2016 in months

This post is dedicated, to sum up, my 2016.


View from cycling

Spent my first couple of days of January in Singapore with my family and relatives, it was rather productive thinking back, we went cycling, morning exercises, it was quite an outdoorsy trip, we even visited the zoo! This picture was one of the views we saw while cycling!

Jumpshots with cousins and sister

I also exercised more throughout the entire 2016 which I am very happy about, it’s nothing extreme but glad I am moving around here and there a little. Other than going to Singapore, I did not do very much in January, it was still my summer break! Oh, I did dye my hair to a ridiculously light colour, of course at that time I loved it, as of now, maybe not..


The usual four!

It was Chinese New Year. It was also the time due to an incident, which made me reflect and I realised the importance of exercising, family and health, so that was something I will always keep with me. Chinese New Year was fine, as I grow older, I tend to lose the excitement of the festivities.


February also marked my last month of my summer break, which means I started my first semester of my final year. The semester officially starts on the 29 February, however, I have no classes on Mondays which was such a blessing! So I only had classes from Tuesday to Fridays, and even so, on Tuesday and Thursday, I only had one lecture and on Wednesdays, I had on lecture and one tutorial, while, on Friday it was a little packed but it worked out fine, had one lecture and three tutorials!


I enjoyed using the Snapchat filters so much!

I officially started my third semester, honestly, I was quite afraid initially because I had two classes with the same lecturer, I’ve never been taught be that lecturer before, I kept thinking, what if the lecturer is not a good lecturer, and I’ll have to attend the classes, four times a week.. My friend had taken a class with this lecturer and she said the lecturer is cool, I was still kinda meh, but fortunately it turned out, the lecturer is the best lecturer I had so far. I asked a million questions and the lecturer gladly helped. Phew! Because I had to swap my units, I took a class I never thought I would take, it was a gender studies class, I didn’t want to take up any gender studies unit because I didn’t think I would like it. It was quite challenging actually! I’ve never taken any gender units previously, so jumping to a third-year gender unit was probably not a good idea, though I am rather happy with my grade!

Kwang Soo!

Apart from my academic life, my sister’s hard work joining the EXO contest paid off as she won two tickets to the concert! I attended the concert with her and it was very cool! I didn’t know all the songs, heheh. We were really quite close to the members since it was in the rock zone. I also met Lee Kwang Soo again, he came to KL for the new Samsung S7 Edge roadshow, as usual, so handsome and humble.


10-seconds of fame
Meeting Sandara Park, she’s so beautiful!

In April, my sister and I had our 10-seconds of fame, haha. We also met Sandara Park, formerly a member of 2NE1 when she came here to promote for Moonshot! That was fun! April was pretty standard, school, assignments, had some good food, did a little shopping, that kinda stuff.


Lighter hair which I dyed back in January
Darker hair, which I absolutely loved. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

Not much happened in the fifth month of 2016, it was the end of the semester. I decided to have bangs again and also dyed my hair to a darker colour. Mostly it was just completing assignments and submitting assignments, other than that, there were nothing special.


To make up for the lack of events in May, here’s an excerpt from a conversation I had with a friend. A little story behind it, I was telling her we had gotten an extension for an assignment, like me, she took two classes with the same lecturer, so she got confused. Hahaha.


The sunset was beautiful


Since it was the beginning of another semester break, I just enjoyed my holiday and watched a whole lot of films, a lot of the films I watched starred Audrey Hepburn. I love her, so iconic! Also, visited Singapore (once again), and also visited Ipoh and Kuala Sepetang! Kuala Sepetang was quite pretty, I don’t particularly like to be on waters, boats, that kinda stuff, so I was scared at first, then I got used to it cause we spent many hours on the boat waiting for dolphins, which fortunately we managed to see!


With cousins and sister in Singapore
Mummy cat and baby cat
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

The trip to Singapore overlaps to July, we went on the 30th of June until the 4th of July. Another point to note is we started feeding the stray cats behind our house, unfortunately by the time I am writing this, the kitten has died. July was also the month we visited Siem Reap! (Yes, I am aware I am super super behind on my blog post about that trip..) It was a eye opening trip!

Such a joy to receive this basket

That month, I won a basket of Royce chocolates through a contest held by Buro24/7, so I am extremely grateful! I started my final semester of my degree course on the 25th of July.

First day of the semester with Sabilla! My bangs were cut slightly too short..

Once again, I was rather concerned about two classes, one was a class completely out of my comfort zone, it was related to international studies, but thankfully, I didn’t have to touch too much on international studies, instead, I got to utilise my journalism skills, which could use a bit of polishing.. Haha. The other class I was afraid of was because of the lecturer, the lecturer is known to have high standards and boring classes, honestly, during break time for that lectures, my friends and I have walked out of the lecture multiple times, sometimes for McDonalds and others was for I can’t even remember now. At the end of the entire semester, my highest grade was from this class, either I must’ve done really well or the lecturer was nice that semester?



I kept changing my timetable and I finally decided on one which I thought would be a challenge, I allocated all my tutorials on Fridays, back-to-back that is. 9am – 10am, 10am – 11am, 11am – 12pm, and finally 2pm – 3pm. Initially, it was tiresome to go to another class right after another, it was also a challenge to swap focus, for instance, I would be in the 9am – 10am class discussing an issue related to class with my classmates, and then I would have to go attend the 10am stardom class, I would still be pondering about the 9am class on the discussions we had, then only I would actually stay focused in the stardom class, right when I am 100% focused on the stardom class, because one hour is relatively short to discuss the many elements of a film, I would then go to my next class, sexuality class, which requires me to read before hand, I tried my very best to read before I attend! Fridays can be tiring, but it was somewhat rewarding. I also managed to have a mid-week break with Wednesdays off, so glad I had Wednesdays off! That gave me plenty of time to complete assignments! This also meant on I only had one lecture Tuesdays and Thursdays and two on Mondays. I love how flexible the timetable can be.

My sister bought me a mini Moomin (the right one) to add to my collection!
Goodies from the event!

This was also my birthday month, I turned 22. I didn’t have a big celebration, just had some cake with my family. I also attended Buro24/7 x Sulwhasoo event with Sarah, my sister and my sister’s friend, Aliah!


Stardom assignment, research on Audrey Hepburn
Skipped second half of a boring lecture for McDonalds with Afi and Sabilla

September was another one of those months where there wasn’t much events. By this time of the year, I had already spoken to a couple of lecturers about the options to continuing studying, there’s honours degree which adds on to the currently degree I am pursuing, or the masters degree. I pretty much wanted to do the masters because the honours degree had a higher entry requirement, I thought I wouldn’t be able to achieve that, then after more discussions with my lecturer, I decided to aim for the entry requirement for the honours degree. I was constantly worried I would not be able to attain the required grade, I kept wishing for December 5 to arrive quickly because that was the date the grades would be released.

Mini bouquet for mum’s birthday

It was also my mother’s birthday, we went flowers to her! ❤


Sabilla, Afi and myself
With Afi and our sixty cents drink
Group mates for international studies unit, final assignment!

October is the month where it was time to give 100% effort to all the assignments, it was also the month where I realised I have made such good friends from the international studies class, so glad we got along!

Last minute BBQ event

Also, Afi and I decided to take part in as many events as we can in school because it was our last semester and we wanted to cherish it. We took a LOT of photos, we even purposely went back to school just to take photos, and then we went shopping. Haha. It was also the end of my final semester.

We went almost every week

Fell in love with Fishbowl, it’s so good!


There was two new little kittens, so we started feeding them as well!


Afi, the ice-cream queen. Haha.
Fun times!

I decided to spend more time with Afi before she leaves, so we went for ice-creams and shopping! And of course took more pictures, heheh.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Nami Island

Mid-November, I went to Seoul, Korea with my family. I can’t say I have an entirely good trip unfortunately, but it was still fun!

I bought a big Moomin back home, so in love with it!

I took it down mid-flight to hug it then when we were gonna approach for landing, the stewardess asked if I wanted to store it on the overhead cabin and I was like, “Okay..” Haha, turns out she likes Moomin too!


Pavilion Christmas decoration
Swarovski carousel 
Teriyaki chicken and rice
Happy grandma!
Hoji cha and green tea
Udon and salmon

Beginning of December, I went to Pavilion with my grandma and spent some time with her, that was nice. Christmas decorations were up, it was so festive.

I was in such a giving mood, glad to see them happy when they received it

My final results also came out, I am so so happy with my results, all my hard word has paid off. This means I managed to achieve my main goal, to be able to apply for the honours degree. I then started on my proposal for the application. I gave some thank you gifts to the lecturer that guided me throughout this entire year and also the staff who I have bothered way too much!

Rups, Sarah, and I 


I finally met up with my two crazy friends from my diploma class after a year or two I think!


Simple and delicious!


I also started to have greek yogurt with honey and strawberries again!

In conclusion, 2016 was quite good actually, did some travelling, completed my degree course, made more friends, spent time with family, it was memorable. ❤ I have many things to be thankful for.

Four days into 2017, I cannot wait to get news regarding my application for the honours degree, I wish and hope all goes well. May 2017 be healthful, wishful, joyful, insightful, wonderful and effortful.



Food Adventures in Siem Reap

I’ve been thinking of how I want to organise the Siem Reap posts, do I write it day by day as I wrote about my Japan trip or should I change it up and try something new? I noticed there is a good amount of food pictures, I decided to start off with all the food we had while we were in Siem Reap!


$1 watermelon shake, the weather was really hot and humid so the drink was definitely refreshing.


On the first night, we walked around Pub Street and decided to have dinner at one of the restaurant(?) on the roadside. I ordered this kebab and it was so burnt, I scraped off the burnt part just cause burnt bits are not good. One thing about eating outdoors were the bugs. There were bugs everywhere, flying in the food and it was unpleasant but I got used to it after three days. I’ll say, “Look at this little friend, what are you doing here?” Haha.


Also had stir fry noodles and also fried rice which I don’t have a picture of.


This is similar to the Vietnamese spring rolls. This dinner was decent, nothing too great or special, but we have good food over the next few days!

We had Khmer cuisine for lunch at Chaney Tree because the hotel recommended. The food there was good, I can’t exactly name every dish, but I will try to.


Mixed vegetables.


This is a salad with pomelo and lotus roots.


I really liked this dish, green curry prawns! Their green curry is a little different from the Thai green curry that I am used to, but it was still delicious!


This is pork ribs, didn’t really enjoy this as I am not a big fan of pork ribs or pork in general.

Next up is breakfast buffet in the hotel, I didn’t take many pictures of the selection of food, but it’s the usual fried rice, stir fry vermicelli noodles, one of the morning, they had Phad Thai which was so good! Of course, there was fruits, salad, bread, coffee, etc.


This simple noodles chicken noodle soup was so delicious!


This is the condiment to the chicken noodle soup, looks really simple but it was so flavourful, the lime and chilli gave a nice kick to the soup!

This meal is what we had after we visited Angkor Wat. This is one of the restaurants our driver recommended. I didn’t take down the name unfortunately, we had a good meal here!


This is a clear soup with a hint of sourness and it has the vegetable that has a very strong taste, which I don’t mind when it’s in the soup but it was raw in the Vietnamese spring roll and the taste was too overpowering, to me.


Fried egg with bitter gourd.


When we ordered this, it said Thai fishcakes, so we were expecting it to be Thai fishcakes, but it’s more of a breaded fishcake? But it was quite yummy! It’s thin and crispy with surprisingly good flavours!


We were told to try Amok, it’s one of the most popular Khmer dishes. It was so so so delicious! It has that same vegetable in it, it’s fish, almost like a curry but it’s not, but it’s super delicious!

We were so exhausted from exploring around Angkor Wat, so we decided to have dinner right in the hotel, and it’s a pretty good deal, for barbeque. We got to choose what we want and it was airconditioned, heheh. All the plates were $5, so it’s pretty reasonable, we shared so we could try everything!


Chicken wings with some vegetable.


Barbequed prawns, I ordered this (we did share), hehe, I love love love prawns!


Next up is pork chop with some vegetables as well.


Pork ribs which were really good according to those who ate it, I can’t comment on this because again, I am not a big fan of pork.


I think this was red snapper, we ordered two of these. This was so yummy as well! The fish was so fresh. ❤ I really enjoyed this dinner as it was in the hotel so we don’t have to walk far at all. Actually, there was a taco vendor right outside the hotel, so, I had taco later that night, it was only $2, it was also delicious! I was extremely full that night.. So worth it!

This next meal was our lunch after we visited Tonle Sap. Our driver brought us to yet another yummy restaurant, there was a queue as well, so you know it’s good.


This is vegetable Amok! We also ordered fish Amok which I don’t have a picture of, the vegetable Amok is delicious but I still prefer the fish Amok, I really want some right now.


We also had tom yam which was nice because it wasn’t too spicy. I love tom yam, Khmer cuisine can be quite similar with Thai cuisine.


This is a simple tofu/bean curd dish with vegetable.


We had extra time before our driver returns to pick us up, so we had dessert, fried banana with ice-cream and rolled cookie. We have a similar cookie here in Malaysia!

Last meal in Siem Reap!


Cambodian coffee, this was really nice! Wished I had more of this.


This is one of the best Hawaiian pizza I’ve ever had. It’s not fancy but it was so yummy! We also had onion soup which was not bad. I really enjoyed our last meal!

I miss Amok the most and the tacos!


Nara and Kyoto

Hello! I’m back with the next Osaka adventure.

12 December, 2015.

I began my morning with a trip to Kuromon Ichiba market. My mum and grandma went to this market a day before and my sister and I didn’t go, so I wanted to go and check the market out, after all it’s one of the tourist attraction. I went there mainly for fruits! Strawberries in particular! Hehe.


Pineberries or white strawberries. I get why it’s called wineberry, when I ate it, there was a pineapple taste! So strange but interesting at the same time, if I had to compare with the regular strawberry, I would say I prefer the regular strawberry better. ❤ But the pineberry was an interesting try.


Japanese fruit products, so beautifully packaged and so fresh!


The most expensive strawberries I found! ¥15000 which converts to about RM525! But the strawberries looks so yummy, so big! Not to mention individually packaged as well.




Literally my dream come true, STRAWBERRIES. ❤




There was so much to see, I enjoyed market trips because I got to see the different things we don’t have in Malaysia.


Crab! I didn’t get to have any this trip, I’ll make sure to get it the next time I go! The first thing on my list. 😀


Bought these strawberries. I had a strawberry galore party before I left Osaka. SO YUMMY. I can’t get them in Malaysia! I did see one in the supermarket that had the same packaging as this one but it was priced at RM58 and it was not as big as this.. 😦


Morning coffee. ❤


After the market trip, we went back and then took a train to Nara!


This is the Higashimuki Shopping Street which we walked along after visiting Nara Park. We found a giant Daiso store here and went crazy. Haha, bought a lot of stuff! The Daiso is equals to ¥100 which converts to RM3.50, which is way cheaper to buy there than the Daiso in Malaysia, RM5.30 now with the GST. Daiso is ❤


I was super excited to see the deers! ❤


Hello there! The deers there are so chill, they just sit around.

IMG_3269 IMG_3276

Autumn foliage in the beginning of winter! ❤


I tied my hair like Minnie Mouse on that day, heheh. #OnlyinJapan But look at the deer! ❤


Of course I had to take a selca with the deer!


They are all so cute!


With dearest mummy!


After visiting the deer park, we went to the shopping street and then left Nara and went to Kyoto! Another day in beautiful Kyoto. ❤


We visited the Fushimi Inari Shine. Super beautiful! Even the train station is built using the red colour scheme.


The gate to the shrine. There were lots of street food there, so no worries if you’re hungry!


IMG_3386 IMG_3387

Takoyaki! I can’t eat them because of the octopus in it, I am allergic to squid so high possibility that I’m allergic to octopus too. 😦


Looks so yummy!


Pork kebab thing, this was yummy!


I found a rare spot that doesn’t have anyone!


The infamous thousands of vermilion torii gates! It’s hard to take a nice picture because there were lots of tourists. We didn’t walk all the way as we were tired from all the walking we did for the past few days. Next time we’ll be more prepared. >.<


Pretty autumn foliage!


As we were going down, there were a group of people making lots of noise and chasing people, so we walked aside, it turned out to be some Japanese artists, we have no idea who that was, but they sure are famous!


People all crowding to get a glimpse of the artists. There were about 3 of them, they passed by us, they definitely had the artist look. Haha.


We walked on trains very often in Kyoto, it feels very old school. Haha.


Kyoto is filled with beautiful streams and rivers, very serene and calming to look at.


We went back to Teramachi Street and bought a crepe!


This was yummy but not as yummy as the one we had in Harajuku!


After that, we went around looking for Ichiran Ramen, one of the recommendations we got, we asked a group of Japanese ladies and they were kind enough to walk us there as they were going the same direction, and we arrived! Vending machine to select the meal.


It was an individual seating set up, but the partition can be unlocked and open it so we can see each other. Haha.


Omg, this was SUPER yummy! One of the best ramen I’ve had in Japan! We can choose the spiciness, the noodles consistency, and whether you want green or white onion, and other things you get to choose, kind of a custom made bowl of ramen. Super yummy, we ended up ordering extra noodles. The broth were super yummy too!


The green tea tofu, this might not suit everyone’s taste. Personally I didn’t try but my mum said it’s kind of bitter.


I think of this ramen all the time! [CC: Christy and Nadya! We were talking about this ramen the entire time we were in Singapore!]


After that, we went to Arashiyama to see the bamboos!


Some exhibition at the Hanky Arashiyama Station.


Unfortunately, I felt sick because of the amount of crowd, it was super crowded. Therefore I didn’t take any photos of the bamboos, I would wanna go again in the day, the night view nice but I think the day view would be much prettier. The walk from the train station to the bamboo area was pretty long, we should’ve checked for bus route.


We then took the train back to Osaka after visiting Arashiyama and had lots of strawberries after a long day of walking. I then had a good night sleep!


Till next time!

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Little Quaint Town: Hakone
Hakone to Tokyo
Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo to Osaka
Osaka Adventures
Kyoto Day 1


Osaka Adventures

Happy new year! I took a break from blogging as I was in Singapore for a short break. ❤ Continuing my Japan adventures!

December 10, 2015. Wandering around Osaka.

My mum and grandma went to Kuromon Ichiba Market while my sister and I slept in that morning, they came back with some food. Noodles!


These drinks were so yummy, there were more jelly compared to the actual drink. Plus, they were affordable too!


We walked to Osaka Castle from our Airbnb, it’s really close to the castle! Another day without much sun. 😦

IMG_2024 IMG_2026

The walk to the castle was nice, good weather and pretty trees!

IMG_2047 IMG_2048

We arrived at the entrance! I’m not too sure which entrance this was, there are a few entrance to the castle if I’m not wrong.


With my sister! ❤


We stopped for food right outside the entrance of the castle, since we didn’t eat a lot for breakfast, we wanted to get some more food. 😀


Ice-cream, we had to get the ice-cream!


My sister and her dango! She loves them!


Udon and we also got some side dishes, boiled fish paste and other boiled yummy goodness that I’ve no idea what they are.. Haha.


The castle is so pretty! It’s elevated from the ground, so the view from the top is really nice!

IMG_2125 IMG_2144

Using the Snapchat stickers as much as I can. Hahaha.


Entrance ticket! IMG_2155

A few shots of the view from the top, it’s not very high but the view is still very pretty, colourful trees across the place.

IMG_2167 IMG_2172


After visiting the castle with my grandma. Notice how I took off my outer jacket, my sister and I walked up the stairs to the top of the castle instead of opting for the elevator because the queue was so long, by the time we went all the way up, it was a full on exercise, haha.


After the castle, we headed off to find a train station as we wanted to go to the Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium.


On the way to the aquarium, we saw the cabbage flowers selling for ¥100! So cheap! Too bad we can’t bring it back home.


We stopped for lunch at a Korean restaurant nearby the aquarium, it was so yummy! ❤ The bibimbap was not the greatest but the samyupsal was so yummy!

IMG_2306 IMG_2308


We reached the aquarium! It was beginning to rain at that time. 😦 I was the most excited to go to the aquarium, haha.


I didn’t take a lot of photos, some of the photos I took came out blur. 😦


They are so CUTE! ❤


A capybara! Isn’t is so cute?!


Penguins! SO CUTE! Toddling around. ❤


Colourful fishes!


Rare whale shark! It’s hugeeeeee!


These fishes are so funny, they don’t swim, they look as though someone put a string on them and hang them there.


Sister with the swimming seal! The aquarium works in a good way, we can see the seals at the beginning, in my previous picture where they were sleeping, from there it looks like they don’t have much space to go around but I was wrong, the tank goes all the way down, so the seal have lots and lots of space to swim around and play. As we walk to the next exhibits, we see the same thing because we are walking in between the tanks. Does that make sense? I hope it does.. Haha.


Hello stingray!

IMG_2452 IMG_2456

The crabs were so big! Look at my hand compared to the crabs!


Delicate jellyfishes!


IMG_2550 IMG_2551


If I’m not wrong, this area connects to the same place where all the seals are, the place is really really big!


This is another breed of penguins!


This leopard printed stingray has to be the chicest stingray there is. We got to touch the stingray and also the shark, the stingray was slimy and slippery while the shark felt like it’s sandpaper. Complete opposite!


At the exit, we found Nemo!




We then we back to the city, stopped at Umeda station and we walked around and came across this okonomiyaki restaurant, so we decided to eat here. We had to wait for quite some time as the shop was really small and it was full, one of the couple had finished eating but didn’t leave until everyone else left.. Maybe it’s their culture there? No clue, but if we see someone waiting for seats in KL, as we finish eating, we will give our seats to others as we know others are waiting. Oh well, personally I thought that was inconsiderate. Moving on to the actual food that we had, I don’t have the prettiest photo of them but the food was so so so so so GOOD. One of the best meals I’ve had in Japan.


This is grilled xiao long bao, which was interesting. There was soup inside the little bao! Very yummy!


This omelette was super yummy too. It has cherry tomatoes, Gouda cheese and rice cakes in it. Very different from the usual omelette.


The main dish! Okonomiyaki, super delicious! ❤ The flavours were rich. There was also a box of bonito flakes for you to add and also other condiments. Very generous.


These are basically gyoza but in a different shape? I’m sure there is a name for it but I don’t know the exact name, nonetheless, this was super yummy too!


After we had that delicious meal, we walked around HEP5, the building that has the ferris wheel build in it. 😀 It was dark, so I couldn’t get any photos of the building itself. Anyways, we went to a Disney store! Bought my sister a Dumbo plushie. It’s super cute!


Before we headed back to the Airbnb, we had pancakes. 😀 The pancakes there are very different from what we have here, theirs are super fluffy! We had green tea pancakes and also the Christmas special. ❤


The Christmas special was too much because of the whipped cream and chocolate, I prefer the green tea pancakes. 😀


Back at the Airbnb!


Some fruits my mother bought at the market. 😀 STRAWBERRIES. ❤


That’s all for today!

Have a good year ahead ❤

Till next time!

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Tokyo Disneyland


December 8, 2015. Where dreams come true, Disneyland!

I’ve always been a Disney fan, so, going to Disneyland is really a dream come true! Except it was really really really cold that day, from the morning till the night, super cold! I would say it’s the coldest day we experienced while we were in Japan, plus, we were also mostly outdoors. It was also dark and gloomy, only a slight sight of the sun when it was about to set, if some pictures look brighter than others, that means I’ve edited the brightness. Heheh.

This was the queue to the entrance before the opening time, so many people!


First thing we did was queue up to meet Minnie Mouse and take a photo with her! It took about an hour plus. Super cold while waiting in line!


IMG_0332 IMG_0336

While waiting, other characters came out and have photo sessions, the people were so eager and pushy, we didn’t have a chance to take a photo with all since we weren’t as pushy as them, we only saw the characters. So in the end, we only took photos with two characters, Minnie and Mister Geppetto, Pinocchio’s father! We managed to see Marie, Pluto, Goofy, Chip and Dale, and Max who is Goofy’s son.

IMG_0364 IMG_0374

Minnie! ❤ So poised!


After taking that photo, we walked towards the massive Christmas tree, everything was Christmas decorated! So festive and pretty!


There were of course a lot of people! 😀


The next thing we did was watch One Man’s Dream II, which is a show where the characters dance and sing, quite well done. 😀


So colourful!


Then we found a churros stall, strawberry churros to be exact, churros with strawberry flavoured sugar (?), it wasn’t the best, it was quite tough.


Then we headed to Toontown! Where all Mickey and Minnie and Goofy’s houses were, we managed to visit Minnie’s house as the line is way shorter than Mickey’s house. Couldn’t take any nice photos since we were just glancing through at the things. However, it was very cute, pinks and the kitchen is the cutest! ❤

IMG_0612 IMG_0624

The cabbage flower was spotted in Minnie’s backyard! Guess she must like that flower, haha.


Me and my Minnie sweater in front of Minnie’s house!


Then we had some food at Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe. We had shrimp burger with fries and tea, it was actually quite good! The bun was so soft, yum!

IMG_0724 IMG_0733

We then noticed that people were sitting on the floor, initially there were only one or two people sitting on the floor then more and more people started doing that and then we found out that they were picking a spot for the parade. No one told us in advance that they do that, so we were rather surprised. They even brought mats and blankets, those people must come to Disneyland often!


The parade started! Yay! I can’t post all the photos here as it is already so filled with photos, haha, but almost all the characters took part in the parade!


IMG_0967 IMG_0983

IMG_1002 IMG_1015

IMG_1050 IMG_1098

IMG_1131 IMG_1148


After the parade, we walked to Cinderella’s Castle! Here’s my disbelief face that I’m actually in Disneyland, in front of the castle! 😀


And here’s another more poised photo of me. Haha. These photos are edited to be brighter because it was really too dark!


We also went and see what’s in the castle, this is the view from the castle. The sun was about to set.


IMG_1253 IMG_1267

IMG_1278 IMG_1316

Here’s Peter Pan and Wendy, they were so cute! Peter Pan is so cute! ❤


Opposite them was Eugene/ Flynn from Tangled!


The next show we went to was Mickey’s Philhar Magic! It’s a 4D show, though it was in Japanese, so we only make sense of the entire show by its visual, it was still fun!


Then we went to Grandma Sara’s Kitchen and have another meal, there were a Christmas special set, so we had that, it was really yummy!


The cake was super yummy! ❤


Almost wanted to take the cup home, hahaha!


We finally get to see a bit of sun!


Magical castle ❤


Then we went to the Monster Inc ride! It was so much fun! Loved the ride!


Monster Inc headquarters!


Honey popcorn were available where Pooh’s ride were, there wasn’t enough time for us to go on the ride unfortunately. The popcorn was yummy!


We went for rides where the queue isn’t too long, It’s a Small World. I was so excited to go on this ride but I was rather bored throughout the ride.. I also noticed the other people who went on the ride before us looked very bored and spaced out while they were going out of the boat. Hahaha.



Next ride! Teacups! This was enjoyable! My mum was more excited that I was, hahaha.



There were also not much of a line at the merry go round, so we went on that too! Hehe, we went on all the not scary ride because I can’t deal with the roller coasters and all that scary stuff!


We also went on the Snow White ride, the witch was scary on this one.. Heheh.


We had a little snack before waiting for the next parade. I really wanted to try this, Mickey waffles! So yummy and so cute! ❤


The lights parade begins with Princess Aurora, I think that’s Princess Aurora, haha. The lights were all very bright and pretty. ❤


I was standing with some Japanese girls and they were so enthusiastic, both Mickey and Minnie waved at our direction and they were starstruck, haha, so cute! ❤


IMG_1516 IMG_1592


After that, it was the fireworks! Very very nicely done, as expected of Disney’s production, very beautiful and the song was accompanied nicely as well. ❤


There was also the castle performance but I don’t have a proper photo of that because I recorded 18 mins worth of it, very interesting and refreshing, seeing the castle tell stories! ❤

Then we headed back to the hotel, take away some food from this restaurant and rest and ate strawberries! ❤ What a magical magical day!


However, we missed a few sections of Disneyland where we didn’t visit, Adventureland, Westernland, and also Critter Country! I definitely have to make another visit to Disneyland again and also DisneySea! I also didn’t get to go to the stores in Disneyland because I was too tired by the end of the night.

Ending this post with another shot of fireworks and the magical castle! ❤


Till next time!

Tokyo Day 1
Tokyo Day 2
Little Quaint Town: Hakone
Hakone to Tokyo


Japan Haul

Hello there!

I’m back from a holiday in Japan! I’m planning to write my daily activity of my trip there. 😀

But today, I’ll do a haul of what I got from Japan. I didn’t expect to buy this much of things because I only wanted to eat and the only thing I wanted to buy was a Moomin stuffed toy, but I came back with more than a Moomin. This may not be a lot to some people but I didn’t have anything in mind to buy except for the stuffed toy. Hehe.


Got these point pads for the cheeks! I saw Park Jimin from 15& using these and thought it was very interesting! Found them in the pharmacy and tried one out and loved it, and then we went and got more!

Ps. Most of the things are not only for myself, just saying, haha.


Makeup! I got two eyeliners, I took off the packaging for the other one, but it’s from K-Palatte and the other one I can’t read cause it’s in Japanese. I also got the eyebrow pencil from Daiso! Which is JPY 100, which converts to about RM3.50, super cheap!


Candy and masks. A lot of people in Japan wears masks everywhere they go, I am not sure why but I decided to just get one and try, we have haze every year, so I bought that. Haha, it’s also different from the masks in Malaysia, this looks more comfortable, I’ve yet to try them though.


Pink lemonade Mentos, obviously it is yummy, can’t go wrong with candy right?


A Japanese wallet as a souvenir, I think it looks super pretty! Bought this from Kyoto!

Daiso, I only saw about 3 Daiso stores while I was there, I thought there would be everywhere, but I guess not? Or maybe I went to those places that doesn’t have Daiso. Anyways, once you go in to Daiso, prepare to buy everything. We have Daiso in Malaysia but the Japan one definitely have more things! More Disney, Sanrio and I even saw Moomin biscuits!


First item from Daiso, a Disney calendar, just cause the new year is coming and a calendar is a must! Plus, it’s so cute!


Bobby pins and a Hello Kitty headband. No particular reason to why I bought them. Haha. I can’t justify myself! (Not that I have to, haha).


I actually already have about 3 of these bobby pin set that I bought in Malaysia, but it’s RM3.50, I had to buy them as it is RM5.30 in Malaysia!


Disney related items! Mickey chopsticks and rice scooper! Too cute not to buy!


I ate these in the airport, haha. They were so cute! Moomins everywhere! ❤

IMG_3709 IMG_3713

So adorable!


These were too cute too, these are rose petals for baths, I don’t have a bath, so I’ll figure out another way to use it, haha. Plus, it’s such a cute souvenir as well!



When in Japan, you have to visit Uniqlo! I visited Uniqlo multiple times and each time, we managed to buy something! Haha. Socks, heat tech socks, it was on sale too!


Here comes the Moomin related items! I saw this in Uniqlo and I had to get it! It’s s cute, it works as a blanket and also as a throw-over scarf.

DSC_0126 DSC_0127

It’s super comfortable! ❤


I bought a Moomin tissue box, just because it has Moomin on it. No other reason to why I bought it. Hahaha.


This is what I wanted! A Moomin doll! I named mine Moong Moong. Hehe. I didn’t get the sitting down one as it the bigger size that I wanted was much more expensive and I didn’t want to get the smaller sized one, so I got the bolster looking one! It costs JPY3800. I love it so so so much! Seriously, I’ve gotten so much compliment on it, online and also in real life, I carried it on the plane with me. Hehe.


Moong Moong with Dumb Dumb! That’s my sister’s sleeping Dumbo, both of it are too cute together!


I got these as a set from the Moomin cafe in Tokyo. Ugh, too cute!


Moomin! ❤


It came with a plate too!


Christmas edition!


Almost forgot that I bought a Minnie Mouse sweater from Uniqlo one day before I visited Disneyland! Will post about that real soon.


Last but not least, I bought WINNER’s debut album! More photos will come soon in a separate blogspot as this post is getting too long.

Also there will be another haul which features food! Yay!

So much to post this month!

Till next post!


Bangkok Haul

Hello there!

As promised, here’s what I got from Bangkok! 😀 IMG_7200

Miscellaneous things, a leather personalised notebook, I love it! A little owl keychain, from the same store where I got the leather book, it’s so cute. The owl is 3 for 100 baht, can’t remember the price for the book. The stripe headband is from Chatuchak market, for 25 baht if I’m not wrong. Too bad we went to Chatuchak too early, if not I’m sure there’s more clothes to buy! Moving on, the ribbons are from H&M, I saw them in Singapore too but contemplated whether to get them or not, didn’t get them from Singapore but got them in Bangkok! (ps. Nadya, Gayle, looook!) It’s 50 baht for two bows. I also got a few tights from H&M which I don’t know where they are..


Notebooooook. ❤


Oh, this notebook, I got it from Platinum Mall. Endless shopping. ❤


This is a military style sheer almost like a shirt dress. I’ll use it as a throw over just to add accent to any outfit. This item and the following two item are from the same store in Platinum Mall, again I can’t remember the price, it may be 200 baht per piece. Not 100% sure.


Another throw over shirt dress style, again for the same purpose of the military throw over. The neon orange top is just to show the shirt dress properly.


Excuse the creased clothes, heheheh.


Pretty skirt. I like that it’s short but long, if you know what I mean.


Detailing of the lace.


My mum saw this top and she thought the sleeves is interesting and I also thought it is interesting, so I got it. When I went back to the hotel to try it, the under arm part is so uncomfortable because of the thickness of the material. I’ll have to find a way to wear this.


Interesting sleeve detail.


This skirt and the following two items are from the same store, I got them at the street shops in MBK area. This polka dot skirt reminds me of the 60’s. So cute!


Another skirt, this one is more feminine. Florals!


This looks like a skirt but it’s actually a skort! It’s really comfortable!


I love this piece! It’s so dainty and cute! There’s a lot of design to choose from, I just want to buy them all! Haha.


I like the folded sleeves, a little different from the other things I got. This is also from Platinum Mall.


Another shirt dress/ shirt, I notice a trend here where I buy a lot of white and a few shirt dresses. This picture do no justice to this shirt, it’s actually quite flattering. Love it! This is from a street store along the MBK area.


A jumpsuit! I wanted to find something like this for a long time! This is from Chatuchak market and it cost 300 baht, this I clearly remember because my mum tried to bargain until the very end. Haha.


This is not from my Bangkok trip, my mum got this for me from Mango yesterday. it’s the sale season. I love it!


I paired the jumper and the jumpsuit together to illustrate the jumpsuit better. Haha. It’s definitely too hot to wear it like this in Malaysia, but you can wear anything under the jumpsuit really. Endless possibilities.


Cute socks! At first my mum thought it is for kids, but it’s actually for adults, they stretch a lot. However, these are not the best socks, you have to really stretch them out to make it fit your fit. The colours are a plus!


Lastly, duty free!


The other two products are my mum’s so I won’t go in detail about it. I actually have not try it out yet as I still have my daily products to use. I’ve wanted to try this range of product for a while now and I finally got it! 😀


It smells really nice and the packaging is so pretty! What’s not to like? Hopefully it is a good product!

That’s all for this time.

Till next time!