ASC Live Broadcast

Hello! This is my first week of 3 months of semester break. YAY! I started my break doing something a live broadcast show for After School Club (ASC) on Arirang! Backstory of how this happened. ASC tweeted that HIGH4 was going to be on the show, so I decided to applied for Hangout and got… Continue reading ASC Live Broadcast


HIGH4 First Showcase in Malaysia ; Summit USJ

Exciting post today! 😀  Finally the day has come! I've been waiting for this day for so so long and it's finally here. I arrived around 12.30pm, really early, went and eat and walked around Summit then lined up to get seated. YAY. Blogger pass. My view from where I seated, front row, I cannot… Continue reading HIGH4 First Showcase in Malaysia ; Summit USJ

HIGH4 Press Conference in Malaysia

Hey guys! I was invited to attend HIGH4's press conference that happened this afternoon at 3pm-4pm at One Utama's Neway. It's my first press conference! I arrived at the location about 2.30pm because I was coming from class, luckily I made it on time! Finally the boys make their appearance! First impression, very handsome in… Continue reading HIGH4 Press Conference in Malaysia