April 30th, 2017. Almost a month since graduating! Graduation week was fun, got to see my friends again, and finally got the degree. Two years of hard work! Then it was back to my thesis. Hehe.  I sat at the very first row, means there was absolutely no chance for me to play on my… Continue reading April



After two and a half years, I finally graduated. We finally graduated with a Diploma in Communications. It was hard and stressful at times, but it was fun most of the time. Though there were tough times, I somehow managed. All the hard work has paid off! All thanks to my parents who guided and… Continue reading Graduation

Gift guide for best friend

Hello there!So, I’ve been thinking of what to write besides reviews and hauls.Recently my bestfriend came back from Finland after two years. That inspired me to write this post. Before he left (I mean two years ago), I got him some stuff, farewell gifts or whatever you like to call those.Letters, gifts. So I thought… Continue reading Gift guide for best friend