I haven't done a haul post in forever. In fact, I haven't done a proper post apart from the monthly updates. I had zero intention of buying anything from SASA, we went there because my sister wanted to get a clay mask and after an hour there, we came out with two paper bags of… Continue reading SASA Haul


Sales Haul

Hello, hello. It's great seeing you here! Remember when I said I've another haul coming up? It's time for that! Okay, I put up a haul post at the beginning of the month. I may seem like I'm shopping a lot, which I am. However, I don't do this on a monthly basis. It's just… Continue reading Sales Haul

Earth Hour

Hello beautiful people! I've been so caught up with my family, went back to my hometown. Blah blah blah. Anyway, just want to share my Earth Hour, it was last weekend. My family and I went to IKEA/ The Curve to have dinner and just to walk around in IKEA, my aunt said there was… Continue reading Earth Hour