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April 30th, 2017.

Almost a month since graduating! Graduation week was fun, got to see my friends again, and finally got the degree. Two years of hard work! Then it was back to my thesis. Hehe.  I sat at the very first row, means there was absolutely no chance for me to play on my phone without looking disrespectful. So I did not use my phone at all throughout the entire ceremony apart from checking for the time.. My previous graduation, I was on my phone a lot.. Selfies and all that fun stuff, but this time around it felt way more serious. Hmm? I was planning to write an entire post on graduation, the before and during and all that exciting stuff. But I was so caught up with my work that I delayed that and now I have no mood to write that anymore..

Pictures will do I guess!

The new area in school is such a nice place to take photos! 👌🏼
Sabilla and Afi. Glad that Sabilla managed to come! Been through a lot with Afi, glad we did this together!
Family! My sister arranged the beautiful flowers that I specifically wanted and also the balloons! 🎈
How gorgeous are the flowers? I love them so much!🌹 
Fun fact: I practiced wearing heels for an entire week prior to the event. #IDidNotFall

Back to the desk!

My initial set up

On my thesis, I’m on the right track. My supervisors, other lecturers and classmates often tell that to me, which I am very pleased with. This means I have time to edit and make changes if I have to. I’m sure I have to.. But the process of reading, writing, getting the right sources is actually quite nice. I’m that strange student who enjoys the working process. Is it strange? It’s been a couple of months and I’m already learning so much. On ethical issues, to consistently arranging meetings with supervisors to make sure I am on the right track to writing and editing my work especially punctuations (which I have actually been reminded of again and again from one of my supervisors since 2015, I definitely have to get on to that this time around). I felt extremely sorry for my supervisors who had to read through all that grammar mistakes. All that scribble on the paper.. I am learning to fix them! One of my supervisors said its quite “enjoyable” to him that we had that meeting where he explained to me about punctuations and grammar. He said it’s because other students also make the same mistakes but he doesn’t get to explain it to them. Probably because his classes are really big classes, it’s really quite difficult to explain one by one. He also recommended me to read a book titled, ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’, it’s quite an easy read in comparison to the everyday grammar books. Meanwhile, my main supervisor whom I make a point of meet with him every week, he very often tells me to go for a holiday because I have already done a lot at this stage. I would love to go but I’ve no idea where to go. Hmm. Normally I answer “I’m good” to how are you questions, but once I said, “I’m okay”, my supervisor seemed concerned almost and asked me what’s wrong. Nothing wrong, on that day I just felt as though I haven’t been doing much that week. Then again, I have come to terms with myself that sometimes I am too harsh on myself. Is it a good trait or a bad trait?

In comparison to the picture of roses on my desk, the ‘wall’ definitely have more character

I have also heavily decorated my desk, which I love. A lot of Audrey Hepburn, Moomin and other random stuff I like. By next week, I have to submit my ethics applications, which I have pretty much completed. Just waiting for my supervisor to go through that. Then there’s the presentation where the entire faculty will come and watch (or judge, I don’t know, apparently there will be mean comments or let’s consider them constructive criticism?). Since the induction program, this one particular presentation has been one of the most pressured assessments of the entire unit, despite it being only 10%. Of course, we shouldn’t undermine this 10%, it could bring a Distinction to a High Distinction. I’ve been told that this presentation is the reflection of our supervisors and also the school because at the end of the day we going out to conduct the research under the name of the school. Definitely there’s a lot of pressure there.

Apart from my academic life, I have been shopping way more than I need to. I just cannot resist all those sales. These few weeks, there have been a lot of public holidays. Normally, it’s on a Monday, which means, long weekends! And the next public holiday after Labour Day falls on a Wednesday, which is pretty nice. But, I normally have a lecture on Wednesday evenings; so I guess there’ll either be a replacement or an online class perhaps.

I went to two meetings looking like this. ✌🏼 Signing off for now 💕





It’s been two weeks since I last updated. In the two weeks, I actually have started my second semester of university. My one month of holidays went by just like that! Incredibly fast.

I went to Bangkok and Pulau Pangkor during the break and it was fun. Though the weather in Pulau Pangkor was scorching hot!

Next week is the third week of classes and I REALLY need to start on assignments.

I have no idea where I am heading to with this blog post, I’m just really saying what I have on my mind.

Oh! I am loving the MADE album. The last series, E was released a few days ago and it’s amazing. I watched ‘우리 사랑하지 말아요 | Let’s Not Fall in Love’ music video and I was screaming in my heart because those girls are so lucky! Such a cute music video though! In the BTS, GD asked, the VIPs probably won’t like this right? Haha, well.

I also absolutely loving the piano and guitar covers of the songs, especially by Ray Mak and SungHa Jung.

Ray makes the cover really fast! And it’s superb, after the song is released, the next morning I wake up, there’s already a cover of it, amazing!

I love this rendition of I Love You by 2NE1. So good, and he even collaborated with 2NE1.

And there are a lot more that I love, Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips, 2NE1’s Come Back Home unplugged, Some by Soyou & JunggiGo and many many more!

Until next time.




After two and a half years, I finally graduated. We finally graduated with a Diploma in Communications.

It was hard and stressful at times, but it was fun most of the time.

Though there were tough times, I somehow managed.

All the hard work has paid off!


All thanks to my parents who guided and supported me. My mum and sister who listened to all the things I had to complain about. Thank you for working so hard to give me a good education.

Thank you for the graduation gift daddy! It’s lovely.


Thanks to my family members too! My cute grandma!


Sarah Janeeee! ❤


Three of us. ❤

Of course, my friends too. Sarah Jane, Rupini, Bhuvan, Sammy and my classmates.

Thanks to Audrey and Sarah for making journalism fun! What would I do without these two ladies!

I would say the hardest was group assignments. Honestly, working in groups are not as easy as it is. Here, I’m trying to finish everything a day or two earlier just in case of any mistakes. However, somehow, somewhy they just can’t finish it on time. But everything is well now. Group assignments were so stressful. That sure taught me a lesson. 🙂

Thanks to the lecturers who guided us. I had really small classes which I actually like. Not many students majored in journalism in my batch.

I’ve many many notebooks which contains notes I copied during lectures. Little scribbles and drawings on the notebooks were mostly drawn by Sarah Jane. Haha.

I have to say, I loved studying in Taylor’s University. It has such a good environment and facilities.




Thanks for choosing the flowers mummy, Christy and popo. They are beautiful.

These were just taken just before I’m writing this post, so it doesn’t look as fresh as it was yesterday.

Thank you to everyone who congratulated me. I really appreciate it. 😀


Till next time.


Gift guide for best friend

Hello there!

So, I’ve been thinking of what to write besides reviews and hauls.

Recently my bestfriend came back from Finland after two years. That inspired me to write this post. Before he left (I mean two years ago), I got him some stuff, farewell gifts or whatever you like to call those.

Letters, gifts. So I thought I write about a guide to buying gifts for your best friend who is leaving. Leaving for further education or moving to another city, you know what I mean.

As much as I was happy for him that he got into his dream school, I was sad as well because he was leaving. So so far away. But it all went well 🙂 So I went and got some stuff for him. Of course you don’t have to spend but that’s something I did. I also had a lot of fun doing it. Looking for the gifts makes me so excited then I get out of hand. But, that’s okay.


  • If you are gonna get something, maybe get something that both of you can have. So you can remember each other. In my case, I got him a laptop sleeve because both of us got our laptop almost at the same time. So I got him a grey/ blue coloured, and I have a red/ black coloured one. (Which still lasted till today! Eventhough I’ve been really rough with it. Haha.) I also got him a pair of cufflinks. Also, remember to get something that isn’t huge or takes up too many space in the luggage. A friendship necklace for your bff would be nice. 
  • Sentimental DIY gifts. I bought a glass jar from Daiso and filled it with colourful paper which I asked my mum to shred. I handwritten some messages on each of the shredded paper. It took some time but it was so pretty at the end. Also, I used a scissors to curl it. (I think by now, the curled paper is not curled or as springy anymore, haha.) I also made a loom bracelet for him, not two years ago, made it recently.


Doesn’t the colours make you so happy? 😀 So colourful! 


  • I realised at that time I was a person who likes to express myself with words instead of saying it out. Hmm. So I wrote a few of letters for him. Until the other day, before he left back, I also wrote him a letter. I really enjoy writing them.


    • Card, I also got a card for him. The one with a little charm on it. That card already had message on it already, so I only signed it. Haha.

The below are some other suggestions.

    • Another nice gift would be a photo frame. That I didn’t do because we don’t really take pictures together. But it would be a nice collage if you and your best friend take a lot of picture together. I’m sure there’s a lot of tutorial on Pinterest or Tumblr.
    • A personalised gift. It could be a pen engraved with his or her name. This would be ideal for those who are going off to study. It can be a little reminder that your best friend that they are always there no matter what the distance. A personalised phone cover is a good idea too. Scrapbooks of both of you are nice too. 

There are a lot of DIY things you could do. I am really happy I did these. 😀

The first couple of days was really hard (I remember crying for quite some time, before and after he left) but then you’ll get use to it. I really missed him though. I still do miss him. Facebook, Whatsap, FaceTime, Skype, Viber, and any other ways! I’ve actually written a post on technology back in 2010, here) Maybe even letters perhaps. Haha. 

Another bestie is leaving soon! Hehe, I got her some stuff already. 😉 

Ps. It took quite some time to find for those pictures, went through all the two years worth of pictures to look for these. Also, excuse the poor quality, I didn’t think I would be posting it. Haha.

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 

Till next time! x

Missing Items

Hello there! 

Ever lose something and then you find it? Best. Feeling. Ever. 

I’ve been searching for my camera for a while now and there is still no signs of it. Where did it go? 

Usually, I misplace my phone a lot, but it’ll eventually be found. Especially in my bag. 

I don’t know what else to do now. I know the camera is somewhere at home but where is it? 

It’s slowly getting to me that I need to have the camera with me now. Not that I need to use it right now, I just want to know that it’s there. 

So frustrating! 

Can I just wake up from my sleep tomorrow morning and see it on my table? 

On another note, it’s time to start assignments! There is this particular assignment, group assignment to be exact, I hope everything goes as planned. Hopefully! 

I cannot wait for next month! NOVEMBER!

One week of precious holiday! 

Anyways, I hope no one is missing anything, because I know how it feels and it’s bad! 



Shoes. I am definitely a shoe lover! Heels, sneakers, flats, wedges, everything!

Recently, my mum told my sister and I to clear our shoes.

Well, clearing didn’t go so well. I didn’t ‘clear’ any of my shoes. They were all in good condition.


Disclaimer, all these shoes are not mine. Some are my sister’s, mum’s and my grandmother’s. Out of them, I have the most shoes. 🙂

I really want to get more heels/wedges because I don’t own much of them anymore.

I would really want to wear my boots more often but in this weather, there is absolutely no chance at all, especially the furry one. Don’t worry, it’s faux fur.

The grey heels boots, it’s almost time for it to be thrown away, but I really don’t want to!

If you’re wondering, what colour are on my toenails, they are Rubi’s Teenage Dream.

Here is a picture from another shoe ‘clearance’ back in 2009! Again, not all mine. 🙂




After the clearance! Most of my shoes from here are all gone. 😦 Oh, how I miss my gold Lewre heels (3rd row from the bottom, 2nd one from the right)

I really liked the brown boots (top right). In face, it was my first pair of boots. :’)

My first pair of heels are from Vincci, 2nd row from bottom, 1st pair) with the gold ribbon. I still remember when and where I bought it. Technically, my mum bought it.

Do you remember when you bought the first pair of boots/heels/loafers/whatever? Comment below, if you do! I would love to know. 🙂

I really want to go shoe shopping now!

Midterms are next week and the week after that. Luckily, there are only 3 papers.



Hello! Super behind schedule on blogging. 

Here’s a little update.

It’s already the fifth week of the semester! 

Everything is happening so quickly. A whole lot of assignments due next week, midterm exams are also coming up. 

If you didn’t already know, I’m majoring in journalism. So, there are lots to write, feature article, news story, presentation and etc. 

I’m even lacking on my sleep. 

Here are a few photos compiled of what I’ve been up to since the beginning of the semester. 



I won two premiere tickets to We’re The Millers but can’t make it, so gave it to my friend. Picture of my nails, OOTD, campus and the rainy morning and also the audio room. 🙂 

The semester is fun and stressful at the same time. 

This time around, I will enjoy my time in class because after I finished my last semester, then only I realised that I had more fun than I thought I would in some of the classes. 🙂 

If you’re wondering which app I used to edit that, I edited it from my phone using Fotorus. 

Till next time.