similar with Thai cuisine.


This is a simple tofu/bean curd dish with vegetable.


We had extra time before our driver returns to pick us up, so we had dessert, fried banana with ice-cream and rolled cookie. We have a similar cookie here in Malaysia!

Last meal in Siem Reap!


Cambodian coffee, this was really nice! Wished I had more of this.


This is one of the best Hawaiian pizza I’ve ever had. It’s not fancy but it was so yummy! We also had onion soup which was not bad. I really enjoyed our last meal!

I miss Amok the most and the tacos!



Last Day in Osaka

13 December, 2015. It’s my last day in Osaka!

Since it’s our last day in Osaka, we had to make good use of it. 😀 We started off the day with some ramen! We checked out from our Airbnb, left our bags with the hosts and went off for the day, our flight were at midnight.

We asked the host for some directions to this ramen place, Kinryu Ramen, this place is loved by the Big Bang members, and I watched Daesung recommend this place to the fan during his live broadcast, so of course we had to try! We actually saw the Kinryu branch in Dotonbori but there weren’t any seats, so we didn’t go for that one. We were really too tired to stand and eat. It’s actually quite common to stand and eat in Japan, we’re not really used to eat though. We went to the Namba branch! You definitely can’t miss this dragon on the street!


The restaurant had free flow of white rice, kimchi and also seasoned spring onions. Super generous, the kimchi was super yummy!


The delicious bowl of glorious ramen with it’s amazing broth. ❤ I really can’t decide if I like Ichiran better to Kinryu better!


After the delicious ramen brunch, we walked around the Namba area and went to this claw machine store. The entire store was filled with claw machines. I didn’t try my luck as I already know I don’t know and am not good at it. Haha, but I found lots of Krunk bears!



Selca with the Krunk bears!


Mini Krunk bears!


Then I saw this outside the store and decided to play with this instead, it was cheaper and I definitely will get something out of it. 😀



I wanted the Daesung one but got Taeyang’s one instead, that’s okay! 😀


It’s purpose it mainly as a souvenir, I wouldn’t wear it out as a watch. Hahaha.


As we were walking the street, we found this fried chicken place. There were quite a lot of people buying it, so we decided to try it out. I’m so glad we did because it was so crispy and juicy, the best part was that it was boneless! ❤ Super delicious, it was beyond my expectations. It’s called Kinnotorikara! I would crave for this. 😀


There were a selection of sauces and seasoning you can choose from and you can add however much as you like, super yummy!


After that, we walked more and went to the shopping mall that had Nana’s Green Tea. Nana’s Green Tea was one of the places we planned to go before hand, and we couldn’t find any for the past however long we were there, when we finally see one, we had to go and try it!

Below is the warabi mochi with sugar and green tea chocolate and also regular chocolate. Both of this were really delicious. The sugar syrup tasted like gula melaka! The warabi mochi is really yummy! ❤ It’s my new favourite mochi! As for the chocolate, they are chocolate, chocolate can never go wrong. ❤


These two desserts! I don;t even remember what they are called but one is green tea and the other is roasted tea. Delicioussssssss! ❤ Fortunately, we can get it in Malaysia!


After desserts, we walked around the mall, there were a Harry Potter exhibition. Look at the wands! 😀 I always wanted one.


I love Harry Potter series so much, so much! Ps. RIP Alan Rickman, besides Harry Potter, I really enjoyed his other works too. ❤


Then we headed to Namba Park as we didn’t know where else to go.


IMG_3670 IMG_3676

I liked how the park is built, very interesting and refreshing!

IMG_3684 IMG_3686

Before we leave the city, we had some food, we went to First Kitchen again. Heheh.


After that meal, we went back to the Airbnb to collect our luggages and then we headed to the airport by the subway.


Subway ticket!


At the airport as we wait to check in, I opened the box of Moomin cookies I bought from Daiso, they aren’t too bad. 😀 Super cute!


We ate some food as we were hungry, Japanese curry! 😀 This wasn’t the best curry we had there, the best was Coco Curry! We ordered fish and chicken.

IMG_3715 IMG_3717

After a few hours in the airport, we found out that our flight was canceled due to technical issues, therefore we had to wait for the next flight out Osaka, we stayed another night in the airport. I was feeling sick at the end of the trip, the airport was cold, but luckily the vending machine had hot tea, so that helped me a lot! My sister and I took a walk outside the airport for some fresh air with our lovable plushies. ❤


The staff gave us some food, but I didn’t feel like having anything as I was feeling ill.


Morning came and we finally got our boarding pass! We decide to get another ticket and fly back to KL by Malaysia Airline. We had breakfast at Boteyju! I was hoping to get okonomiyaki but it was too early, they don’t serve that instead they have a breakfast set meal. We got some noodles and sandwiches. Nothing beats their okonomiyaki! Just saying. Haha.

IMG_3748 IMG_3750

As we were going through security, we realised that 2PM’s JunK was going through security as well! We went the same line as him! OMG. We were so so close to him!


Literally standing next to him!


IMG_3771 IMG_3774

It was such a surprise to see a Korean idol in the airport! What an experience! Thanks to the cancelled flight, we get to see a K-pop idol. Hahaha. Next time, let’s bump into Big Bang perhaps? 😀


Typical airplane shot. Heheh.


Arrival at KLIA!


This concludes my Japan adventures! It was a blast visiting the futuristic country! The country is so modern and so traditional at the same time, there’s the fast moving Tokyo and on the other side there is the city filled with history, Kyoto. I miss Japan all the time! The food especially and also the beautiful sceneries!

Thank you, Momo for being such a good host on behalf of your boss!

I want to visit more of Japan! Hokkaido, Nagoya, Kobe, everywhere in Japan!

Till next time! The rest of my trip in Japan linked below!

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Kyoto Day 1
Nara and Kyoto


Nara and Kyoto

Hello! I’m back with the next Osaka adventure.

12 December, 2015.

I began my morning with a trip to Kuromon Ichiba market. My mum and grandma went to this market a day before and my sister and I didn’t go, so I wanted to go and check the market out, after all it’s one of the tourist attraction. I went there mainly for fruits! Strawberries in particular! Hehe.


Pineberries or white strawberries. I get why it’s called wineberry, when I ate it, there was a pineapple taste! So strange but interesting at the same time, if I had to compare with the regular strawberry, I would say I prefer the regular strawberry better. ❤ But the pineberry was an interesting try.


Japanese fruit products, so beautifully packaged and so fresh!


The most expensive strawberries I found! ¥15000 which converts to about RM525! But the strawberries looks so yummy, so big! Not to mention individually packaged as well.




Literally my dream come true, STRAWBERRIES. ❤




There was so much to see, I enjoyed market trips because I got to see the different things we don’t have in Malaysia.


Crab! I didn’t get to have any this trip, I’ll make sure to get it the next time I go! The first thing on my list. 😀


Bought these strawberries. I had a strawberry galore party before I left Osaka. SO YUMMY. I can’t get them in Malaysia! I did see one in the supermarket that had the same packaging as this one but it was priced at RM58 and it was not as big as this.. 😦


Morning coffee. ❤


After the market trip, we went back and then took a train to Nara!


This is the Higashimuki Shopping Street which we walked along after visiting Nara Park. We found a giant Daiso store here and went crazy. Haha, bought a lot of stuff! The Daiso is equals to ¥100 which converts to RM3.50, which is way cheaper to buy there than the Daiso in Malaysia, RM5.30 now with the GST. Daiso is ❤


I was super excited to see the deers! ❤


Hello there! The deers there are so chill, they just sit around.

IMG_3269 IMG_3276

Autumn foliage in the beginning of winter! ❤


I tied my hair like Minnie Mouse on that day, heheh. #OnlyinJapan But look at the deer! ❤


Of course I had to take a selca with the deer!


They are all so cute!


With dearest mummy!


After visiting the deer park, we went to the shopping street and then left Nara and went to Kyoto! Another day in beautiful Kyoto. ❤


We visited the Fushimi Inari Shine. Super beautiful! Even the train station is built using the red colour scheme.


The gate to the shrine. There were lots of street food there, so no worries if you’re hungry!


IMG_3386 IMG_3387

Takoyaki! I can’t eat them because of the octopus in it, I am allergic to squid so high possibility that I’m allergic to octopus too. 😦


Looks so yummy!


Pork kebab thing, this was yummy!


I found a rare spot that doesn’t have anyone!


The infamous thousands of vermilion torii gates! It’s hard to take a nice picture because there were lots of tourists. We didn’t walk all the way as we were tired from all the walking we did for the past few days. Next time we’ll be more prepared. >.<


Pretty autumn foliage!


As we were going down, there were a group of people making lots of noise and chasing people, so we walked aside, it turned out to be some Japanese artists, we have no idea who that was, but they sure are famous!


People all crowding to get a glimpse of the artists. There were about 3 of them, they passed by us, they definitely had the artist look. Haha.


We walked on trains very often in Kyoto, it feels very old school. Haha.


Kyoto is filled with beautiful streams and rivers, very serene and calming to look at.


We went back to Teramachi Street and bought a crepe!


This was yummy but not as yummy as the one we had in Harajuku!


After that, we went around looking for Ichiran Ramen, one of the recommendations we got, we asked a group of Japanese ladies and they were kind enough to walk us there as they were going the same direction, and we arrived! Vending machine to select the meal.


It was an individual seating set up, but the partition can be unlocked and open it so we can see each other. Haha.


Omg, this was SUPER yummy! One of the best ramen I’ve had in Japan! We can choose the spiciness, the noodles consistency, and whether you want green or white onion, and other things you get to choose, kind of a custom made bowl of ramen. Super yummy, we ended up ordering extra noodles. The broth were super yummy too!


The green tea tofu, this might not suit everyone’s taste. Personally I didn’t try but my mum said it’s kind of bitter.


I think of this ramen all the time! [CC: Christy and Nadya! We were talking about this ramen the entire time we were in Singapore!]


After that, we went to Arashiyama to see the bamboos!


Some exhibition at the Hanky Arashiyama Station.


Unfortunately, I felt sick because of the amount of crowd, it was super crowded. Therefore I didn’t take any photos of the bamboos, I would wanna go again in the day, the night view nice but I think the day view would be much prettier. The walk from the train station to the bamboo area was pretty long, we should’ve checked for bus route.


We then took the train back to Osaka after visiting Arashiyama and had lots of strawberries after a long day of walking. I then had a good night sleep!


Till next time!

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Kyoto Day 1


Kyoto Day 1

December 11, 2015. A visit to the stunning Kyoto city!

We used a Kansai pass for the trips to Kyoto, which is super easy to travel around with, since we’ve been there for a few days and we got used to the train services way better. 😀

We were greeted by a Christmas tree decorated with Disney characters! Super cute! ❤ This was at the Kyoto tourist information counter. 😀


On the way from Shinjuku station, I spotted Kiko! She’s everywhere in Japan! So pretty!


I also had been eyeing on this drink only because there were super cute Minnie and Mickey Mouse on it, I had to get it! I took the bottles back to KL. Heheh. As for the drink, it was nice, nothing too great. The bottle is great though. ❤

IMG_2678 IMG_2679

We went to a fast food restaurant for our brunch! First Kitchen, so healthy right? Hahahah. The salad was actually very nice, the prawns were crunchy and fresh. Yums! We were walking along the Nishiki Market and found this place.IMG_2682 IMG_2684

Found this along the Teramachi Street, so much to see!


There were a lot of taxfree shops in Kyoto, so we bought a lot of souvenirs and snacks from the taxfree shops, we even had to leave them at the locker at the train station.. Best place to get snacks or souvenirs back home! But keep in mind, they’ll pack it in a bag where you can’t open until you leave Japan, so if you want to eat the snack right there, then pay separately. Also, found Kiko once again! Hahaha.






Nishiki Market, so much of food!



More pretty flowers!



Omg, this green tea warabi mochi was the best! Seriously. No kidding!


Can’t go without having a green tea ice-cream right?! I took a bite of the mochi and was like, “OMG, what is this yummy thing?!” I want it now! 😦


After that we left the market and went to the first temple, Ginkaku-ji temple, also known as the Silver Pavilion. Kyoto is so beautiful, everywhere is so serene and pretty!


I can take a picture at whatever place and it’ll look nice! I loved walking around here. Very peaceful. ❤


Though it was gloomy but still beautiful!


Lots of little streams everywhere, super clear streams. I loved looking at it, haha.


IMG_2757 IMG_2778

This street leads us to the temple. Kyoto has lots of little streets and alleys!



Potato snack. 😀


We found the same shop that sells the green tea warabi mochi and decided to get some back! Super yummy! The shop is called Sa Wa Wa!


We reached the entrance of the temple!


This particular place reminded me of the Harry Potter maze from the 4th movie!


Entrance ticket to the temple! Very different from the usual entrance ticket.


From here, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking~

IMG_2833 IMG_2835

IMG_2845 IMG_2857

IMG_2882 IMG_2887

IMG_2891 IMG_2903

IMG_2909 IMG_2914

This looks like stairway to a magical forest!


SO BEAUTIFUL. I was in awe the entire time! ❤


IMG_2961 IMG_2986

After the visit to the absolute stunning temple, we went to have a snack at a little store, my sister’s favourite dango. I can’t keep track of how much of dango she had eaten. Haha!


Again, I kept on using the stickers on Snapchat. 😀



Next place we went is to the Kiyomizu Dera temple. By this time, we were already tired from all the walking, there were lots of uphill which was tiring. The street to the temple was crowded but it definitely had the old village feel to it, does that make sense?



We finally reached where the entrance of the temple, but we didn’t go any higher because we were super tired, we’ll definitely go again next time! To the very top! Also, we finally see the blue skies! ❤ Stunning.


The sunset was so beautiful!

IMG_3089 IMG_3096


On the way down, we bought a green tea creme puff! Yummyyyyyy! When in Japan, try everything green tea. ❤


I loved this street! I’m pretty sure is it the Ninenzaka Street. So much of photo opportunity! Too bad it was getting dark, I felt this street was something I would have seen from one of the Studio Ghibli films. ❤

IMG_3138 IMG_3140

See! So beautiful! ❤


After that, we went to Gion and had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Gyoza, love love love gyoza! ❤




Sweet and sour pork.


Fried rice!


After dinner, we went back to Osaka with out heavy load of haul from the taxfree shop! We mostly took a bus everywhere in Kyoto, using the Kansai pass. 😀 This is how they packed it for us, we put the entire thing in the luggage as it is, just in case if the custom checks but they didn’t.


Night snack! ❤ Loved this so much.


That’s all for today! Super loved the day in Kyoto, so serene, calm, scenic and peaceful. ❤ Nature.

Till next time!

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Osaka Adventures


Osaka Adventures

Happy new year! I took a break from blogging as I was in Singapore for a short break. ❤ Continuing my Japan adventures!

December 10, 2015. Wandering around Osaka.

My mum and grandma went to Kuromon Ichiba Market while my sister and I slept in that morning, they came back with some food. Noodles!


These drinks were so yummy, there were more jelly compared to the actual drink. Plus, they were affordable too!


We walked to Osaka Castle from our Airbnb, it’s really close to the castle! Another day without much sun. 😦

IMG_2024 IMG_2026

The walk to the castle was nice, good weather and pretty trees!

IMG_2047 IMG_2048

We arrived at the entrance! I’m not too sure which entrance this was, there are a few entrance to the castle if I’m not wrong.


With my sister! ❤


We stopped for food right outside the entrance of the castle, since we didn’t eat a lot for breakfast, we wanted to get some more food. 😀


Ice-cream, we had to get the ice-cream!


My sister and her dango! She loves them!


Udon and we also got some side dishes, boiled fish paste and other boiled yummy goodness that I’ve no idea what they are.. Haha.


The castle is so pretty! It’s elevated from the ground, so the view from the top is really nice!

IMG_2125 IMG_2144

Using the Snapchat stickers as much as I can. Hahaha.


Entrance ticket! IMG_2155

A few shots of the view from the top, it’s not very high but the view is still very pretty, colourful trees across the place.

IMG_2167 IMG_2172


After visiting the castle with my grandma. Notice how I took off my outer jacket, my sister and I walked up the stairs to the top of the castle instead of opting for the elevator because the queue was so long, by the time we went all the way up, it was a full on exercise, haha.


After the castle, we headed off to find a train station as we wanted to go to the Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium.


On the way to the aquarium, we saw the cabbage flowers selling for ¥100! So cheap! Too bad we can’t bring it back home.


We stopped for lunch at a Korean restaurant nearby the aquarium, it was so yummy! ❤ The bibimbap was not the greatest but the samyupsal was so yummy!

IMG_2306 IMG_2308


We reached the aquarium! It was beginning to rain at that time. 😦 I was the most excited to go to the aquarium, haha.


I didn’t take a lot of photos, some of the photos I took came out blur. 😦


They are so CUTE! ❤


A capybara! Isn’t is so cute?!


Penguins! SO CUTE! Toddling around. ❤


Colourful fishes!


Rare whale shark! It’s hugeeeeee!


These fishes are so funny, they don’t swim, they look as though someone put a string on them and hang them there.


Sister with the swimming seal! The aquarium works in a good way, we can see the seals at the beginning, in my previous picture where they were sleeping, from there it looks like they don’t have much space to go around but I was wrong, the tank goes all the way down, so the seal have lots and lots of space to swim around and play. As we walk to the next exhibits, we see the same thing because we are walking in between the tanks. Does that make sense? I hope it does.. Haha.


Hello stingray!

IMG_2452 IMG_2456

The crabs were so big! Look at my hand compared to the crabs!


Delicate jellyfishes!


IMG_2550 IMG_2551


If I’m not wrong, this area connects to the same place where all the seals are, the place is really really big!


This is another breed of penguins!


This leopard printed stingray has to be the chicest stingray there is. We got to touch the stingray and also the shark, the stingray was slimy and slippery while the shark felt like it’s sandpaper. Complete opposite!


At the exit, we found Nemo!




We then we back to the city, stopped at Umeda station and we walked around and came across this okonomiyaki restaurant, so we decided to eat here. We had to wait for quite some time as the shop was really small and it was full, one of the couple had finished eating but didn’t leave until everyone else left.. Maybe it’s their culture there? No clue, but if we see someone waiting for seats in KL, as we finish eating, we will give our seats to others as we know others are waiting. Oh well, personally I thought that was inconsiderate. Moving on to the actual food that we had, I don’t have the prettiest photo of them but the food was so so so so so GOOD. One of the best meals I’ve had in Japan.


This is grilled xiao long bao, which was interesting. There was soup inside the little bao! Very yummy!


This omelette was super yummy too. It has cherry tomatoes, Gouda cheese and rice cakes in it. Very different from the usual omelette.


The main dish! Okonomiyaki, super delicious! ❤ The flavours were rich. There was also a box of bonito flakes for you to add and also other condiments. Very generous.


These are basically gyoza but in a different shape? I’m sure there is a name for it but I don’t know the exact name, nonetheless, this was super yummy too!


After we had that delicious meal, we walked around HEP5, the building that has the ferris wheel build in it. 😀 It was dark, so I couldn’t get any photos of the building itself. Anyways, we went to a Disney store! Bought my sister a Dumbo plushie. It’s super cute!


Before we headed back to the Airbnb, we had pancakes. 😀 The pancakes there are very different from what we have here, theirs are super fluffy! We had green tea pancakes and also the Christmas special. ❤


The Christmas special was too much because of the whipped cream and chocolate, I prefer the green tea pancakes. 😀


Back at the Airbnb!


Some fruits my mother bought at the market. 😀 STRAWBERRIES. ❤


That’s all for today!

Have a good year ahead ❤

Till next time!

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Hakone to Tokyo

December 7, 2015. Hakone to Tokyo.

I started my day with a trip to the onsen! I had to make use of it while I was there, heheh. Look! We can see the outside, which I didn’t know until the next morning because it was dark last night! It must be very pretty if it’s snowing! ❤


Wearing their yukata, I should’ve chosen a lighter colour. Heheh.


While my sister looks pretty and I look older, haha. I’m so proud of the ribbon I tied for her, I didn’t know what to do with the long band, so a ribbon it is. Haha.


Then of course, we had breakfast! My mum really enjoyed this because she loves the fish! Haha.


I also found out what this means! The emoji, now I know it’s saying there’s an onsen here. Haha, it doesn’t mean steamboat or barbecue, hahaha. It’s a hot spring!


Can’t get over how beautiful the place is! ❤


We took the RomanceCar back to Shinjuku, Tokyo and we finally saw Mount Fuji! It’s clearer than when we saw it yesterday. Haha.

IMG_9939 IMG_9945


We headed to Best Western and then left for our next adventure! To Skytree we go! We didn’t actually go up, but it was so interesting to see it, it’s sooooo tall!


Then we went to the Moomin Cafe! ❤ My one and only mission I had in mind ever since we decided to go Japan. I wanted to get a plushie as well. 😀

IMG_9989 IMG_9990

Everything is so cute! Look! The characters welcomes us to the cafe!


It’s so big and cute! ❤


The latte and food were all Moomin related! Look at the spoon. 😀


These were the Christmas desserts, it’s not only cute but also really quite yummy! The first picture is pancakes with ice-cream, whipped cream and also syrup, the second one is fried ice-cream and apple pie, with a little marshmallow chocolate house! So cute!



Another Momin character, it’s so cute, at first I thought it was a kangaroo then my mum and sister said it’s more of a rat than a kangaroo, haha.


On the way out from the cafe, we finally found a place and the right angle to take a full length shot with the Skytree!


After the snack, we went to the mall and got Ippudo ramen! It was yummy! The first one is the original one, and the second one is the spicy one.



Then we took a bus and went to Asakusa! Skytree from a far.


We passed by a supermarket and I finally bought strawberries after so many days! Strawberries were one of the MUST EAT in Japan and I’m so glad I bought it from the supermarket because out of so many strawberries I’ve eaten there, the first one was the best! So sweet and juicy! They even have a special plastic bag that’s made for the strawberry box. I found that very interesting. Haha, both the strawberries costs about ¥1760. So worth it!


Walked a bit and we reached Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street!


So bright and clean! Everywhere in Japan is clean, haha.


Sensō-ji Temple! So beautiful ❤


IMG_0130 IMG_0139

As we were exploring the area, we found this hidden dango place, my sister loves dango, as for myself, not so much. Haha.


As we continue walking, we found another place to stop and eat. This time, it’s ice-cream and taiyaki, the fish bread, there were a number of flavours to choose from. Mum just had to get to green tea flavoured one because, green tea, no other reason. Haha.

This is chestnut ice-cream! Interesting flavour but I still prefer the green tea flavour. 😀


Mum’s fish bread, haha.


After all the snacks, we took the train and went to Tokyo Tower! I wanted to go to Tokyo Tower because TOP filmed Secret Message there, haha, that’s one reason second because it’s really pretty!

So beautifully lighted up. ❤


I would wanna see it in the day too, but time restrain, next time I shall go again. Heheh.


Ticket to go on the observatory deck!


The view was amazing!

IMG_0199 IMG_0212

Spot the Rainbow Bridge!


Fearless sister went and stood on the glass floor, so scary!


Also, I saw so so so many Kiko Mizuhara advertisements there, she’s so pretty! On television and also print ads.


We headed back to the hotel after enjoying the Tokyo Tower view and went to the nearby Sukiya to have dinner!

This is mince chicken and rice, not the best meal we’ve had in Tokyo, however, it’s a good try.


This is udon with vegetable and chicken ball.


After dinner, we went to the drugstore nearby and look what I found, more Kiko! Haha, she really look so pretty in the advertisement.


This is my dream come true, haha, huge sweet strawberries! ❤ The best strawberries I’ve had.


I also bought my Moomin that day! I now call it Moong Moong, heheh.


That’s all for today. 🙂

Till next time!

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Little Quaint Town: Hakone


Little quaint town: Hakone

December 6, 2015. From Tokyo to Hakone.

Hakone is famous for Mount Fuji and onsen or hot springs!

From Shinjuku, we took the RomanceCar to Hakone. I have no idea why it is called RomanceCar, it’s nothing relatively romantic and it’s also no an actual car, haha.


9am train! Took about an hour plus to get to Hakone.



Breakfast in the train, this onigiri isn’t as nice as the first one I tried. And the Evian water was only ¥300, which I thought was cheap because back home, it’s really expensive! It was nothing special. Meh.

Moving on, we got the Hakone Free Pass, which allowed us travel around by the various transport they have in Hakone, which was great! We took so many transport, I think we spent our time in the bus, trains, etc, more than actually visiting tourist attractions. Haha.



The inside of the train, the chairs weren’t the comfiest. Hmm.

Then we finally reached and we went around the town, everything is very cute, little shops and little restaurants. Loved it! Though the roads were a little tight because of all the turns, gotta remember that the place is built on the mountains. So, there was beautiful view everywhere!

IMG_7603 IMG_7604




Oh, there were also these cabbage flower plant around, not only in Hakone but around Japan, my grandma found them very interesting. Haha. I’ve seen them in Beijing too! So pretty.


Walking uphill!


I think this was Gora Station, feels like it’s one of those scenes we see on anime. Haha, maybe I got the feel from watching Studio Ghibli movies.


Then we went around to find food. Had lunch at this place!


The bowl is so pretty. ❤


Can’t remember if it’s chicken katsudon or pork katsudon, either one, it was so good, I didn’t want to share but I had to, haha. The tofu side dish was really really good too!


Then we have fried vegetable and also soba noodles, I definitely preferred the rice to this. Hahaha.


Then we took the cablecar, which was more of a tram, like the one in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak tram, yeah. I thought I was gonna get sick after lunch because we were going to take the cablecar (tram), then the ropeway (cablecar), then go on a cruise (ferry) and finally a bus to the hotel. Very adventurous! Haha.


I’m afraid of heights, so I was scared before taking the ride but it all went better than I expected it to be, though when we got off the cablecar/ tram as I call it, it was very steep.


We reached the top and found an ice-cream vending machine, we need this everywhere. Hahaha. Didn’t get any, since it was already so cold!


We had to take a detour before going on the Ropeway/ cablecar because part of line was on maintenance, so we only got to go on the cablecar for a little while. Which I was glad about at first but then when we actually got on it, it was actually a good experience and I wanted it to be longer, haha. We didn’t get a clear view of Mount Fuji because it was cloudy and gloomy that day.



In the ropeway/ cablecar!


Then we reached to the destination, where we missed the cruise (ferry). So we went around and got ice-cream. I got the mixture of green tea and vanilla, then I kinda wish I gotten the green tea one instead instead of a mix. Heheh.


Time for the cruise!


The journey was very scenic! Everything so beautiful, it would’ve been more beautiful if it was sunny with blue skies. 😀


IMG_7701 IMG_7711

Then we arrived at Hakonemachi-ko! Another section of the scenic town!

IMG_9744 IMG_9747

We then took a bus and went to our hotel! Finally, after a whole day of taking multiple transportations. Haha, very refreshing.


Here it is! Our room 😀 Traditional Japanese room with Tatami mats ❤ We stayed at Tsuki No Koigokoro! We had a very pleasant stay there. 😀



Welcome gifts, mochi and onsen boiled eggs! It was super yummy. 😀


Unlimited green tea ❤


Dinner! It was very pretty, very yummy too! Tempura, sashimi, grilled fish, little side dishes, plus a pot of rice! ❤


Before that we went to the onsen of course! Backstory, I wasn’t too excited to go to the onsen because we need to shower together naked, but then I went anyway and it was the best decision! So refreshing and relaxing! ❤ Must try! This hotel also have the public bath and also private, so it’s good.


Note: Don’t stay in there for too long, you’ll get dizzy like me, I stayed for 15 minutes I think and I became dizzy and came out immediately. Haha. Really, it’s so nice!

This was the shower area before we enter the bath.


Time to rest! The blanket was very comfy! Like marshmallow, and there was a particular way to make the bed, the staff taught us and it was very interesting.


We also got to wear a sleepwear/ loungewear Yukata!


We had to Google how to wear a Yukata because we weren’t too sure, haha.

Till next time!

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