The last week of Honours

Dear blog, So much has happened since my last post. As such: 1. Asked and received an extension for my thesis submission 2. Submitted my thesis! 3. Went on a holiday to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Macau A short backstory on how and why I asked for an extension. First off, I don't extensions. I… Continue reading The last week of Honours


Sephora Haul

I'm not someone who splurges on makeup. I use makeup on a daily basis, but I just don't buy expensive makeup, and expensive makeup to me is anything that is above RM100 for a lipstick, that kind of a thing. Though, I did spend some money to get the Sulwhasoo Brightening Cushion. It is slightly… Continue reading Sephora Haul

August 2017

My August update is long overdue. It's almost the end of September! So I figured that I would just post some snapshots from this birthday month. We went to Pavilion on my birthday, mainly for food. Hehe. TWG cakes are so delicate and pretty. This is a photo from attending my first alumni event at… Continue reading August 2017


Chopped and Dyed

I cut and dyed my hair. From this waist long hair to a a little bit past the shoulder length. I adored my waist-lengthed hair, as conceited as it sounds, I loved having long hair. I loved braiding it, curling it, and being able to do all sorts of styles was such fun to me.… Continue reading Chopped and Dyed


July 2017

July. It was the month to return for semester 2. (Not that I wasn’t in university during my semester break, because I was still going to uni to transcribe my interviews and all that). It was time to begin the second semester, with heavy workload on top of my 15 – 18 thousand words thesis.… Continue reading July 2017


23rd Birthday

I celebrated my 23rd birthday on three different occasions. Two of them were surprises! ❤ I feel the immense love from everyone. I cannot thank everyone enough for their effort for making my birthday so memorable. I didn't really expect or anticipate any celebrations. First, there's a lot of work to complete, essays, readings, writing… Continue reading 23rd Birthday


June 2017

Currently down with a sore throat, on and off fever, and a slight cough. I think all these is due to the fact that I was sitting in an incredibly cold seminar room from 9am - 5pm, for three days. Not only I was sitting in the cold room, I was going in and out… Continue reading June 2017