I haven't done a haul post in forever. In fact, I haven't done a proper post apart from the monthly updates. I had zero intention of buying anything from SASA, we went there because my sister wanted to get a clay mask and after an hour there, we came out with two paper bags of… Continue reading SASA Haul


Japan Food Haul

Hello hello hello! Here's the second and final haul from Japan, this time, it's fooooooood. Firstly, I just wanna say that the photos are not the best quality because the setting was off and I didn't realise, the lighting is also not consistent 😦 Ps. this is not all for myself, haha. Just saying! When… Continue reading Japan Food Haul

Japan Haul

Hello there! I'm back from a holiday in Japan! I'm planning to write my daily activity of my trip there. 😀 But today, I'll do a haul of what I got from Japan. I didn't expect to buy this much of things because I only wanted to eat and the only thing I wanted to… Continue reading Japan Haul


Althea Beauty Haul

Hello there! I'm happy to writing about a haul today! This time, it's a beauty haul. 😀 I've waited for this package to arrive for days, and it's finally here! I bought a few things from Althea Korea, the one based in Malaysia. They are expanding their business to other countries too! 😀   Althea allows me… Continue reading Althea Beauty Haul


Innisfree Mini Haul

Hi! I'm back with a mini Innisfree haul. I have been absolutely loving Innisfree. I love their sheet masks. ❤ I decided to get myself a birthday present since it was my birthday yesterday. I bought the Innisfree Water Glow Cushion. This product along with the Long Wear Cushion has popped up on my Facebook… Continue reading Innisfree Mini Haul


Bangkok Haul

Hello there! As promised, here's what I got from Bangkok! 😀  Miscellaneous things, a leather personalised notebook, I love it! A little owl keychain, from the same store where I got the leather book, it's so cute. The owl is 3 for 100 baht, can't remember the price for the book. The stripe headband is… Continue reading Bangkok Haul


Padini weekend haul

Hello! I'm back with a overdue haul which I am suppose to post two weeks ago. Hehe. Here are the things I got during the 3/4-day sale at Padini during the long weekend break. This shopping trip is very impromptu, my mummy just wanted to see if there are shorts, no shorts for her that… Continue reading Padini weekend haul