This is my second time writing this, unfortunately, technology is not on my side this afternoon. On this Saturday afternoon, I am writing about Big Bang’s MADE film!

I watched the film with my fellow VIP classmate, Sabilla and my sister and her friend. Firstly, tickets were hard to get as we wanted to watch it at Sunway Pyramid as it is the most convenient for all of us. Sabilla went to the cinema immediately after class in hopes to get the tickets for the four of us, fortunately, she got them! We got the twin seats at the LUXE theatre, which was a good deal as the price is the same for the standard theatre. I went and meet Sabilla right after I am done with my class!

Untitled Untitled

It feels quite exclusive, really. I usually never check on the different kinds of theatres because I know it’s more expensive but this time, it’s the same price, so it’s worth it! Plus, it’s BIGBANG.


Little lounge area that we just walked by, hahaha. We were too excited to watch the film!


The chairs were so comfy! (This is slowly becoming a post on the theatre…)


Back to our favourite BIGBANG. The movie was absolutely amazing, I wished it was longer, I’m sure there were more clips! Every VIP should watch this! The ups and downs during the entire MADE tour. I felt I’m a part of the tour, well I kinda am since I went to one of the shows. It was about a year ago, the concert in KL! The concert is more than just singing, even the little details that affect the concert, the members personally give their input and they want to make it perfect! There were scenes that almost made me cry. πŸ˜₯

Sabilla and I were singing and dancing to the songs! I was so excited in the cinema, I just wanted to jump around, hahaha. I think that’s the first time I was singing in a theatre. The sound system was really good, so I don’t think anyone heard me singing, haha. I laughed so much too, so much of precious moments! I say this again and again, so glad I joined the fandom before the start of the MADE promotions, I didn’t miss any of their song releases. I’d watch this again and again.


The tour list! MALAYSIA! ❀ I miss BIGBANG!

Next post is on Siem Reap! In the midst of editing that. πŸ˜€





Last Day in Osaka

13 December, 2015. It’s my last day in Osaka!

Since it’s our last day in Osaka, we had to make good use of it. πŸ˜€ We started off the day with some ramen! We checked out from our Airbnb, left our bags with the hosts and went off for the day, our flight were at midnight.

We asked the host for some directions to this ramen place, Kinryu Ramen, this place is loved by the Big Bang members, and I watched Daesung recommend this place to the fan during his live broadcast, so of course we had to try! We actually saw the Kinryu branch in Dotonbori but there weren’t any seats, so we didn’t go for that one. We were really too tired to stand and eat. It’s actually quite common to stand and eat in Japan, we’re not really used to eat though. We went to the Namba branch! You definitely can’t miss this dragon on the street!


The restaurant had free flow of white rice, kimchi and also seasoned spring onions. Super generous, the kimchi was super yummy!


The delicious bowl of glorious ramen with it’s amazing broth. ❀ I really can’t decide if I like Ichiran better to Kinryu better!


After the delicious ramen brunch, we walked around the Namba area and went to this claw machine store. The entire store was filled with claw machines. I didn’t try my luck as I already know I don’t know and am not good at it. Haha, but I found lots of Krunk bears!



Selca with the Krunk bears!


Mini Krunk bears!


Then I saw this outside the store and decided to play with this instead, it was cheaper and I definitely will get something out of it. πŸ˜€



I wanted the Daesung one but got Taeyang’s one instead, that’s okay! πŸ˜€


It’s purpose it mainly as a souvenir, I wouldn’t wear it out as a watch. Hahaha.


As we were walking the street, we found this fried chicken place. There were quite a lot of people buying it, so we decided to try it out. I’m so glad we did because it was so crispy and juicy, the best part was that it was boneless! ❀ Super delicious, it was beyond my expectations. It’s called Kinnotorikara! I would crave for this. πŸ˜€


There were a selection of sauces and seasoning you can choose from and you can add however much as you like, super yummy!


After that, we walked more and went to the shopping mall that had Nana’s Green Tea. Nana’s Green Tea was one of the places we planned to go before hand, and we couldn’t find any for the past however long we were there, when we finally see one, we had to go and try it!

Below is the warabi mochi with sugar and green tea chocolate and also regular chocolate. Both of this were really delicious. The sugar syrup tasted like gula melaka! The warabi mochi is really yummy! ❀ It’s my new favourite mochi! As for the chocolate, they are chocolate, chocolate can never go wrong. ❀


These two desserts! I don;t even remember what they are called but one is green tea and the other is roasted tea. Delicioussssssss! ❀ Fortunately, we can get it in Malaysia!


After desserts, we walked around the mall, there were a Harry Potter exhibition. Look at the wands! πŸ˜€ I always wanted one.


I love Harry Potter series so much, so much! Ps. RIP Alan Rickman, besides Harry Potter, I really enjoyed his other works too. ❀


Then we headed to Namba Park as we didn’t know where else to go.


IMG_3670 IMG_3676

I liked how the park is built, very interesting and refreshing!

IMG_3684 IMG_3686

Before we leave the city, we had some food, we went to First Kitchen again. Heheh.


After that meal, we went back to the Airbnb to collect our luggages and then we headed to the airport by the subway.


Subway ticket!


At the airport as we wait to check in, I opened the box of Moomin cookies I bought from Daiso, they aren’t too bad. πŸ˜€ Super cute!


We ate some food as we were hungry, Japanese curry! πŸ˜€ This wasn’t the best curry we had there, the best was Coco Curry! We ordered fish and chicken.

IMG_3715 IMG_3717

After a few hours in the airport, we found out that our flight was canceled due to technical issues, therefore we had to wait for the next flight out Osaka, we stayed another night in the airport. I was feeling sick at the end of the trip, the airport was cold, but luckily the vending machine had hot tea, so that helped me a lot! My sister and I took a walk outside the airport for some fresh air with our lovable plushies. ❀


The staff gave us some food, but I didn’t feel like having anything as I was feeling ill.


Morning came and we finally got our boarding pass! We decide to get another ticket and fly back to KL by Malaysia Airline. We had breakfast at Boteyju! I was hoping to get okonomiyaki but it was too early, they don’t serve that instead they have a breakfast set meal. We got some noodles and sandwiches. Nothing beats their okonomiyaki! Just saying. Haha.

IMG_3748 IMG_3750

As we were going through security, we realised that 2PM’s JunK was going through security as well! We went the same line as him! OMG. We were so so close to him!


Literally standing next to him!


IMG_3771 IMG_3774

It was such a surprise to see a Korean idol in the airport! What an experience! Thanks to the cancelled flight, we get to see a K-pop idol. Hahaha. Next time, let’s bump into Big Bang perhaps? πŸ˜€


Typical airplane shot. Heheh.


Arrival at KLIA!


This concludes my Japan adventures! It was a blast visiting the futuristic country! The country is so modern and so traditional at the same time, there’s the fast moving Tokyo and on the other side there is the city filled with history, Kyoto. I miss Japan all the time! The food especially and also the beautiful sceneries!

Thank you, Momo for being such a good host on behalf of your boss!

I want to visit more of Japan! Hokkaido, Nagoya, Kobe, everywhere in Japan!

Till next time! The rest of my trip in Japan linked below!

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Hello there! Today, I’m gonna be blogging about BIG BANG’s MADE TOUR in MALAYSIA. Untitled

Initially, I didn’t take the initiative to buy the tickets because it is pricy but we, (me and my sister and mother) decided to just go for it, have fun and enjoy the show. It’s not everyday that they come and perform. So we bought tickets one day before the show. I’m so so glad they added another show. This is also my first actual concert, and I’m so happy that it is. I went to showcases and MTV world stage before this but I don’t count it as a actual concert, because I left halfway for world stage. So this is my actual first concert and my first K-pop concert! We went for the first show in Malaysia! Luckily they added another show. Thank you YG!


UntitledIn the stadium!


No regrets, definitely, until now, it still feels super surreal that I was actually there, listening to them live. TOP and GD were tired but they made the effort to come and perform for us even though they came right after the filming of their new mv. Daesung and Seungri are so funny. Taeyang interacted with the fans so much. I love them so much more now.

UntitledUntitled Untitled

Of course, their vocals are amazing. They sound absolutely amazing live. GD voice is so so unique, both when he’s singing and rapping. GD got a little shy when Seungri was talking to us. That is so cute! Covering his face with the towel. GD is just so so charming!

UntitledBae Bae stage, can we just appreciate the statue for a minute?!Β 

TOP’s voice is just so nice to listen to, especially during his solo performance, his charisma is just, crazy good. Doom Dada also sounds so so good on the laptop and listening to it live is just a dream come true. Of course he said his infamous line, “You like?”And also in BM, “Kamu bagus”. WE MOST DEFINITELY LIKE!

Untitled UntitledUntitled

Daesung hit all the high notes perfectly. I was in awe listening to him. Daesung’s solo performance was so so good. When he played the drums, he is so sexy! Daesung said he can’t see in BM, “Saya tak boleh nampak.” It was so cute when he said that! Then he cheekily flicked his hair away and quickly put it back again. He also danced a little during the ment, after the little dance, he apologised. So cuteeeeee. He also said that his mother and father loves the fans, after he said that, he got embarrassed. What a cutie! 😍 Daesung waved a lot to the fans and it’s really heart warming!

UntitledLoser stage! Look at the props! Amazing!Β 

Untitled Untitled

Taeyang’s voice is so so soothing, I loved his solo performance! Taeyang left at the very last second before the screen closes! πŸ˜€ He also threw his bandana and cap to the fans! ❀ I can’t get over how amazing he sounds!


Seungri is sooo adorable, he tries to interact with us so much, making us laugh a lot. And GD is right, Seungri really does sing well. We were chanting Seungri’s name and he wanted us to scream more! Seungri threw his MADE jacket to the rock zone fans! How lucky! Seungri’s fan service is number one!

They’re all so good looking! Omg. Handsomeeeeessssss.

UntitledUntitled Bang Bang Bang stage!

UntitledI am still so blown away with all of their voices!Β 

UntitledFantastic Baby was the last song followed by We Like 2 Party!Β 



The stage, lighting, fireworks, confetti, the props and all that is sooooooo well done! The standard is definitely up there. Also, the band, The Band Six sounded so so amazing!

Untitled UntitledUntitled

I am so surprised that I didn’t shed a tear. I’m a very emotional person, so I was expecting myself to tear at the sight of Big Bang because this means a lot to me.


I’d do that night all over again.

I also became friends with other VIPs! VIPs are all so nice to each other. In the occasion where I just ask then a question on Twitter, (I didn’t know them before this) they promptly answered my questions. They are so kind and friendly! I also made new VIPs friends on Instagram. VIPs are everywhere!

ps. I don’t have a bias now, I can’t choose!
*update* it’s Monday, 27 July and I’m still not over the concert. I don’t think I will be for a long long time. Now when I listen to their songs, I get goosebumps and sometimes I feel my eyes swelling with tears, especially when I listen to their live performance. They are just so so good. Can’t get over it, I’ve post concert withdrawals. 😒