This is my second time writing this, unfortunately, technology is not on my side this afternoon. On this Saturday afternoon, I am writing about Big Bang’s MADE film!

I watched the film with my fellow VIP classmate, Sabilla and my sister and her friend. Firstly, tickets were hard to get as we wanted to watch it at Sunway Pyramid as it is the most convenient for all of us. Sabilla went to the cinema immediately after class in hopes to get the tickets for the four of us, fortunately, she got them! We got the twin seats at the LUXE theatre, which was a good deal as the price is the same for the standard theatre. I went and meet Sabilla right after I am done with my class!

Untitled Untitled

It feels quite exclusive, really. I usually never check on the different kinds of theatres because I know it’s more expensive but this time, it’s the same price, so it’s worth it! Plus, it’s BIGBANG.


Little lounge area that we just walked by, hahaha. We were too excited to watch the film!


The chairs were so comfy! (This is slowly becoming a post on the theatre…)


Back to our favourite BIGBANG. The movie was absolutely amazing, I wished it was longer, I’m sure there were more clips! Every VIP should watch this! The ups and downs during the entire MADE tour. I felt I’m a part of the tour, well I kinda am since I went to one of the shows. It was about a year ago, the concert in KL! The concert is more than just singing, even the little details that affect the concert, the members personally give their input and they want to make it perfect! There were scenes that almost made me cry. πŸ˜₯

Sabilla and I were singing and dancing to the songs! I was so excited in the cinema, I just wanted to jump around, hahaha. I think that’s the first time I was singing in a theatre. The sound system was really good, so I don’t think anyone heard me singing, haha. I laughed so much too, so much of precious moments! I say this again and again, so glad I joined the fandom before the start of the MADE promotions, I didn’t miss any of their song releases. I’d watch this again and again.


The tour list! MALAYSIA! ❀ I miss BIGBANG!

Next post is on Siem Reap! In the midst of editing that. πŸ˜€





Hakone to Tokyo

December 7, 2015. Hakone to Tokyo.

I started my day with a trip to the onsen! I had to make use of it while I was there, heheh. Look! We can see the outside, which I didn’t know until the next morning because it was dark last night! It must be very pretty if it’s snowing! ❀


Wearing their yukata, I should’ve chosen a lighter colour. Heheh.


While my sister looks pretty and I look older, haha. I’m so proud of the ribbon I tied for her, I didn’t know what to do with the long band, so a ribbon it is. Haha.


Then of course, we had breakfast! My mum really enjoyed this because she loves the fish! Haha.


I also found out what this means! The emoji, now I know it’s saying there’s an onsen here. Haha, it doesn’t mean steamboat or barbecue, hahaha. It’s a hot spring!


Can’t get over how beautiful the place is! ❀


We took the RomanceCar back to Shinjuku, Tokyo and we finally saw Mount Fuji! It’s clearer than when we saw it yesterday. Haha.

IMG_9939 IMG_9945


We headed to Best Western and then left for our next adventure! To Skytree we go! We didn’t actually go up, but it was so interesting to see it, it’s sooooo tall!


Then we went to the Moomin Cafe! ❀ My one and only mission I had in mind ever since we decided to go Japan. I wanted to get a plushie as well. πŸ˜€

IMG_9989 IMG_9990

Everything is so cute! Look! The characters welcomes us to the cafe!


It’s so big and cute! ❀


The latte and food were all Moomin related! Look at the spoon. πŸ˜€


These were the Christmas desserts, it’s not only cute but also really quite yummy! The first picture is pancakes with ice-cream, whipped cream and also syrup, the second one is fried ice-cream and apple pie, with a little marshmallow chocolate house! So cute!



Another Momin character, it’s so cute, at first I thought it was a kangaroo then my mum and sister said it’s more of a rat than a kangaroo, haha.


On the way out from the cafe, we finally found a place and the right angle to take a full length shot with the Skytree!


After the snack, we went to the mall and got Ippudo ramen! It was yummy! The first one is the original one, and the second one is the spicy one.



Then we took a bus and went to Asakusa! Skytree from a far.


We passed by a supermarket and I finally bought strawberries after so many days! Strawberries were one of the MUST EAT in Japan and I’m so glad I bought it from the supermarket because out of so many strawberries I’ve eaten there, the first one was the best! So sweet and juicy! They even have a special plastic bag that’s made for the strawberry box. I found that very interesting. Haha, both the strawberries costs about Β₯1760. So worth it!


Walked a bit and we reached Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street!


So bright and clean! Everywhere in Japan is clean, haha.


Sensō-ji Temple! So beautiful ❀


IMG_0130 IMG_0139

As we were exploring the area, we found this hidden dango place, my sister loves dango, as for myself, not so much. Haha.


As we continue walking, we found another place to stop and eat. This time, it’s ice-cream and taiyaki, the fish bread, there were a number of flavours to choose from. Mum just had to get to green tea flavoured one because, green tea, no other reason. Haha.

This is chestnut ice-cream! Interesting flavour but I still prefer the green tea flavour. πŸ˜€


Mum’s fish bread, haha.


After all the snacks, we took the train and went to Tokyo Tower! I wanted to go to Tokyo Tower because TOP filmed Secret Message there, haha, that’s one reason second because it’s really pretty!

So beautifully lighted up. ❀


I would wanna see it in the day too, but time restrain, next time I shall go again. Heheh.


Ticket to go on the observatory deck!


The view was amazing!

IMG_0199 IMG_0212

Spot the Rainbow Bridge!


Fearless sister went and stood on the glass floor, so scary!


Also, I saw so so so many Kiko Mizuhara advertisements there, she’s so pretty! On television and also print ads.


We headed back to the hotel after enjoying the Tokyo Tower view and went to the nearby Sukiya to have dinner!

This is mince chicken and rice, not the best meal we’ve had in Tokyo, however, it’s a good try.


This is udon with vegetable and chicken ball.


After dinner, we went to the drugstore nearby and look what I found, more Kiko! Haha, she really look so pretty in the advertisement.


This is my dream come true, haha, huge sweet strawberries! ❀ The best strawberries I’ve had.


I also bought my Moomin that day! I now call it Moong Moong, heheh.


That’s all for today. πŸ™‚

Till next time!

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Tokyo Day 2

Hello! December 5, 2015.

Second day in Tokyo begins with a triangle onigiri, this one was particularly good in comparison to the others I had while I was there.

A guy nicely helped us out because we didn’t know how to read, he didn’t know much English as well, but somehow it worked. Haha.


First time we did was go to the hotel and drop out bags, because we were going to Hakone for a night the next day and didn’t want to carry all the luggage, so we took the two biggest bag and went to Best Western in Nishikasai.


Sister with the luggage, while looking at the vending machine. There were so many vending machines where our Airbnb was, along the street, there was about 10 I think.

After the trip to Best Western, we went to Tsukuji Fish Market. It was very interesting, a lot of locals and also tourists. We saw so many produce that we don’t have in Malaysia, my grandma particularly enjoyed the trip here. Haha.


First stop, ice-cream of course, haha. Look at the flavours! First on the board was whale. Whale, like the fish, whale. I wonder what that taste like, then the next different flavour I saw was whitebait. Another fish related ice-cream, anyways! Haha. But, I’ve heard that tofu ice-cream is very popular there!


Since the tofu ice-cream was popular, we had to try, we got the classic green tea, tofu and also white peach sherbet. I had the green tea, which was a little bitter, but still yummy! The tofu was really good, taste just like the toufoofah, I don’t know how to spell it, but yeah, the dessert we have here. The peach was nice too, but I think the tofu was the nicest. Yum!


Another section of the market.


Look at how big the crabs were! Omg.


Scallops! There were so many people at the place, I didn’t try it, mum and grandma had it, they said it was good, so it must’ve been good. Haha.


Mango filling mochi with strawberry on top! This was okay, I’m not really into mochi, so that’s why. The aesthetic looks amazing though.


They really look very pretty. πŸ˜€


Some of the produce found in the market, the carrots were massive!


My favourite! Strawberries! ❀

After the trip to the market, we asked around and went to this tempura place a few blocks away. We didn’t have any food at the market even though we know there were lots of food there because we don’t enjoy or eat sashimi, majority was sashimi there. This tempura place was good!


Assorted tempura with rice and vegetable and not forgetting the miso soup.


This is the same except for the soba, the soba was really good too. ❀


Ordered another side of vegetable tempura, so yummy!


This is the name of the restaurant!


As we walk along the street, we found a food souvenir place and there were ice-cream, and my mum cannot resist a green tea ice-cream, so she got one. We had a lot of ice-cream that day. Haha.

Next stop is to Icho Namiki Avenue!

IMG_9270 IMG_9271

Isn’t it so beautiful? ❀


We finally arrived after a long walk!


Gingko leaves!


I don’t think the pictures do the justice of how beautiful this place is, Japan is a beautiful beautiful place! ❀




With mummy! ❀

After the scenic view of the beautiful foliage, we head to Shibuya!


The infamous Shibuya!


Of course, we had to go to Hachiko’s statue! There was also a pug there, hahaha. It was so crowded, couldn’t get a nice photo there.


Very very crowded! As expected, the infamous Shibuya crossing!


Shibuya 109!

Then we went to Uniqlo and bought a ton of stuff, and walked over to Tower Records. Omg, there were so many things there, KPOP CDS! ❀


Daesung! ❀


Big Bang solo CDs! ❀


More Big Bang CDs! ❀

Then we went back to Tokyu Department Store and went to the 9th floor if I’m not wrong, where all the restaurants are and had dinner! We were recommended to try Italian food in Japan, and we did. I’m so glad we did, it was super delicious! ❀


Pizza and pastaaaaaaa. ❀


Until today, I’m still dreaming of this dinner. It was really so so good. This was seafood risotto! ❀


I usually don’t like creme brΓ»lΓ©e, but this was different from the creme brΓ»lΓ©e I’ve had, this was almost ice-cream like, very creamy and the consistency is thick too. ❀

After dinner, we went to the supermarket at the department store.


The strawberries are so beautifully packaged. They look like they’re displays. So perfect! ❀


So many variations of tomatoes, like whaaaat? πŸ˜€

After that, we went back and rest!


I got WINNER’s debut album! So beautifully produced. Oh my. ❀ It was heavy to carry around but so worth it! πŸ™‚


Bought BTS’ album for a cousin and the GOT7 album is my sister’s. ❀


Ending tonight’s post with a picture of us walking on the infamous Shibuya crossing! Look! That’s Tokyu Department Store too, haha.

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Till next time!


Tokyo Day 1

First post of my Japan trip! December 4, 2015.

We arrived at Haneda Airport on the 4th of December, took a night flight, so we arrived in the morning, took the train and went to our Airbnb place, which I didn’t take any photos of. Heheh. The Airbnb place was okay, nothing too special.


Of course I had to include this. HAHAHA. Big Bang is everywhere! ❀

Pause. Backstory of airport drama, we transited in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and the transit time was so short, we had to run to the gate which was very far from where the plane stopped! Luckily we managed to catch the flight! Phew! Okay, back on track, as I said, we took the train, initially it was empty and we were quite glad, then as we go further, it became so crowded, I was a little shocked at how many people there are but after a few days, we adapted to it and took the trains when it’s not peak hours but its still busy though. As expected, Tokyo, the busy city!



When we reached our Airbnb place, my grandma and sister rested while my mother and I went out and walked around the area, we stayed in Okubo area. First stop was 7-11. Haha. ICE-CREAM!


Initially I thought they were selling ice in a cup, but it’s actually iced coffee, haha.


The variation of ice-cream is just ❀




This is the standard 7-11 ice-cream which taste so good! The cone is even better, super yummy! Plus, it’s also affordable!

Then we all rested enough and started out first day! First proper meal in Tokyo (besides the ice-cream I had). Haha.



They tasted alright, nothing too special. I was feeling a little dizzy at that time, so I didn’t eat much. Moving on, we went to Shinjuku to collect our train ticket to Hakone, which we went on the 6th December.


IMG_8871 IMG_8886

Got this as a appreciation gift after I did a survey, super cute handkerchief. After we got out tickets, we headed to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to check out the view! There’s two blocks, we went to both blocks to view.


Pretty flowers outside the building!


The building itself!


Can’t believe I’m in Japan?!




I’m not sure which park this is but the foliage is so pretty!

IMG_8944 IMG_8948

After we visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, we went to Meiji Shrine and also Yoyogi Park. On the way there, we saw some beautiful gingko trees!

IMG_9003 IMG_9007

So beautiful! ❀

IMG_9040 IMG_9048



The water place outside the shrine. To cleanse your mind and body.


There’s a way to do it, which is written on the board, so don’t do it wrong!




It’s so traditional, very calming.


There was at least 2 wedding ceremonies when I was there. It was very interesting!

After Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park, we took a very long walk to a train station, then we went to Harajuku!


The station is so pretty!


The famous street! So many people, so many things to see but we were getting so exhausted to see everything.


Of course, we had to stop and eat some crepes! This is a rather famous store, it was so so so so yummy! ❀ Marion Crepes!


Very appetising displays!




One was chocolate banana and the other was cheesecake strawberry, both was so so yummy!

After that we took the train and headed back to Okubo and had our dinner at CoCo Curry, which was also so yummy! Delicious! ❀


Omg, just look at it! The portion is so big too! Deep fried goodness.

Till the next post! I didn’t expect this post to be so long, haha. I guess we did a lot on the first day!

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Japan Haul

Hello there!

I’m back from a holiday in Japan! I’m planning to write my daily activity of my trip there. πŸ˜€

But today, I’ll do a haul of what I got from Japan. I didn’t expect to buy this much of things because I only wanted to eat and the only thing I wanted to buy was a Moomin stuffed toy, but I came back with more than a Moomin. This may not be a lot to some people but I didn’t have anything in mind to buy except for the stuffed toy. Hehe.


Got these point pads for the cheeks! I saw Park Jimin from 15& using these and thought it was very interesting! Found them in the pharmacy and tried one out and loved it, and then we went and got more!

Ps. Most of the things are not only for myself, just saying, haha.


Makeup! I got two eyeliners, I took off the packaging for the other one, but it’s from K-Palatte and the other one I can’t read cause it’s in Japanese. I also got the eyebrow pencil from Daiso! Which is JPYΒ 100, which converts to about RM3.50, super cheap!


Candy and masks. A lot of people in Japan wears masks everywhere they go, I am not sure why but I decided to just get one and try, we have haze every year, so I bought that. Haha, it’s also different from the masks in Malaysia, this looks more comfortable, I’ve yet to try them though.


Pink lemonade Mentos, obviously it is yummy, can’t go wrong with candy right?


A Japanese wallet as a souvenir, I think it looks super pretty! Bought this from Kyoto!

Daiso, I only saw about 3 Daiso stores while I was there, I thought there would be everywhere, but I guess not? Or maybe I went to those places that doesn’t have Daiso. Anyways, once you go in to Daiso, prepare to buy everything. We have Daiso in Malaysia but the Japan one definitely have more things! More Disney, Sanrio and I even saw Moomin biscuits!


First item from Daiso, a Disney calendar, just cause the new year is coming and a calendar is a must! Plus, it’s so cute!


Bobby pins and a Hello Kitty headband. No particular reason to why I bought them. Haha. I can’t justify myself! (Not that I have to, haha).


I actually already have about 3 of these bobby pin set that I bought in Malaysia, but it’s RM3.50, I had to buy them as it is RM5.30 in Malaysia!


Disney related items! Mickey chopsticks and rice scooper! Too cute not to buy!


I ate these in the airport, haha. They were so cute! Moomins everywhere! ❀

IMG_3709 IMG_3713

So adorable!


These were too cute too, these are rose petals for baths, I don’t have a bath, so I’ll figure out another way to use it, haha. Plus, it’s such a cute souvenir as well!



When in Japan, you have to visit Uniqlo! I visited Uniqlo multiple times and each time, we managed to buy something! Haha. Socks, heat tech socks, it was on sale too!


Here comes the Moomin related items! I saw this in Uniqlo and I had to get it! It’s s cute, it works as a blanket and also as a throw-over scarf.

DSC_0126 DSC_0127

It’s super comfortable! ❀


I bought a Moomin tissue box, just because it has Moomin on it. No other reason to why I bought it. Hahaha.


This is what I wanted! A Moomin doll! I named mine Moong Moong. Hehe. I didn’t get the sitting down one as it the bigger size that I wanted was much more expensive and I didn’t want to get the smaller sized one, so I got the bolster looking one! It costs JPY3800. I love it so so so much! Seriously, I’ve gotten so much compliment on it, online and also in real life, I carried it on the plane with me. Hehe.


Moong Moong with Dumb Dumb! That’s my sister’s sleeping Dumbo, both of it are too cute together!


I got these as a set from the Moomin cafe in Tokyo. Ugh, too cute!


Moomin! ❀


It came with a plate too!


Christmas edition!


Almost forgot that I bought a Minnie Mouse sweater from Uniqlo one day before I visited Disneyland! Will post about that real soon.


Last but not least, I bought WINNER’s debut album! More photos will come soon in a separate blogspot as this post is getting too long.

Also there will be another haul which features food! Yay!

So much to post this month!

Till next post!




After two and a half years, I finally graduated. We finally graduated with a Diploma in Communications.

It was hard and stressful at times, but it was fun most of the time.

Though there were tough times, I somehow managed.

All the hard work has paid off!


All thanks to my parents who guided and supported me. My mum and sister who listened to all the things I had to complain about. Thank you for working so hard to give me a good education.

Thank you for the graduation gift daddy! It’s lovely.


Thanks to my family members too! My cute grandma!


Sarah Janeeee! ❀


Three of us. ❀

Of course, my friends too. Sarah Jane, Rupini, Bhuvan, Sammy and my classmates.

Thanks to Audrey and Sarah for making journalism fun! What would I do without these two ladies!

I would say the hardest was group assignments. Honestly, working in groups are not as easy as it is. Here, I’m trying to finish everything a day or two earlier just in case of any mistakes. However, somehow, somewhy they just can’t finish it on time. But everything is well now. Group assignments were so stressful. That sure taught me a lesson. πŸ™‚

Thanks to the lecturers who guided us. I had really small classes which I actually like. Not many students majored in journalism in my batch.

I’ve many many notebooks which contains notes I copied during lectures. Little scribbles and drawings on the notebooks were mostly drawn by Sarah Jane. Haha.

I have to say, I loved studying in Taylor’s University. It has such a good environment and facilities.




Thanks for choosing the flowers mummy, Christy and popo. They are beautiful.

These were just taken just before I’m writing this post, so it doesn’t look as fresh as it was yesterday.

Thank you to everyone who congratulated me. I really appreciate it. πŸ˜€


Till next time.




I’ve been away for a while now, not as active as I used to.

Today, I’ve a story to tell. Yesterday was the Running Man Race Start show, they also had their signing at Paradigm Mall. For a back story, see here.

I’ve been really looking forward to that day. Finally seeing those people in real life after seeing them on TV for such a long time.

Arrangements made, my aunt and cousin picked us up quite late as the signing event starts at 12PM. They came around 11.25PM. I thought to myself that there surely wasn’t anymore nice view for us to see them.

I was constantly checking on social media on the press conference and on the amount of people slowing increasing in Paradigm Mall. I was pretty upset that my aunt came late but still was excited to go. I told myself that even if I don’t get to see a glimpse of them, I know at least I tried.

We finally reached still had a little time to spare before 12PM, but they arrived about 35 mins late I would say, I couldn’t remember.


This is the crowd when I arrived. Luckily, these few boys were nice enough to let us slot in their space. It was pretty dangerous where we stood, it was on a very high floor and the railing was shaky, we were told by the security not to stand too close and not to lean on the railing as it was dangerous.

We waited and waited, finally they all arrived. It was crazy. The first person I saw was Kim Jong Kook, his hair is so outstanding. The fans are amazing. My tears subconsciously started falling down when I was seeing them introducing themselves. I’m one emotional girl, let me just tell you that.


My sister’s photo is much better than mine since her phone has a better resolution.


The rest of the photos were taken by my iPhone 4S.

It was so surreal to see them. Especially, Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook. My two biases. Absolutely love love love them. Love Spartace! She is beyond beautiful in real life, and needless to say Kim Jong Kook was so handsome. So is the rest of the members, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin and Haha. They were all so nice, they turned around to greet their fans.


Thanks to my tall cousin, he managed to get this shot to Suk Jin and Haha. Hehehe.


Then the signing starts and we left from where we were standing and walked around. Then we went back to the stage area to see what was happening, turns out LKS and KJK had already finished with their signing, I thought they had left. We lingered around and both of them came back and they all bowed to their fans and left.


Aftermath of the signing.

I actually got to see them really clearly when they were bowing. They all look amazing, better looking in real life. I didn’t bother taking pictures anymore, I just took the opportunity to scream and enjoy it. I was so so so happy, I still am.

I am so glad Lee Kwang Soo manage to come together with the 4 other cast. He is so handsome!

Though I didn’t get to attend the actual show, it was good enough to see them yesterday.

I hope they all get enough rest as they have been traveling so much recently. They went back straight to Seoul after their show is over. It has got to be really tiring for them.

In the end, everything worked out. All is well.