I haven't done a haul post in forever. In fact, I haven't done a proper post apart from the monthly updates. I had zero intention of buying anything from SASA, we went there because my sister wanted to get a clay mask and after an hour there, we came out with two paper bags of… Continue reading SASA Haul


Mask Routine

Hello everyone! To make up for the lack of posts, I decided to share with you guys, my mask routine. I use a few different types of mask. If I am not lazy then I'll apply the mask three to four times a week. It may sound a lot but usually I'm too lazy to… Continue reading Mask Routine

Colourful Nails

Hello everyone! I am back with a post on nails. YAY! Yesterday night, I decided to paint my nails, to be precise, I've only painted on my left hand due to laziness, but I am planning to paint my right hand tonight. 🙂 These are the nails. I wanted to try the chevron nails, but… Continue reading Colourful Nails