April 30th, 2017. Almost a month since graduating! Graduation week was fun, got to see my friends again, and finally got the degree. Two years of hard work! Then it was back to my thesis. Hehe.  I sat at the very first row, means there was absolutely no chance for me to play on my… Continue reading April



It's been two weeks since I last updated. In the two weeks, I actually have started my second semester of university. My one month of holidays went by just like that! Incredibly fast. I went to Bangkok and Pulau Pangkor during the break and it was fun. Though the weather in Pulau Pangkor was scorching… Continue reading Update


Sunday night entertainment. No, 3-day weekend entertainment? I have just finished watching Pinocchio, the Korean drama starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to post 5 thing I love about the drama. I've put off watching this drama for a while now, simply because I didn't feel… Continue reading Pinocchio

Wishlist January 2015

I've realised that there are a couple of things I want right now. So I decided to make a wishlist. 🙂 1. Blonde hair. I've been watching 2NE1's videos quite often recently and I noticed that CL and Sandara's blonde hair. And I think it's so nice! I've tried many different colours before, but not blonde.… Continue reading Wishlist January 2015

Cross My Mind

I have been obsessed with this song by Twin Forks! Thanks to the Korean drama, 'It's Okay, It's Love'. Great drama, I enjoyed every episode of it. It's different from other Korean drama I've watched. If you like K-dramas, I highly recommend this drama. Plus, Lee Kwang Soo is in it. 😀 Hehe. It's such a… Continue reading Cross My Mind