I haven’t done a haul post in forever. In fact, I haven’t done a proper post apart from the monthly updates.

I had zero intention of buying anything from SASA, we went there because my sister wanted to get a clay mask and after an hour there, we came out with two paper bags of beauty products.


I’ve always wanted to try out products from Chosungah 22, but it can be pricy, so finally when there’s a sale, I obviously had to get some stuff! From left to right.
Chosungah 22, Fresh Ade Cleanser Peach 320, RM27.70 after 70% off. The tester smells super delicious!
Chosungah 22, Brow Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker, RM20.70 after 70% off.
Bifesta, Bright Up Foaming Whip Cleanser, RM20.70 I think, usual price is RM24. Bought this because the product looks super interesting, plus the packaging is really eye-catching!


Mask galore up next.
2 packs for RM50, 10 sheet masks in one box.
Soo Beauté Jeju Cactus Mask.
Soo Beauté Jeju Dandelion Mask.


Soo Beauté Pore Refresh Black Bubble Sheet. RM78 for 10 sheets. This is slightly pricier as it has more benefits than a regular sheet mask. I tried this last night and it was really refreshing, I am not sure if the blackheads really came out but it felt nice. Bubbles actually started to appear after five mins of putting on the mask, I left the mask for a good half an hour, even though the instruction suggested to leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes.


Two more boxes of masks, ten sheets in each box, the deal was buy one at RM45, and another one for an additional RM1. Basically, RM46 for two boxes.
Soo Beauté Whiten-Vital Ampoule Mask.
Soo Beauté Purify-Vital Ampoule Mask.

The amount of mask may seem a lot but I apply masks almost everyday. Some people say its not good but its working well for me, so I’ll just continue the routine. Next post is the customary monthly update post. 😉




Innisfree Haul

Hello! It has been pretty rainy these past few days, especially during the evenings, cooling weather.

Today, it’s haul time! Innisfree haul, ever since Innisfree came to Malaysia, I keep buying their products, especially their masks! I absolutely love their masks, plus the products are all eco friendly, and it’s also affordable! I’ve posted another Innisfree haul a while back, here!

This time around, mum spent relatively a lot because we got quite a number of things for the three of us, mum, sis and myself, but I’ll be hauling my stuff only. I didn’t get much, but let’s get started!


Christmas looking paper bag! They also have Christmas items in stores now.


The basic items, masks, personally I like the lime mask the best. 😀 Back story on buying these masks, I went in the shop with nothing in mind to purchase because I went and got 10 sheets of masks a couple of weeks ago and haven’t even started using them, but then the staff told us that if we add another few more ringgit to the bill, I’ll get to be upgraded as a VIP member, so I got a few masks. Hahaha. It’s always good to stock up!


Bija trouble facial foam cleanser, my sister actually started using this and I tried it out and quite like it, so I decided to get one for myself. It gives a really clean feeling and it does not leave the skin dry.

IMG_7506Soybean energy essence, I actually tried this when they gave me a sample a while back and to my surprise, I really enjoyed using it. I use this whenever my skin feels extra dry, it gives a very moisturising feeling, I thought it would be sticky but it was not, so that is good. The instruction also mention if your hands are dry, this would help too. I was contemplating in the store whether to get it or not because it was not a necessity. I decided to get it because then we would be able to get the free gift below! IMG_7508

Innisfree best capsule recipe pack collection, which consists of 6 masks. 😀


The packaging is so pretty! They do sell these in the store but I don’t buy it because I don’t like to keep the masks, I prefer using sheet masks. I find keeping the leftover products for the next use troublesome, but I do want to try how these works. There are three massage pack and two sleeping pack, which I assume you leave it overnight. There are massage packs of Jeju volcanic, green tea and canola oil, and two sleeping packs of rice and bijou & aloe.


Not forgetting the samples of course! More soybean energy essence. Good for travelling!

Till next time!


Althea Beauty Haul

Hello there! I’m happy to writing about a haul today! This time, it’s a beauty haul. 😀

I’ve waited for this package to arrive for days, and it’s finally here!

I bought a few things from Althea Korea, the one based in Malaysia. They are expanding their business to other countries too! 😀  

Althea allows me to buy all the Korean beauty goodies that I may or may not find in Malaysia, plus, no need to go all the way to Korea, even though I would love to visit, also it’s for a cheaper price too!

As for shipping, it’s free as long as the cart reaches RM150! Start shopping!


The packaging is the cutest, all pink!IMG_7449

The invoice and light pink box filled with goodies!


It’s packed so nicely, with the bubble wrap and pink papers!


The products are either individually wrapped or wrapped together in bubble wrap which is good.


These are all the products I got! From lipsticks to nose packs. Haha.


I’m most excited about the Innisfree’s Creammellow lipsticks, I haven’t seen this product in the Innisfree here, so I’m excited to try it out!


I bought it in #04. Coral Tee Jamong (left) and #10. Latte Brown (right). I’ve yet to swatch it, maybe in another post I’ll do a swatch. 🙂


Closer look at the two colours. 😀


This is the Blingsome Lip Tattoo in 05. Lady Tension, which my sister wanted. Tried this out on my hand, it looks super red but after I peeled it off, it’s quite subtle.


These are the Etude House Play 101 Pencil in the number 30 in a creamy formula and 41 in a glittery formula.


The dark purple on the left is in the number 30 and the brownish colour is number 41. Can’t wait to try these out!


A marshmallow puff from Too Cool for School, a basically a beauty blender, does the same job I guess.


It’s so bouncy!


I bought 5 of these 3 step nose pack sheets because I tried it once here and I loved it! These are from Nature Republic. They’re really good.


And lastly, I got a free gift, a hyaluronic acid mask from Etude House. Bonus!

I’ll definitely purchase again once my products run out. 😀

Love this service!

Till next time.




Finally I am going to write on my three favourite items as of now. I’ve been putting this off for quite a while, heheh. The Face Shop’s Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel, Innisfree’s No-Sebum Mineral Powder and lastly Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil, which I got from a long time ago, I just recently started using, so I don’t think it’s available in the market anymore. Anyways, these three things, I use them everyday, except when I get too lazy, other than that, it’s a staple.



This product is actually translucent powder with lots of ingredients from Jeju that can help control oil and keep the face matte, and this product also have a lot of usage, see it here. I love this! So compact and easy to use, it’s affordable too! Ps. I love the hint of herbal scent, I find that soothing. (Y) 




Soothing gel from The Face Shop, it is really easy to get aloe gel which is also good but I prefer the bamboo gel to the aloe gel because the consistency is thicker and bouncier, I feel the aloe gel is more watery. It’s so cooling and the packaging is so cute, it really looks like a bamboo in the store when it’s all stacked up.


Lastly, this pretty cleansing oil, the packaging is so cute! This smells like the spa, so relaxing every time I use it. It does clean off really well too, I use it to double cleanse and also remove makeup. I love this! 

That’s all for now. 

Till next time! 



Innisfree Mini Haul

Hi! I’m back with a mini Innisfree haul. I have been absolutely loving Innisfree. I love their sheet masks. ❤

I decided to get myself a birthday present since it was my birthday yesterday. I bought the Innisfree Water Glow Cushion. This product along with the Long Wear Cushion has popped up on my Facebook timeline for countless times and I have always been wanting to try it, so I now have a reason to buy it for myself. Haha.

Ps. I also got a pretty eco-bag for free by purchasing the cushion.

Right now, I have not tried it yet, so maybe I’ll do another post when I use it, a review perhaps.


So happy that Innisfree made its way to KL. 😀


I also got a eyelash curler right before I checkout, just because I needed one, haha. The cushion is RM80 and eyelash curler is RM12.


Pretty packaging! 


Moisture lasting, radiant glow, natural coverage.


Mineral powder and Jeju green tea.


Looks like this on the inside. 


I’ll use it soon! 😀


I also bought a gift for my friend’s birthday! 😀 ❤



We all love samples, don’t we?

More updates soon!


Pre GST Haul

Hi there!

Today I’ve a haul post. Malaysia started implementing GST yesterday and before the 6% comes, I went shopping. 🙂

I bought some fun stuff, some boring stuff like cotton pads, tissues, sanitary pads, you get the roll.

Lets see the fun stuff that I got! 😀


Beauty stuff!

I didn’t take an individual picture for the Loreal hair oil. There was a buy two for RM53, so I bought two, one for normal hair and the other is specially for coloured hair. I was using the Redken hair oil before this and it didn’t give me much results, but this hair oil gave me really nice shiny hair! I actually bought one prior to this to my sister (the non-coloured hair), I was impressed! It is not oily at all and it smells really nice. Flower extracts must be really good. Though the consistency for the coloured hair and non-coloured hair is different. For the non-coloured hair oil, the consistency is way thicker and the coloured hair oil’s consistency is more watery. Hmm, not sure why. I have coloured hair but I still use the non-coloured hair cause I don’t plan to maintain the colour I have anymore.


Too Faced Melted liquified long wear lipstick. Sephora didn’t have the shade I wanted, Melted Figs and Melted Berry, so my mum and sis chose this two out for me. (I fell pretty ill when they went shopping, so I was home resting.) Thanks to them, I’ve pretty lipsticks now. It smells really nice too! The left one is Melted Fuchsia and the other is Melted Peony. Melted Peony is such a nice name. I’ve used Melted Peony and it’s so pretty. Though I would like it to last longer before a new application. I can’t wait to try the Melted Fuchsia.


Maybelline’s brow pencil and eyeliner. I’ve never used any of these products before. Hopefully it’s good. The brow pencil was almost out of stick, there was literally 5 left. The eyeliner was buy one free one, of course I had to get it. Haha.


Shampooooo. I didn’t only get this, I got another set of this at another store where it was selling cheaper! Again, I’ve never used this before and the packaging and smell made me buy it and also it was on a deal.


Shoes! Impromptu buy, I’m pretty sure I don’t need a new pair of shoes at the moment, but I just got it anyway. Aren’t these so pretty? It’s so out there. Haha. There’s a back story to this pair of shoes.. These are the Nike Roshe Run in pink, there isn’t a specific name for it.

It goes like this, after we paid for the shoes we left the store happy and all that, the staff were really friendly. On that day I was sick and didn’t feel like doing anything, so I didn’t take a look at the shoes. Then a day after we bought the shoes, my sister decided to open it up and look at it. The staff gave me the same side of the shoe with a different size! How crazy? My sister thought it was funny and she laughed and laughed to herself.. And I was pretty worried back then. But luckily it got changed and the other side is now back!

Till next time.


Mask Haul

Happy Sunday!

Etude House mask haul. My mother and sister bought more stuff but I only bought masks this time.

I love Etude House, the concept is so cute, the store is so pink and pretty! Plus, there’s always a sale of some sort. Buy 1, Free 1 for this time. These sheet masks are all priced the same at RM6.90 each, so now I get 2 for RM6.90. Bargain. ❤



I initially bought 10 but added another 4, for my whole family to use!




So many different variations! I don’t even know which to choose. At the moment, I am using Nature Republic’s Tea Tree sheet masks which I only have about 3 or 4 left. I’ve not tried Etude House’s masks, I’m excited to use them!


Each masks have their different uses. I asked the staff how often should we use the mask in a week, she said, two masks in a week is enough but if you’d want to use it everyday, it’s fine too but I think using it everyday is too high maintenance. I mean expensive, in a week, it’d probably be RM50 on masks.


I do use other masks, so I don’t use it everyday, I try to use it every 3 days. Other masks I use are Laneige’s sleeping mask and sometimes Etude House’s Pore Wonder mask. So I switch it up every week and also depending on what I want to use.

The collagen, Q10 and ginseng masks are more suitable for my mum and dad, so those are for them.


How to use them? I used to put it on, wait for about 15-20 minutes and then remove and rinse. RINSE. Don’t rinse. I asked the staff, she said to leave it on as a serum and massage in to your skin and then continue with your normal routine, moisturiser, etc.

Why did I rinse it? I was told to rinse it off once it’s done. Such a waste. But now we all know. 🙂



Etude House used to give out a lot of samples when we purchase items. But recently we have been buying quite a few things on different days from their Sunway Pyramid outlet, they didn’t give any samples. I didn’t realise that until I thought about it.

So I remembered to ask if they still have samples, the staff say they do and gave us a whole lot. Well, we did buy a lot yesterday, including my mum and sister’s items. The items on this haul was bought in the AEON Bandaraya Melaka branch.

We didn’t need to ask for samples last time, but I guess now we do.

I already tried the AC Clinic cleanser, I love it! It strips off all the oil off my skin which I like. Though, I know some people don’t like the feeling of it. That little packet can last for about 3-4 washes. That’s good. I love samples! Because it’s easy to carry it around, especially for holidays.

Can’t wait to use the masks!