This is my second time writing this, unfortunately, technology is not on my side this afternoon. On this Saturday afternoon, I am writing about Big Bang's MADE film! I watched the film with my fellow VIP classmate, Sabilla and my sister and her friend. Firstly, tickets were hard to get as we wanted to watch… Continue reading BIGBANG10 MADE


Hakone to Tokyo

December 7, 2015. Hakone to Tokyo. I started my day with a trip to the onsen! I had to make use of it while I was there, heheh. Look! We can see the outside, which I didn't know until the next morning because it was dark last night! It must be very pretty if it's… Continue reading Hakone to Tokyo

Tokyo Day 2

Hello! December 5, 2015. Second day in Tokyo begins with a triangle onigiri, this one was particularly good in comparison to the others I had while I was there. A guy nicely helped us out because we didn't know how to read, he didn't know much English as well, but somehow it worked. Haha. First… Continue reading Tokyo Day 2

Tokyo Day 1

First post of my Japan trip! December 4, 2015. We arrived at Haneda Airport on the 4th of December, took a night flight, so we arrived in the morning, took the train and went to our Airbnb place, which I didn't take any photos of. Heheh. The Airbnb place was okay, nothing too special. Of… Continue reading Tokyo Day 1

Japan Haul

Hello there! I'm back from a holiday in Japan! I'm planning to write my daily activity of my trip there. 😀 But today, I'll do a haul of what I got from Japan. I didn't expect to buy this much of things because I only wanted to eat and the only thing I wanted to… Continue reading Japan Haul


After two and a half years, I finally graduated. We finally graduated with a Diploma in Communications. It was hard and stressful at times, but it was fun most of the time. Though there were tough times, I somehow managed. All the hard work has paid off! All thanks to my parents who guided and… Continue reading Graduation


Hello. I've been away for a while now, not as active as I used to. Today, I've a story to tell. Yesterday was the Running Man Race Start show, they also had their signing at Paradigm Mall. For a back story, see here. I've been really looking forward to that day. Finally seeing those people… Continue reading Surreal