This is my second time writing this, unfortunately, technology is not on my side this afternoon. On this Saturday afternoon, I am writing about Big Bang's MADE film! I watched the film with my fellow VIP classmate, Sabilla and my sister and her friend. Firstly, tickets were hard to get as we wanted to watch… Continue reading BIGBANG10 MADE


Last Day in Osaka

13 December, 2015. It's my last day in Osaka! Since it's our last day in Osaka, we had to make good use of it. ๐Ÿ˜€ We started off the day with some ramen! We checked out from our Airbnb, left our bags with the hosts and went off for the day, our flight were at… Continue reading Last Day in Osaka


Hello there! Today, I'm gonna be blogging about BIG BANG's MADE TOUR in MALAYSIA. Initially, I didn't take the initiative to buy the tickets because it is pricy but we, (me and my sister and mother) decided to just go for it, have fun and enjoy the show. It's not everyday that they come and… Continue reading BIG BANG MADE TOUR