This is my second time writing this, unfortunately, technology is not on my side this afternoon. On this Saturday afternoon, I am writing about Big Bang’s MADE film!

I watched the film with my fellow VIP classmate, Sabilla and my sister and her friend. Firstly, tickets were hard to get as we wanted to watch it at Sunway Pyramid as it is the most convenient for all of us. Sabilla went to the cinema immediately after class in hopes to get the tickets for the four of us, fortunately, she got them! We got the twin seats at the LUXE theatre, which was a good deal as the price is the same for the standard theatre. I went and meet Sabilla right after I am done with my class!

Untitled Untitled

It feels quite exclusive, really. I usually never check on the different kinds of theatres because I know it’s more expensive but this time, it’s the same price, so it’s worth it! Plus, it’s BIGBANG.


Little lounge area that we just walked by, hahaha. We were too excited to watch the film!


The chairs were so comfy! (This is slowly becoming a post on the theatre…)


Back to our favourite BIGBANG. The movie was absolutely amazing, I wished it was longer, I’m sure there were more clips! Every VIP should watch this! The ups and downs during the entire MADE tour. I felt I’m a part of the tour, well I kinda am since I went to one of the shows. It was about a year ago, the concert in KL! The concert is more than just singing, even the little details that affect the concert, the members personally give their input and they want to make it perfect! There were scenes that almost made me cry. 😥

Sabilla and I were singing and dancing to the songs! I was so excited in the cinema, I just wanted to jump around, hahaha. I think that’s the first time I was singing in a theatre. The sound system was really good, so I don’t think anyone heard me singing, haha. I laughed so much too, so much of precious moments! I say this again and again, so glad I joined the fandom before the start of the MADE promotions, I didn’t miss any of their song releases. I’d watch this again and again.


The tour list! MALAYSIA! ❤ I miss BIGBANG!

Next post is on Siem Reap! In the midst of editing that. 😀





MAMA 2015

It’s 00:29 right now and I’m blogging.

So I just spent 7 hours watching Mnet Asia Music Award (MAMA) 2015, including the red carpet and also the actual award show. It was INSANE.

From the beginning, I was in this group chat, where us VIPs chat about all sort of things. I was chatting with them for the entire 7 hours, I was also actively updating my Twitter at the same time. It was really crazy. So glad I have these bunch of people to talk to while the show was going on!

Big Bang, PSY, CL did not walk the red carpet. I already expected that Big Bang wouldn’t walk the red carpet after GD posted this Instagram picture. The only representative from YG was iKON.

I’m not going to go through the entire show, just the parts where it made me so have my OMG moment. Haha. It’s late, so I’ll keep it real short!

First! I really really thought Gary would win Best Rap Performance because he was leading by a whole lot for the votes but he didn’t, I was so disappointed.

Second! Ailee won Best Vocal Performance! Yes! I was so so so happy for her! She deserves it more than anyone else!

Third! Seungri gave the thank you speech in 4 languages! Mandarin, English, Japanese and Korean. That was so entertaining!

Fourth! Best Dance Performance/ Solo, again, I had expected someone to win, I expected Amber to win, she was also leading for the votes, but oh well.

Fifth! Best Female Artist, I honestly thought IU was gonna win it. My expectations are too much?

Sixth! Jessi played her performance! It was so entertaining! OMG.

Seventh! Kim Jong Kook suddenly came on the show! I didn’t know he was coming! 😀

Eighth! Jolin Tsai’s dancers scared me. Hahaha.

Ninth! I noticed that MAMA was not hyping up CL’s performance at all, no signs of her, nothing. Usually they will preview who will be performing next, but there were nothing of CL and I was getting worried if she’s not coming.

Tenth! Finally spotted Ailee sitting with the other artists!

Eleventh! JYP’s performance was rather scandalous! HAHAHA.

Twelfth! FINALLY CL’S DEBUT STAGE FOR HER SINGLE! Hello Bi+ches! Then out of no where, Sandara came out on stage, followed by Minzy and then Park Bom. Writing this now makes me wanna cry. I WAS CRYING SO MUCH WHEN I WAS WATCHING IT LIVE. No one understands how much this means to Blackjacks. SO MANY OF US WERE CRYING. This is exactly how I feel! My mother was so confused of why my sister and I were crying so much. :’) People may say we are crazy, but you guys don’t know how long we waited for them to be on the same stage again, perform again, and seeing Park Bom again! It meant the world to us. I was shaking and crying. I literally tweeted 14 times of the same time because I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t expect 2NE1 to just come up and perform and slay us all. The fans did say, it would be insane if they all come and perform Hello Bi+ches with CL, and they really did! I need to watch the performance again! I couldn’t focus earlier!


Thirteen! Big Bang performance was beautiful! The Loser stage was beautiful! They won 4 awards tonight and they all looked like they were gonna cry when they are receiving the Artist of The Year award! Even though they didn’t get all the awards they were nominated for, the got the 2 Daesangs which are amazing! Song of the Year and also Artist of the Year. ❤ Daesung looked so so so handsome tonight, especially when he swept his hair back for their performance! TOP looks handsome as usual. Their outfit are so on point! We’ll wait for your comeback Big Bang, don’t worry! ❤

Fourteen! Shinee’s outfit were on point from the red carpet to their performance! They looked like they walked out from a photoshoot! Gorgeous outfits!

Fifteen! The trends on Twitter are majority about #MAMA2015!

Congratulation to all the winners!

Thank you mummy for subscribing to Channel M! We watched the show in HD without any disturbance!

Till next time!

ps. No pictures because the pictures are either blur or not HD.



K-POP Fantasia Trip to Korea!


NewProStar is organising a trip to Korea for all Korean Hallyu fans!

The trip begins on the 9 December to 13 December 2015, 4 days and three nights. Perfect winter time!

What will the trip provide? Exciting activities of course, especially for those who love K-pop!

The top 4 activities to look forward are..

First, there will be visits to 4 Korean artiste agencies and their artistes which includes High4, Halo, B.I.G and also a surprise group! It’s not easy getting access to entertainment companies, this is the chance! (Personally, I’d love to meet HIGH4 again, heheh.)

Then secondly, (personally I would love to visit this!) KPOP Hologram concert featuring PSY, G- Dragon, Big Bang, 2NE1! It’s like going to their concert!

Thirdly, of course they couldn’t miss out on the famous artistes cafes, Infinite cafe, Cube cafe , Rain Cafe, for example.

Lastly, there will be a trip to K-Star Forest which is a place where trees are planted for G-Dragon, Girl’s Generation, EXO and many more artists in support of their artists and also helps with making awareness of the environment today. This forest dedicates to the K-pop idols and the fans, but also helps the environment, best of both worlds!

Fear not, there are definitely more than four activities during this trip, there’ll also be free and easy time, and not forgetting shopping time! When in Seoul, shop till you drop! (Buy all the cosmetics and your favourite idol’s albums and merchandises!)

Here are the more detailed information! Do check out their Facebook page for more information regarding the trip.

Wish I can join but unfortunately I’m not able to. 😦

Perhaps, next time.

Till next time!

3 Lessons

Credits to REALHIGH4 Twitter page.
Credits to REALHIGH4 Twitter page.

Group photo with HIGH4! Spot me! Behind Youngjun, wearing white. 😀 

Hi! Hope you guys are having a good day! Right, I’m back with a reflection post. Since I have gone to two HIGH4 showcases at Summit Subang USJ and Hartamas Shopping Centre and also the press conference, I learnt 3 things from these 3 days.

I have to say this weekend has been one of the most eventful weekends I’ve had in my entire life. Besides the HIGH4 events, on Saturday night, I attended an event called, Relay For Life, to support those who are battling cancer, survived cancer and also pay respect to those who lost the battle to cancer. I didn’t stay long, but twas was a good experience.

So, moving on to the first lesson I learnt during the 3 days is when you know how to speak the language of the group, in this case, Korean, it will be so much better because there will be more conversations during the album signing. There were a few girls who spoke fluent Korean and they had actual conversations with HIGH4! Alex spoke English, which is really good for those who don’t speak Korean. During the first album signing, I started off with speaking Korean to Youngjun, conversation as below:-

Me: 안녕하세요! [Hello]
Youngjun: 안녕하세요. (shyly) [Hello]
Me: 이거 (referring to the album) 너무 좋아요! [This (referring to the album) really like!]
Youngjun: 고마워. [Thanks]
Then next was Myunghan!

Me: 안녕하세요! [Hello!]
Myunghan: 안녕하세요! (energetically) [Hello!]
Me: You’re so cute. (By this time, I went blanked out and all the Korean words I know have gone to the back of my mind.)
Myunghan: Thanks! *high 5*

Sunggu’s turn!
Me: Hi!
Sunggu: *smiles* ‘speaks in Korean’, which I roughly translates to, “Are you Malaysian,” I assume that’s what he asked, this is possibly because he heard I spoke Korean to Youngjun and Myunghan. Then I said, “Yes, I’m Malaysia, do I look Korean?” He then, gave me a high5.

Alex turn! Easiest cause he speaks English!
Alex: Thanks for coming today!
Me: Welcome! Come back for a full concert next time, like a big concert!
Alex: We surely will! *high5*

So, speaking the language does make a difference! I’m still learning Korean, it’s not easy but I try, by watching so many K-drama and Korean variety shows, I’m able to learn from there. (Y)

Second lesson! Don’t be shy during shows like this, just do it, answer questions, scream, give lots of reactions to the group! Giving reactions to the members in my opinion is really important, not only they’ll notice you, but also they’ll remember you (certain cases).

During the Summit Subang USJ showcase, I really gave all out to them while HIGH4 were performing, Myunghan kept coming to this side, which is really good fanservice! He kept smiling this side, and even pointed to our direction. Speaking of which, Myunghan’s fan service is really the best! Youngjun also gave lots of eye contact during the Summit showcase! Then when I went for the second album signing in Hartamas, I told Youngjun that I actually went to yesterday’s show (Summit’s show), he says he remembers me, see! Important! I was actually quite surprised that he remembers, Alex also said he remembers, I think the seating also plays a part here as I sat right in front, but giving good reaction also is important! Scream, shout, wave your hands, don’t just film the entire showcase, enjoy it!

Lastly! Going early to the location, whether it is to line up for the best seats or to check out the location, think of where you want to sit. Even though I know Summit’s layout, I still went early, possibly too early to check out the place. I went about three hours earlier, to eat and all that jazz. For the Hartamas show, I didn’t go early as it was a last minute program and when I got there, HIGH4 arrived shortly after I arrive, but they still had to do their hair and makeup, so I wasn’t late. The MC, Lynn actually recognises me from the Summit show and possibly the press conference, I’m not sure, but she definitely recognise me. Haha. Side tracked, as fans, going early to queue is a good idea especially if the seats are not seated. I didn’t get seats for the Hartamas show, so I had to decide which side I want to stand to get the best view, and so I decided to stand at the console area which also the way they go up the stage from. I got a lot of high5s from them on that day! Bonus!

These lessons can be applied to any other showcases or concerts in the future!

Till next time!


HIGH4 First Showcase in Malaysia ; Summit USJ

Exciting post today! 😀 HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Finally the day has come! I’ve been waiting for this day for so so long and it’s finally here. I arrived around 12.30pm, really early, went and eat and walked around Summit then lined up to get seated.

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.



Blogger pass.

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

My view from where I seated, front row, I cannot be happier! So much eye contact and interaction with the members, especially Myunghan and Sunggu! Myunghan again, smiled during the entire showcase, just like during the press conference! So adorable!


HIGH4 fans!


MC, Lynn asking questions to the fans, winners will get Dubu Yo vouchers!


Fans patiently waiting for the entrance of HIGH4.


Finally the group comes out and performed their first song, Day by Day! There were a slight problem with the microphone but they quickly resolved it, I chanted “괜찮아, 괜찮아” which translate to “It’s okay” to give them support as they looked flustered at that time. (Y) They sound so good live!


Self introduction of each members! From left to right, maknae & rapper, Youngjun, vocalist & leader, Sunggu, vocalist & smiley Myunghan and rapper & oldest hyung Alex.


IMG_7419HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Alex came down to the floor and interacted with fans!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

After singing Day by Day, Baby Boy was next, then followed by Headache, True Love and a cover of Chris Brown’s With You and encore of their debut song of course, Not Spring Love or Cherry Blossom!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Next, Sunggu came closer to fans!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

HIGH4. They really perform really really well! I really need to emphasise this!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Lucky fans who got chosen to play charades with them, it was so entertaining!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

MC, Lynn!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Myunghan who came down to the floor a lot! Especially to the left side! Fan service, number 1!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Sunggu dropped his mike while performing, but quickly got back his position, so professional.

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Smiley Myunghan! 🙂 I fell in love with his smile. ❤

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

See! He came down again! 😀

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

And therefore, I took the chance to selca! Hahaha.

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Aegyo time! They were all asked to do aegyo on the spot, though Sunggu really wanted to sing, but the fans really wanted to see his aegyo, so he did it! They all felt embarrassed after doing the aegyo! It was really cute, but the members couldn’t bear to watch it! I was curling my fingers and cringing the entire time! Hahaha.

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Goes to the wall and hide after the aegyo. Hahaha.

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ. HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

The scenario for this is as Myunghan as the girlfriend and Alex as the boyfriend, they re a couple, Myunghan wants the water and asks Alex to get it in a whiney aegyo manner, it was extremely cute!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Alex looked so shy! Aww.

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Acting! Two couples!


Youngjun also came down to interact with the fans! They all came down to interact, so sweet!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Cupcake from the lovely fan who also provided the HIGH4 banners!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.


These are the goodies that the lovely fan, Dorkistic, who gave the goodies to other fans! She’s so kind!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Starting of the album signing right after the photo session with fans!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Got my single album and waiting to get it signed from them!


Alex signing for me! YAY. Thanks mummy who took this photo! The time to talk to them during the signing is so precious, so many little memories in my head.

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.


HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

With their super friendly translator!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.

Asked for a picture with one of HIGH4’s staff!

HIGH4 first showcase in Malaysia. SUMMIT USJ.


Single album!

I had such a good time! The interactions between fans and the members was so good, the whole event was very organised and also great success!

Huge thanks to New Pro Star and the all of the sponsors that made this possible! I would love to go meet them again! It’s an addiction! ❤

Once again, thank you to New Pro Star for giving me this amazing opportunity! Hope to work with you guys again!

Click here for the press conference coverage!

No worries if you still haven’t gone to the showcase, there is still one show on 6th September at Hartamas Shopping Centre 2.30pm and also join them as they hold a private celebration party at Silka Hotel on 6th September at 6pm (everyone is invited)! (For entrance fee for the celebration party, check out my previous post about the entire event.)

Till next time!


HIGH4 Press Conference in Malaysia

Hey guys! I was invited to attend HIGH4’s press conference that happened this afternoon at 3pm-4pm at One Utama’s Neway. It’s my first press conference!


I arrived at the location about 2.30pm because I was coming from class, luckily I made it on time!


Finally the boys make their appearance! First impression, very handsome in real life!


Self introduction! From left to right, Alex the rapper, Sunggu the leader and vocalist, Myunghan the vocalist, and Youngjun the rapper and maknae of the group!


The question was, “Who is the most handsome in the group” and they all point to each other! The MC was Lynn, who also will be MC-ing for the rest of the shows.


Q&A session, the MC took two questions from the floor and she also asked a few questions on behalf. Questions such as ideal girlfriend, all the members have different answers, for example, Sunggu said a girl with a nice smile, Alex said a girl who knows when to be serious and is humorous, Myunghan said his ideal type would be an innocent girl, lastly Youngjun said a girl who will only love him.


This was when the MC asked who do you think is the laziest? And Alex pointed to himself, and also said that he’s not that lazy just not as hardworking as the rest of the members. But I’m sure they’re all hardworking!



Myunghan was all smiles during the event! So lovable!


The four members also showed off their talent during the event such as rapping, singing and also beatboxing! They are so talented! Alex even rapped without MR! Very professional.


Thanks to the sponsors who made this happen! (And also of course New Pro Star!)

Press photo time!




HIGH4 PRESS CONFERENCEConsiderate leader, Sunggu wanted to turn to this side for photos. Such good manners. Then they turned to all three direction, middle, left and right of the crowd, so all of us got a good view of them! HIGH4 PRESS CONFERENCE

Right in front of them!




And we bid goodbye for now. 😦

The event ended with Myunghan saying, “Terima Kasih” but he did not pronounce it correctly, so the crowd corrected him until he got it right! 😀

The group then headed off to their first showcase at Seremban Prima.

There was also refreshments for the media and blogger who attended the press conference but I had to leave, so I didn’t manage to enjoy that. 😦


This was a very interesting experience, I hope I get to go to more press conferences!

I really apologise for the bad photo quality! I didn’t bring my camera, thinking my iPhone is sufficient enough, but it was not, I’ve learnt a lesson today, so now onwards, any events, I’ll bring my camera! 🙂

I think this is the closest I can get to a K-Pop idol, it was a pretty small group so it was quite private and intimate which is nice. (Update: I actually got closer with them during their showcase in Summit while they sign the album and also we took a group photo!) ❤

Remember to catch them live from 4th September at Seremban Prima at 7pm, 5th September at Summit Subang USJ 4pm, 6th September at Hartamas Shopping Centre 2.30pm and also join them as they hold a private celebration party at Silka Hotel on 6th September at 6pm (everyone is invited)! (For entrance fee for the celebration party, check out my previous post about the entire event.)

Till tomorrow!



Hello there! Today, I’m gonna be blogging about BIG BANG’s MADE TOUR in MALAYSIA. Untitled

Initially, I didn’t take the initiative to buy the tickets because it is pricy but we, (me and my sister and mother) decided to just go for it, have fun and enjoy the show. It’s not everyday that they come and perform. So we bought tickets one day before the show. I’m so so glad they added another show. This is also my first actual concert, and I’m so happy that it is. I went to showcases and MTV world stage before this but I don’t count it as a actual concert, because I left halfway for world stage. So this is my actual first concert and my first K-pop concert! We went for the first show in Malaysia! Luckily they added another show. Thank you YG!


UntitledIn the stadium!


No regrets, definitely, until now, it still feels super surreal that I was actually there, listening to them live. TOP and GD were tired but they made the effort to come and perform for us even though they came right after the filming of their new mv. Daesung and Seungri are so funny. Taeyang interacted with the fans so much. I love them so much more now.

UntitledUntitled Untitled

Of course, their vocals are amazing. They sound absolutely amazing live. GD voice is so so unique, both when he’s singing and rapping. GD got a little shy when Seungri was talking to us. That is so cute! Covering his face with the towel. GD is just so so charming!

UntitledBae Bae stage, can we just appreciate the statue for a minute?! 

TOP’s voice is just so nice to listen to, especially during his solo performance, his charisma is just, crazy good. Doom Dada also sounds so so good on the laptop and listening to it live is just a dream come true. Of course he said his infamous line, “You like?”And also in BM, “Kamu bagus”. WE MOST DEFINITELY LIKE!

Untitled UntitledUntitled

Daesung hit all the high notes perfectly. I was in awe listening to him. Daesung’s solo performance was so so good. When he played the drums, he is so sexy! Daesung said he can’t see in BM, “Saya tak boleh nampak.” It was so cute when he said that! Then he cheekily flicked his hair away and quickly put it back again. He also danced a little during the ment, after the little dance, he apologised. So cuteeeeee. He also said that his mother and father loves the fans, after he said that, he got embarrassed. What a cutie! 😍 Daesung waved a lot to the fans and it’s really heart warming!

UntitledLoser stage! Look at the props! Amazing! 

Untitled Untitled

Taeyang’s voice is so so soothing, I loved his solo performance! Taeyang left at the very last second before the screen closes! 😀 He also threw his bandana and cap to the fans! ❤ I can’t get over how amazing he sounds!


Seungri is sooo adorable, he tries to interact with us so much, making us laugh a lot. And GD is right, Seungri really does sing well. We were chanting Seungri’s name and he wanted us to scream more! Seungri threw his MADE jacket to the rock zone fans! How lucky! Seungri’s fan service is number one!

They’re all so good looking! Omg. Handsomeeeeessssss.

UntitledUntitled Bang Bang Bang stage!

UntitledI am still so blown away with all of their voices! 

UntitledFantastic Baby was the last song followed by We Like 2 Party! 



The stage, lighting, fireworks, confetti, the props and all that is sooooooo well done! The standard is definitely up there. Also, the band, The Band Six sounded so so amazing!

Untitled UntitledUntitled

I am so surprised that I didn’t shed a tear. I’m a very emotional person, so I was expecting myself to tear at the sight of Big Bang because this means a lot to me.


I’d do that night all over again.

I also became friends with other VIPs! VIPs are all so nice to each other. In the occasion where I just ask then a question on Twitter, (I didn’t know them before this) they promptly answered my questions. They are so kind and friendly! I also made new VIPs friends on Instagram. VIPs are everywhere!

ps. I don’t have a bias now, I can’t choose!
*update* it’s Monday, 27 July and I’m still not over the concert. I don’t think I will be for a long long time. Now when I listen to their songs, I get goosebumps and sometimes I feel my eyes swelling with tears, especially when I listen to their live performance. They are just so so good. Can’t get over it, I’ve post concert withdrawals. 😢